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Nazi America - The Iviewit Story "The Fight for the Grail" Michael Grebe

Chapter 17 - Nazi America

Out of fucking control!� Everything I ever thought about stealing these technologies has become the opposite.� Easy ~ How about the furthest thing from easy.� I mean we started with such a simple plan, now we were overthrowing the government to deny due process and procedure, we were turning the Justice Department upside down, we were at wars that would have never happened if I had not sold my soul and legal career to criminal activities.� Worse, the monsters involved in the scam at this point were reeling in insanity and the technologies seemed remote to the whole fucking psychotic shit going in the world.� Once corruption had succeeded Justice for this little bitty technology, shit just mushroomed out of control.� This Grebe from Foley and Lardner with his New World Order ways had found a springboard to launch an all out offensive on the United States for his world domination strategy.�

What motivates a sick fuck like Grebe, it was obvious, he hated American�s for abandoning him in Vietnam, his legacy as soldier forever soiled in a war that had no hero�s.� He hated the government more than the hippies, he hated the liberal bitches who pussied out on Nam, I mean this guy still believes we could have won the war, even if it did not make sense, this guy never forgot the feeling of dejection he felt returning home.� That dejection fueled hates that under his day to day job as lawyer brewed in everything he did and planned.� You could see now that the overthrow of government was forefront in his mind since the war and he was disguising it in a Federalist thinking lodged in the Republican Party.� This guy did not care which party, as he hated both and when he would take over they both would be rendered useless and when they realized it, it would be too late to overtake his role for himself, the Decider.� Nothing but nothing is scarier than a military man who posses a hate of the people, a hate of the government and seeks to take over the world to shape it in a perfect vision, this combination is historically what leads to monsters like Hitler, these dejected, rejected kids, who get a chip on their shoulder from their perceived failure, which is always due to everyone else.� The solution, the final solution usually, get rid of everybody that does not look and smell like you.�

How they usurp power is usually through creating fear in the people, Grebe had been using this strategy nicely since the Persian Gulf War and through today�s Iraq War, both wars creating more fear in the American Sheep and allowing Grebe slow but methodical disabling of the entire Constitution, a document he hated, again it provided freedom to those that did not deserve it, those fuckers he went to Nam to die for, who shit down his skull when he returned with their antiwar sentiments, pot smoke in his face, hippy fuckers, he found them to be easy to pacify and subdue, just give them some crack, amp up the street drugs to calm the rebellion, make sure the inner city niggers and spicks were doped into zombies.� Kill the rebels, find them early in school and drug them till they too were zombies, mix it up for 10-15 years and you would have a sedate nation to take over, not one capable of stopping his overthrow.� Grebe truly was the man behind much of the governments most fucked up ideologies but nobody could see him, as a good warrior he used invisibility as he key to success, he laid out his strategy through a very thick group of generals and lieutenants in his private war, these were usually dirty attorneys and dirty politicians and when he had one up on you, say from bailing you out of a bar complaint or other crime, your head was buried far up his ass from that point.� One day he pulled me aside at an �Eliot� partner meeting and told me for my part I was to be a general in his army, that I would reap the profits from his war far more than just Iviewit could offer me, I was going into the inner circle, I trembled at the thought.�

Grebe had found a way to dupe boob tubed America, the first genius move was to get a B Hollywood movie star, Reagan, into office, a guy who would speak whatever was scripted for him and get the American people subdued with propaganda by a propagandist, Reagan delivered his lines flawlessly, Grebe always priding himself that Reagan was the best front man for pulling the wool over the Sheep�s eyes.� They had subdued the counter culture, pumped them full of drugs that he ran under the cover of the CIA, the government was slowly being shaped and he would get everyone back for their cowardice.� Grebe had begun planning to take control of key portions of the government like the Supreme Court and slowly since Reagan had been moving it to the scary far right, so far right it was no longer right, it was wrong.� With a Supreme Court that had been slowly growing through his President�s (Reagan, Bush I & his dickhead son Bush II) this guy had gained control almost and Iviewit gave him the reason to go for a total overthrow, including offing anyone that disagreed with his policies or grew soft.� Perhaps that is why as she left the Supreme�s Sandra Day O�Connor stated that she and Ginsberg where getting death threats over decisions.� Something made her flee a job that no one flees, especially over a dying spouse, I mean the Supreme�s is a lifetime job and even some of them in senile dementia have stayed on the Court to make insane decisions.

