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Iviewit - Thomas Cahill First Department NY Supreme Court Implicated in Case Cover-Ups

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Court Overhaul Begins: Attorney Disciplinary Chief Counsel Cahill First to Go...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
Thomas J. Cahill, Chief Counsel of the First Department Attorney Disciplinary Committee, was summoned to a meeting with New York State Office of Court Administration officials on Tuesday, July 17, 2007. He was told to bring along his First Deputy Chief Counsel, Sherry K. Cohen, sources say.

The two top lawyers at the State office charged with overseeing attorney ethics in the Bronx and Manhattan sat, uncomfortably, through most of the day at various high-level conferences. In the end, it was made clear that immediate changes were being made at their Departmental Disciplinary Committee. Changes that didn't necessarily include them.

Two days later, on Thursday, July 19th, Mr. Cahill called a staff meeting where he said that he had "good news." He first announced that he had a new grandchild, and then added that he had decided to resign. He was reportedly delighted to be "… one of the few who is leaving under his own steam." Sources say he indicated that he was hoping to stay on through the end of August but was awaiting 1st Department Presiding Justice Jonathan Lippman's decision on the actual date of his final day.

On Friday, Mr. Cahill began referring to his departure as "retirement."

Tom Cahill's departure comes shortly after reporters began asking questions about an alleged cover up concerning the forced resignation of a young employee at the First Department Committee on Character and Fitness (CCF). That incident reportedly involved Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen at the Disciplinary Committee, and the CCF's boss Sarah Josephine Hamilton and Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, then state Appellate Division Chief Clerk, and who is now the Chief Clerk for the federal 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

One insider says that the complaints against Cahill and Cohen had "…become overwhelmingly voluminous, and simply too much to continue ignoring..." The pair had been accused of selectively implementing the politically fueled and widespread practice of indefinitely delaying or white-washing certain disciplinary investigations. "Cahill and Cohen made up their own rules," according to the insider.

One such complaint involved Thomas Cahill and the Proskauer Rose law firm, and which has been "pending" since February of 2003. The Cahill Proskauer Complaint remains a troubling thorn at the highest levels of the New York State Office of Court Administration, and one which is a high priority for the new State Chief Administrative Judge, the Honorable Ann T. Pfau.

The Cahill Proskauer issue also became a hot topic in Washington, D.C. in early 2007 at the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Department of Commerce (The United States Patent and Trademark Office). And it has specifically caught the attention of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and U.S. House Representatives John D. Dingell and Nita Lowey.

The Cahill Proskauer Scandal involves many allegations: the alleged theft by Proskauer of numerous U.S. Patents from their own client; claimed losses of 17 billion dollars; and the March, 2005 bombing in Boynton Beach, Florida of the inventor-client-complainant's family mini-van.

It is alleged that Mr. Cahill masterminded the scheme to indefinitely delay complaints against Proskauer Rose, himself, and former New York State Bar Association President and Proskauer partner Steven C. Krane, Proskauer Partner Kenneth Rubenstein, chief counsel for MPEGLA, and Raymond Joao of Yonkers. It is also alleged that attorney Steven C. Krane initially interceded, with Mr. Cahill's knowledge and consent, in handling disciplinary complaints involving himself at the same time he was associated with the 1st Department in Manhattan.

Attorney Krane's conflicts were exposed when officials from the "Iviewit" company contacted Katherine O'Hagan Wolfe, who contradicted Cahill's statements and Krane's written denial of his 1st Dept roles. Ms. O'Hagan Wolfe advised that she was, in fact, on a Committee at the 1st Dept with both Cahill and Krane and that they even had a meeting that same night.

The various Cahill Proskauer issues bounced around under the public radar screen at the Court of Appeals in Albany and were ultimately transferred from the 1st Department to the 2nd Department in Brooklyn. This was done after 5 justices of the 1st Dept ruled unanimously to investigate Krane, Rubenstein and Joao for conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety after their review of the 1st Department complaint.

The Cahill inquiry is apparently "still pending" under attorney Martin R. Gold who, insiders say, was directed to "sit on it…forever."

Earlier this year, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. assigned additional agents to the Public Integrity/Corruption squad at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan, and where agents have been actively conducting interviews.

The New York Law Journal will formally announce Mr. Cahill's departure next week.

For more information regarding the Cahill Proskauer story, see:

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numb said...
I've never met Mr. Cahill, but believe it's time for him to permanently return to Greenwich, CT ...maybe do some babysitting....

I just checked out
Wow. The guy's family car was blown up!

Is this how we discourage complaints against lawyers in New York?

Mother of God ! What the hell is going on ?!?!

July 21, 2007 1:04 PM
Anonymous said...
I hope Cahill surrenders his New York law license before his butt gets booted out the door of 61 Broadway.

Otherwise, there is sure to be a flood of complaints against HIM, resulting in his own license revocation !


July 21, 2007 1:17 PM
deeply saddened said...
This is HUGE.What a bunch of criminals--And I am an attorney !

July 21, 2007 3:25 PM
Anonymous said...
It's nice to know our court system has had a bunch of two-bit thugs running the show.

July 21, 2007 8:44 PM
shocked said...
Went to - - and boy what a shock, no one would believe this. These people and the fancy law firms (including Judith Kaye's husband) are a bunch of gangsters. Go look for yourself.

July 21, 2007 9:19 PM
P. Stephen Lamont said...
By way of introduction, I am P. Stephen Lamont, the former CEO (outside counsel advised all Iviewit executives to resign their posts and work along side Iviewit rather than within Iviewit) of Iviewit Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates and related parties (collectively "Iviewit"), with more than a fifteen year track record as a multimedia technology and consumer electronics executive and holder of a J.D. in Intellectual Property Law, an M.B.A in Finance, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and I write in reply to the Technicrati blog and in support of Eliot I. Bernstein, the founder of Iviewit and the principal inventor of the technologies in question, and my fellow shareholders.

Moreover, and while grant it I was not a participant during the alleged burying and purported theft of the technologies, I found myself leading a company in the midst of a cover up of the aforementioned depictions of frauds, deceits, and misrepresentations that run so wide and so deep that it tears at the very fabric of what has become to be know as free commerce in this country, and, in the fact that it pertains to inventors rights, tears at the very fabric of the Constitution of the United States.

Furthermore, early in my tenure, rumors began swirling around the company with finger pointing and all from Florida to Los Angeles wherein it catches the jet stream and arrived very soon in New York of alleged breaches of confidentiality pertaining to Iviewit technology, transfers of trade secrets, and, even in certain circumstances, the knowing and willful invention fraud by the outright switching of signature pages of patent filings by early patent counsels. Additionally, during my tenure, I was in possession of an executed patent application pertaining to Iviewit's core imaging technology with the inventors of Bernstein and Shirajee, when, out of thin air, and just prior to filing, such patent application witnesses the addition of a one Brian G. Utley ('Utley') as an inventor, and an individual who could not have been farther from the heat of the inventive stage of the imaging technology.

Still further, and this is where I may depart from Mr. Bernstein and the Iviewit oustide advisers (this is a democracy after all), I submit that at the first disclosures of the inventions, patent counsel - Dr. Kenneth Rubenstein a partner of Proskauer Rose LLP and Counsel to the multimedia patent pools sponsored by MPEG LA LLC, who had spent half a lifetime procuring technologies for the transmission of full screen, full frame rate video across a variety of transmission networks, and who during the Iviewit disclosures may have thought to himself "[I] missed that," and "[I] never thought of that," and "[This] changes everything," or thoughts to those effects, were so fearful that Iviewit would partner with other proprietary technologies across the video value chain and wipe the carefully crafted patent pools off the face of the map, therefore, the Iviewit inventions HAD to be buried to preserve those pools.

That was the first step, with the second step, through the direct and indirect introductions of Iviewit, with executed NDA's, to some five hundred potential licensees by colleagues of patent counsel, being the proliferation of Iviewit disclosures across a wide array of potential licensees and competitors.

Following along, we arrive at the point in the past when the Iviewit inventions had been buried and that everyone had begun to use it, when past management in the company and new patent counsel may have thought "Hey, okay, great, but now what's in it for us," that proceeded to a final step, and in addition to the intentional change of inventors with the inclusion of Utley, the corporate shell game that involved multiple, unauthorized, similarly named corporate formations and unauthorized stock swaps and unauthorized asset transfers that resulted in the core patent applications assigned to an entity that may have only one shareholder, the limited liability partnership of the alleged perpetrating patent counsel Proskauer Rose LLP, perhaps, with a view towards resurrecting the backbone technologies at some future point.

Lastly, does it seem too far fetched when you include house break-ins, death threats, car bombings, and wrongful evictions? I further submit that I had been a victim as well where every file on my former Iviewit machines were changed from the original date of creation to on or about August 25, 2003, a time in which I was on a business trip in Florida to meet with the Boca Raton Police Department. Still too unbelievable? Then recall the browser wars, particularly the Internet Explorer/Microsoft/Spyglass/University of Illinois at Urbana battle, a situation I was very close to during my tenure at Thomson Multimedia S.A. (in IE click "Help" then "About IE" and read all about it), and you may agree that, as I had many times termed it, "invention stealing is the world�s second oldest profession," only this time, as Jack Nicholson has termed it, "[They] f---ed with the wrong marines." THIS TRULY IS THE GREATEST PATENT STORY EVER TOLD!

P. Stephen Lamont
Tel.: 530-529-4110
further information at:

July 21, 2007 10:35 PM
a retired atty said...
Judge Judy aka Ma Barker has exceeded my expectations, I never thought this old yente was so Machiavellian. Her gonif husband at Porkauer (Proskauer) Rose LLP, YES! Now they are real proctologists.

July 21, 2007 11:05 PM
Eliot I Bernstein said...
I knew there was law in a lawless Administration, it is time for all good and decent lawyers to take back their honor and bring these criminals down, all the way to the top. At the top you will find the man behind the scene who stole my patents with Proskauer Rose to be Michael Grebe formerly of Foley and Lardner (also Iviewit former thug counsel) and now with the far left Nazi group The Bradley Foundation. These two firms need to be abolished from earth and their assets in a RICO should go to the Iviewit shareholders who have been waiting patiently while they seized the government to block due process against themselves, all the way to the Whitehouse. It was Grebe who may have set those Republican National Committee servers to be a back channel to Whitehouse for criminal activities in the overthrow of the government through election fraud, etc. I wonder how many of those emails say Iviewit. Once the fox had stolen the elections, the country has gone to hell in a bucket and no one knows why, without knowing the whole Iviewit story. Iviewit was the portal, the reason for all roads of corruption that begin and end with the understanding of just what these criminals cloaked as lawyers, judges and investigators are all about. Cahill was only one of many in the denial of due process, a denial that can only come top down, Cahill was only a pawn to Judge Judy Kaye and her suddenly inventive IP partner husband Stephen Kaye.
It will be on all good and decent lawyers to take out the corruption that has siezed America, if you need any help feel free to call me, as I told Porksour Rose in my deposition (on the Iviewit site), I fear no evil!!!!
for more info @

Thanks to this site for having the chutzpah to take a stance against the machine.

July 21, 2007 11:54 PM
hic said...
I hope Sherry Cohen is also getting canned. Oops, "resigning" Oops, "retiring"

No mention of her. Why?

Drinking buddies Cahill and Cohen wouldn't know an ethical act if it bit them in the ass.

July 22, 2007 10:16 AM
Anonymous said...
It's probably time to replace Judith Kaye, governor. Why do we have to wait? We have endured the Tammany Kaye regime long enough

July 22, 2007 10:29 AM
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