The Justice department was also on his hit list, again he had been working it to the far wrong right and with Iviewit, again he found the need to go for a full scale siege on Justice and Ashcroft, a Skull Fucker, was perfect, until he went soft but still he had Gonzales in his pocket and this with a President who would stick by his side until death do them part, perhaps for treason, he was invincible.� With Gonzales getting rid of any US Attorney�s that did not obey his orders, or those investigating his dealings, he remained invisible but more so invincible in his mind.� I mean even if they could get him on this or that, he would be able to deflect it when it went to the Supreme�s or bury it by offering up some fall guys like Ollie North or I. �Scooter� (what a lame ass to keep the name he got crawling on the floor as a baby as his title to fame) Libby.� Libby, who would have exposed the whole scheme if he was not pardoned on the felonies he was charged and convicted of, was a masterpiece of this guy�s true power.� Grebe had no concern for what anyone would think of such an insane move, pardoning a guy who lied to federal prosecutors, perjured himself and was involved in a crime, treason, in the exposing of a covert CIA agent to rid himself of her husband, a traitor to his ideologies, a man of conviction who would not bend the truth on Iraq to fit his propaganda, a man who would throw a wrench in the second bogus invasion of Iraq.� But Joe and Valerie proved a thorn in his side and the fact that Joe openly challenged the false propaganda about WMD�s in Iraq and Uranium purchases by Iraqi�s, that Grebe had been feeding to the Sheep led him to have Rove and others expose his wife in hopes they would be killed.� Exposing her would expose everyone around her and he was hoping that someone she had been infiltrating would kill them before they could talk but this again is where things were starting to go drastically wrong in the Grebe master plan.� You had to give him credit though, I mean they commuted Libby and staved off investigation on Rove for a minute, and despite the entire country�s objections, like with the Iraq war, the Sheep did not use their Constitutional rights to take arms to their dirty government, they just yawned and smoked another joint, took another oxycotin (legal heroin he called it, his favorite drug to subdue the masses and a real profit center), played another gameboy game, worked another 80 hr week for nothing keeping them to busy to read things like the Patriot Act.� Ask any American what the most important piece of legislation in removing their freedoms said and less than 1% have read the document, including admittedly most politicians on both sides, that is the Grebe factor again working it�s magic, simply make the document unbearably long and complex, throw it at them with a minute to review and sign into action and do it under the cover of fear, fear of �terror� and unseen �terrorists�, the whole 52 deck of cards of them and it worked.� Any dissenters call unpatriotic and not supporting of the troops and this would make them sign blind.� Fuck we were in Iraq fighting a war against �terror� and Iraq had not a single fucking thing to do with the Trade Center bombing, had no known terrorist training camps, hated Al Quedea, was no real threat and had made no threat but again Grebe did his magic and the Sheep were led to war with the fucking wrong country and bought it, this propaganda shit from Hitler�s vault truly was remarkable. Grebe said one day that Hitler fucked up when he failed to start the Hitler Youth program (which the Pope today was a member of, who went on to bomb the Brits as a Nazi solder), he said that the key to subduing the Sheep was starting at birth the propaganda.� He would say that if you taught a kid early enough that his shit tasted good, he would eat his shit by age 6 with no help from anyone, believing it tasted good and that it was his own thought.� I had kids, this guy was their enemy, I guess in a way I was too.�

How did my firm Proskauer fit in?� Proskauer, well Joseph Proskauer was a colored man in the underworld and plots of overthrow of a President and preventing action against a boycott of Nazi goods that could have saved many Jews was his legacy?� I was a goy at a Jewish Democratic New York law firm and I swear it was becoming a law firm for the Third Reich and this Grebe�s vision had many enthralled, many other colored men, all colored blind it appeared.� Yet, from the election fraud on, and that was masterful giving us control over Eliot and his friends, top down in Florida and New York as well as federally with Bush and Cheney or should I say Cheney and his bitch Bush or should I say Grebe and his bitch Cheney/Rove and his bitch Bush and his bitch bro Jeb in Florida.� Cheney was there at the earliest invention days via Lynne Cheney who sat on the Lockheed Martin Board of Directors and Lockheed was the first company to have an all access pass to these inventions and the inventors and they as you know, at a meeting I arranged, call it the �holy grail� and worth trillions possibly and well, word passes fast in high places.�

Now Grebe and Cheney make a scary pair at dinner, the talk is as if you are at the planning of the bombing of London in World War II with Hitler in the peak of delusions of grandeur and I mean this guy Grebe sounded like he was fighting Charlie in Nam when he spoke of how we were going to have destroy the Bernstein�s first and then get rid of any shareholders who made waves.� Who the fuck wouldn�t have believed him at this stage, as he did just throw the Presidency and the road to success was paved with roses, no one asked what Plan B was if this whole lunacy was exposed.� No one.� Not one of four thousand lawyers in this fucking mess ever thought it through.� No one.� It was a slam dunk on Iviewit, I would get my dues finally, perhaps my wife would lay me and this guy was already on to other things he could do with his newly stolen power; �the American people are sheep� he laughed, finally so asleep and brainwashed that with a little press manipulation and maybe some phony wars, all the New World Order objectives could finally be complete.� His list of crimes that could be committed to rape America�s businesses and entrepreneurs was out of control but we were all so overwhelmed with his overthrow of the Government and Justice to block Iviewit, that we were all starting to believe anything was possible at first and Iviewit seemed a distant thing compared to all these scams.

I was assigned to rob the United States Patent & Trademark Office, others in the firms were assigned to things like robbing FEMA, we never thought this Grebe was planning to wipe out parts of New Orleans, he called them Nigger holes and the likes, he hated blacks and had funded a book about blacks being inferior to whites as I said but I did not know they were planning shit like that.� He was planning this for years and they had allies in Skull and Bones and all these other neo Nazi freak clubs and his plan was far more intense than just robbing Iviewit and Eliot and his friends.� He had no worries, they were fucking above the law, they were the law, and he could piss on the Constitution at will.� Grebe had a team for everything Nazi including how to turn law against the people, so he commissioned a team to get the country into a war on �terror� and �terrorists�.��� Well versed in war, Grebe was a fucking psycho, he planned to herd the American Sheep into giving up their rights and freedoms voluntarily based on perceived threats of terror.� The Sheep would Bah and then the real rapping of America could begin.� With total control of the Executive Branch and not a single honest lawyer or politician unable to be bribed with his Iviewit heist money, which was rolling in, this fucker planned the sickest crime of propaganda ever in America.� Remember, Grebe backed Regan; Grebe backed Bush I and these New World Skull fuckers where way into big crime to move the country into wars for war profiteering and oil price rigging, they didn�t care who died or how many soldiers for their fucked up NWO.� Reagan with Iran Contra, Bush I with the Iraq I with his oil buddy and family friend Saddam Hussein, the guy who he put into Iraq to fight the Iranians in the Iran/Iraq war while he was bumbling buffoon at the CIA.� At that time he was the head of the CIA for a short while, yet he actually got his position in oil secured with Saddam to replace the loss for Texas oil and feed Texans oil again.� Texas had ran out and then started a siege on the United States to continue to pay the mortgage one scam after another; the Savings and Loan debacle, Junk Bonds, Insurance Company foreclosures, elevating slowly to bigger and bigger crimes like robbing the fucking patent office.�

How I was duped into believing that this would all work with no problems, how nobody could ever catch on and if they did it really didn�t matter, Grebe now controlled the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, Governors in key states, the Bar Association and pretty much every venue one would have to complain against them.� As Grebe often said, �if they are catching on to this or that scheme, we can always rewrite the laws and this is where I started thinking he might be a bit mad.� The Patriot Act proved me wrong though and it is funny in a sick way how that relates to Iviewit but once it was implemented its use became far more sinister.� Grebe, knowing that Iviewit had filed a barrage of complaints needed to find out who knew what and when, so he assigned a team to try and get the phone, computer and other personal records of everyone at Iviewit and he needed a way to do it without breaking thousands of laws.� So change one law to break a thousand was his plan.� He had to get American�s into a panic mode, he had to have them voluntarily give up their rights to their freedoms and he had a plan, again a very demented plan but we were living in dementia already so everything seemed normal.�

The plan was remarkable, he had almost pulled it off once before with another friend of the Bush family, Osama Bin Laden, another Bush I insurgent who he hand picked to protect the Afghani drug money from the Russkie�s that the CIA, of course while Bush I was heading it but for a minute, was profiting off immensely, I mean the inner city crack thing was all about subduing �dumb niggers� in the inner city until they could dealt with, g0d knows what meant but this seek bastard I think was planning for a mass murder of various people he did not find White.� Grebe told us that the first World Trade Center bombing was meant to instill panic in the public so that they would march to a new drummer, so that their attention could be diverted away from the atrocities being committed.� Grebe, the man behind the scenes of all this madness for so many years, now had an opportunity to redo that plan that went wholly awry with Iran/Contra when the public became aware that something was awry, so he had Reagan feign Altzheimer�s and go quietly to pasture but the plot was stopped midstream and a fucking democrat won back his crown, a democrat he would vow to destroy and all it took was a little indiscretion for a blow job and he was dust but back to how it was all going prior to Iviewit.�

With Clinton out of the way, which coincided nicely with the Iviewit inventions he would have to capture back the crown by hook or crook and Iviewit like a miracle fell into his lap, Iviewit where he had thousands of attorneys at risk to loss all, willing to sell their souls to his philosophies to gain freedom and remain invincible to prosecution but better for Grebe, now he had no fear of legal repercussions, he had a Democratic ally in his Nazi scheme, he could play both sides of the political scene with equal degradation.� The first election fraud was masterful, he had plans A, B and C, all involving ballot rigging and the likes, all designed to make it look close but no matter the true American vote, he would be offsetting those with crooked votes in places he had influence and control.� Proskauer for their other scams gave Grebe a new idea for legal recruits, to get dirty lawyers, they would run the Bar Associations like they had been in New York for years and recruit for discounted sentences, lawyers who were in trouble, who had nothing to lose as they were caught and with a favor from the Bar Association would be cleared of their criminal wrongdoing�s.� From that they could be controlled and bribed from that point to achieve his political and legal ends, with this group in his pocket he could get laws changed almost at will, laws to protect himself from his and his underlings� crimes.

The Patriot Act, the most unpatriotic piece of legislation was his own masterpiece, a masterpiece of insanity that knew no bounds to lawlessness to achieve his ends years ahead of his intended take over, now all he needed was a way to get it enacted.� Drop the Trade Centers, again use Osama as the bad guy and this time to ensure that the buildings collapsed and use controlled demolition of the building using implosion theory.[1]� Now there were skeptics at first but Grebe was amazing in his glory, his military background was like Rubenstein�s patent background, one of maligned intent.� America had paid for this man�s services and he took advantage of them to plot his own plan for America, for the world; where Hitler failed, he could succeed.� He studied Hitler and other meglofreaks like a madman often quoting Mien Kampf as inspiration for a NWO.� So with masterful propaganda they could stage an �event� that the sheep would bah at and the way he earned his wings as �Goebbels� was here for the staging of World Trade Center II, this time they would get it right, they had certain news publications hard wired to their point of view, everyone else would follow in shock and awe, a phrase he would repeat over and over.�

Now with the Trade Centers falling and all three of them defying the laws of physics regarding steel structures, that they do not fall, a historical fact, no matter the fire intensity, the steel structure endures, or melts and bends and tears and bends where heat would be high enough but never do they implode inward on themselves, a fact that anyone with half a physics brain knows and why the investigations into the building demise had to also be derailed in the name of this or that BS reason, the excrements of the buildings rushed off the scene to prevent evidence gathering.� Grebe knew that with enough BS following the initial staged attack using the airplanes painted into the video where necessary, that the initial impact would be lost in the ensuing panic and fear that he would generate in the heart of every American man, woman and child.� Fear of a little dicked man Osama Bin Laden and his force of 52, like a deck of cards.� 52 terrorists, against a country that has taken on major world powers in real wars where many buildings really collapsed and who were armed to the teeth and funded well, yet Grebe was convinced that with the initial event he could engineer the rest, following of course Goebbels example gone mad.� Instantly, following the staged event, he would propose his masterpiece legislation the Patriot Act, disguised in patriotism, anyone who did not accept it could be labeled anti-American and once again it worked and you had to give him credit, it even made a little of the Iviewit ringing in my fucking head seem more distant, yet I feared it was growing in its silence, an instinct I should have trusted all along.�

The Sheep followed along and took the entire bait, hook line and sinker, the Patriot Act was signed with dissent frowned on to such extent that even the most liberal feared not backing something that appeared to be necessary to prevent terrorism.� Not sure why the American Sheep sold out so quick but the propaganda was flawless, the country seemed mesmerized by fear, congressman sold out the Constitution in fear like a bunch of cowards in the face of an enemy, if Osama were not really a Bush ally, he would have sent waves of attacks on the United States, seeing it as a pussy, willing to sell out to terrorists, the cardinal rule of sin when dealing with terrorists as any true military man will tell you, is to bend even a bit, in the face of one hundred school children held hostage or worse yet one of your own, ask an Israeli, ask anyone.� The goal of terrorism is to cause such and so most warriors accept it as a part of warfare and usually an effective form of the weaker side in the battle using leverage to bring the giant to either stop oppressing or give them a chance at the bargaining table.� But this was not a real war of terror and according to Grebe�s vision, it would allow companies like Carlyle Group and Halliburton the opportunity to gauge the American Sheep even more, further bankrupting them while filling his war chest.� Before they knew what hit them, he would have bilked the country blind and now with his crimes free of worry as under the guise of terrorism he could achieve anything he wanted, violate all checks and balances and become the Decider he jerked off to about daily, I think he shot cum in red.���

At first it seemed kind of cool, we were unstoppable, anybody who dissented somehow started to disappear or quite down with a shotgun to the face or visit to their hospital beds or in the case of Chief Justice Rehnquist, there were silent rumors floating that he was done when Iviewit hit the Supreme Court so they just put him to sleep a little early, a quitting pillow, a crime of compassion for his ailment, old age.� Even though he was part of the original team, he had limits and he had conscience to some degrees and in his age, these traits were starting to weigh on him.� With Rehnquist out of the way, they needed to get a Skull Fucker NWO boy at the helm, so they threw a goose at the public for flogging, Harriet Miers, who they knew would get rejected with outrage so they could sneak Sam Alito on and with him and Roberts acting to replace the boss he helped kill to gain his seat on the Court of Clowns, Grebe felt all the more powerful with the Supreme�s in his pocket, he had planning that through Regan and Bush I and now with terror tactics at the American people he walked all over the Court, his RNC connections to boot, this guy had seized the Republican party and a lot of the Democrats, which he never anticipated until this Iviewit thing.� It was like a shark pool during a feeding frenzy, lawyers with lawlessness on their minds, their grand plan of world domination seemed moments away and I was to be in at the top.�

Goodbye America, I could not help thinking that somehow this is not what I wanted for my children, even if they were at the upper echelon of the ruling class, I knew the fate of Nazi�s and their children and I could not wipe that thought from creeping in.� I hoped in the back of my mind that it would end, I knew that sooner or later it would start effecting people I cared about but there was very little I could do about it now, whistleblow to who?� So I kept busy on working with my group to infiltrate the Commerce Department, Rubenstein on a Grebe mind fuck of power, reading through patent applications being filed before they hit the patent office, he set up new servers for the RNC to divert White House email as his personal back channel communication for his NWO and violated all record retention laws at will, the Commerce Department was like a cake walk for him.� Encourage inventors to think they could file online and have security, with all that intercepted and reviewed by his engineers first and where worthy they had a bag full of tricks to deny the inventor his royalties and beat him to the punch.� Taking candy from babies, yet someone should rephrase that as babies fight to hold on far more than one can imagine, everything grew more complicated by the second as so many laws had to be broken, so many people had to be removed from the checks and balances that it was getting hard to keep the lid on the fact that the scale had tipped over.�

I mean this was all getting very psychotic but sometimes when you are in delusional states you perceive that you are surrounded by people while completely alone, referred to as paranoia but to the paranoid it is very crowded and here we were thinking the world would forever remain illumined in fear and would not ever be able to do anything even if they found out.� Now Justice controlled by Gonzales, Bush�s dirty little Texan spick, as Grebe called him but perfect for the job of dismantling Justice for a piece of the American dream, selling out every hard working Mexican that ever came to America and all they stood for, token Spick, a true Uncle Tomasa, a disgrace to everything about Justice that American blood was ever spilled conquering or defending.� Just like Rehnquist, the minute Ashcroft new that Iviewit was on the way up, he told Grebe et. al. to throw in the towel and take a few men down instead of the whole lot of everyone.� Grebe would have nothing of it, he called him a coward that he was getting soft hearted and then reminded him how deep he already was and promised if he would just go quietly, Gonzales would be the fall guy but Ashcroft knew that the house of cards would collapse on this crime worse than any other crime of any other administration before it, this was not a crime, this was treason and a usurping of everything American for everything Nazism.� We had concentration camps being set up across the world, Grebe was deep into rewriting human torture treatise and the fucking Geneva Convention to suit his needs, his plan, to have a extermination camp on US soil where he could take anyone he deemed a terrorist threat, whatever in the hell that means, deprive them of habeus corporation and let them rot or die from torture or sheer destitute, he was thinking like the Vietnamese did to Americans they captured, he was still living in a fox hole in Nam it seemed and Guantanamo Cuba was perfect.� His secret torture chambers for incorrigibles� would be offshore where he was outside US laws but he really feared that other countries could get messy and quickly worked to make Camp Gitmoschwitz in the US complete with protections built into new anti-terror legislation he was writing to offset anything he despised the Founders of the Constitution for instituting to reign freedom on those that did not deserve it.� He hated freedom and everything it stood for and since Regan his plan was slowly but surely working to undermine it and every post that controlled law and order could be usurped by dirty lawyers and politicians of which he now possessed an endless list.� A message was sent loud and clear to any lawyer to present a case against the madness when Cheney blasted one in the face wasted if he raised his voice and had the guy apologize for the shot in the face, never even was questioned by prosecutors and any that would have dared would certainly have gone nowhere as the United States Attorney General was about as in the pocket as they come and you could be replaced for objecting in any way to their policies.� Yet, at the same time it exposed elements of what was really going on but with the Senate, the House and the House of Mouse Cheney/Bush in pocket, Grebe cared not even if the people found out, everyone could now be replaced, in fact, he ordered Gonzales to fire anyone who was investigating anything Grebe, like election fraud or Iviewit or anything anti NWO and a list was made.�

Ah, but after 6 years of virtually unstoppable power, where he remained in hiding, hidden behind his Nazi SS face plates to his master plan, something went wholly fucking wrong, things we thought were in control went out of control when the Democrats took back the Senate.� Holy shit, Grebe had no plan B, like Hitler it looked like plan B would be a cowards bullet and firing squad for guys like us to coward to pull the trigger on our selves, you know attorneys can be beyond cowardly and always are around when the crowd goes mad, fresh meat for them to rewrite law and order on.� He was fucking fuming that somehow the election seemed rigged against his rigging and he could not see how what was a for sure winner went the other way, who had thrown a chink in the code, how did it happen and here it should have been wise to give up but no, not even in the face of a growing consensus that with a new Senate and division growing of American�s with his NWO party that had conquered the former Republican party, ah how good Republicans were fooled but that even seemed to be ripping at the seams.� How did it go wrong, who was working against us, how were they succeeding, Grebe was incensed and to really kick him in the balls, they elected a bitch to throw at him, a matriarchal cunt, Nancy Pelosi, as he referred to her, a Whop bitch that could cause massive problems with this nigger Conyers at the helm of Justice through the Judiciary Committee.�

Things began a bad spiral, it was like we were being pulled apart by unseen forces, but I could hear it in the back of my fucking head and now it had grown in silence as I feared and fuck we were on our way to hell.� Grebe started talking mad, assassinations of some of these people and all out war on their characters but many in the ranks were slowly dissenting, it was all going to surface, day by day, began a slow unraveling and Grebe was plotting World War Three and the likes, provoking Russia with Star Wars shit he used in previous administrations, provoking China for poisoning our pet food and contaminating our food, provoking Iran where they had still some favors pending, provoking the whole middle east, the French, most of civilized world other than England who had been helping him all along with NWO domination.� Not that he intended on keeping the fucking Brits in the master plan but they were great partners in crime as Blair was another sellout to his people for a promise of a place high up in the NWO and a piece of the Iviewit technologies.� World War III where he could conquer and dominate the world resources as his personal pleasure chest, we were all told of a world were our only work would be working the Sheep and tending flocks.� This guy was mad and I was starting to think of giving up but there was no one left to go to that could be trusted or would not be replaced, they had completely sabotaged whistle blowing and in fact they began exposing spies whose husbands opposed their ways, who would not falsify information so as the whole world would think America was attacking Iraq for real reasons like WMD�s and Joseph Wilson could not be bought, imagine that a man of will, whose wife was a CIA COVERT spy.� So like a blast to the face, Wilson�s wife Valerie was exposed as a spy and her career and many other operatives lives where in instant danger.� A government that exposes spies because of their husband�s actions is fucking crazy, this was treason but with no laws in place to try them and no prosecutors not on their ticket, who cared, was Grebe's view.� Imagine that fucking Cheney and Bush were brazen enough to state that they felt sorry for convicted felon, I. Scooter Libby, who was the fall guy for Rove and Cheney in the CIA leak and they could not care less about the damage done to a princess spy, her family and her operatives who were fighting to protect America from threats.� This will damage the credibility of the CIA eternally, in fact, spies will not work, unless they are completely assured that the only time they will be exposed will be for the national good, as Sun Tzu termed a �doomed spy� the most honored of them all for they are dead more often than not and tortured and set up by their own side to deliver false information to the other side, fucked up world we live in.

Grebe was incensed as I said with the fact that a nigger and bitch were starting to pry into his dirty little secrets and his ideas, as I said were getting a bit bizarre for even the guiltiest of us to ignore.� Something else was eating at us all, the fact that somehow there seemed to be this invisible force peeling at the whole master Grebe scheme and it felt like a powerful force and we all knew that it centered on Eliot, no matter how we tried to find how he could be involved or orchestrating the attack, we could find nothing, on no one that we knew about, even with the Patriot Act letting us violate their phone records, their mail, spy on them with bogus National Security Letters, tape their phones, no matter, they were invisible and the fact the Grebe was being exposed bit by bit, they were impenetrable from the outside as their was no inside, it seemed that had prepared well in advance of Grebe�s catching on that he was exposed.� Meetings on our side were turning into blame fests and full of distrust, no one knew who the enemy was anymore, people were fleeing the inner circle or getting caught up in endless investigations that appeared over night, on all the shit Grebe said would never get investigated with his stronghold in place.� Now they were looking for the leaks that could have infiltrated the scheme, where we played, who would have played us, how, and he was asking all this now.� Now I wished I had the courage it takes to kill yourself in fear of the repercussions but funny enough I was tired, this fucking kid had kicked the shit out of us and to stop him we had to destroy our own children�s future for Grebe�s mad plan.� I mean fucking stealing patents is one thing but killing 3000 soldiers and over a half million innocent Iraqi�s and Afghanis� was not in my former constitution as a petty lawyer acting as a criminal.� I realized that I was central to the cause of the demise of my country, I could hear his laugh in the back of my head, I know you think I�m nuts but he is there, I can start to hear his words on meeting him, his challenges to my integrity that I laughed at and ignored.� The first realization that came back was that he had sold his soul and his mission to was save the children from their parents or those of them embroiled in greed that were wasting their precious resources in greed.�

I overheard a conversation with Eliot�s wife, he was challenged that the technologies were evil in nature v. good as to all this shit it has caused their family and friends and she retorted that it was perhaps part of his mission, to clear the legal world and Justice world of the greed that had consumed them to forgot about their very own children�s world.� This was one of the first things he told me, it was so long ago, my mind was simply on pick pocketing him and he may have been looking for evil men like me, and when finding them, using them as a pawn in his efforts to fry this Nazi prick Grebe.� Was I rooting for Eliot in this vain now, was I rooting for Grebe to go down and stop the insanity, even if it meant my own death?� Oh fuck it was horrible, with that little reflection the whole of my head became consumed with what I had missed, what clues might have been available if I had paid attention and meant anything I said to pacify him that I was part of this team of angels he was recruiting.� That�s it, he was brought back by angels to earth after his meeting with G0d and he was awaiting orders from G0d on how to achieve such and things like the Thought Journal and the Technologies came to him in possessed states by voices in his head, the same voices that brought him back to save the kids from their fucked up parents ways and he was looking for the source of the pain, men like Grebe and he had found them and somehow, fucking somehow he was destroying them.� Even if it had nothing on the outside to do with him, we could not help but now reconsider what he said and where his powers came from, he was starting to be scary beyond belief, if successful at prosecuting us now, he would have just wiped off the planet one of the greatest evils ever devised to divide and conquer the people�s of the earth and make them go exactly the opposite of a beneficial Thought Journal where kids globally came together to overcome their problems, this was the force trying to further separate them and get them killing each other in a race to control what little resources were left for a greedy few.� Shit I feel like I am writing from his perspective and my life now has importance, albeit sick, I have led a powerful force to the �lions den� and the lion has no idea what has it by the tail.� In fact, until it is to late the Lion cannot even see that it is a force of similar interests working against his power and in the end, those who enter the lion�s den who fear no evil and come out alive, usually had a plan going in.� Most of those ballsy enough historically where divine in nature and when they came and spoke of their delusions and were questioned and proved they had a magic and with him the technologies could be defined as nothing other than magical and what did the pharaoh do when Moses approached, he laughed and schemed against Moses further, who simply referred to his G0d and more magic was heaped upon Pharaoh and he further disbelieved and he further was beat by what appeared a singular man with a vision and against all odds, Moses won.� Same for Jesus and many more prophets throughout history who were great and their creativity spawned and attributed to divine forces that fed them.� The list is endless with people envied as genius from madness and it is all to often that the ruling elite underestimate the power they are fucking with, if it exists or not.� I mean Jesus overturned Jewish religion as a rebel with a philosophy that was laughed at, much like the Pharaoh had been warned the Jews and Romans were warned and it brought them disastrous results and the demise of their ways, which had become equally oppressive and skewed against the common man.� Fuck history is littered with people who looked as if they singularly beat the man, fought city hall and won but if you ever meet one of them, you should listen first and look for clues before causing them pain, for they invite the pain against them to stand as testament to your evil ways.� They are a force to be reckoned with, yet there is no way to reckon when you refuse to relinquish your reign of terror and they politely request that you give it up voluntarily or else, don�t laugh yet.� This Eliot will live on, where I cannot; he needs neither you nor me to confirm his achievements, as he said they were just a conduit for a bigger picture plan from a bigger picture force that I could not see.� He never needed my approval, he never needed reward but he had me fooled and he had me believe of my importance in saving the planet when at the time I laughed and coddled him, he was baiting the hook that rings in my head.� I was bait for the true evil he sought, evil like Grebe who ate me up and the hook went deep into his gut, as he devoured me.�

Even as the fire engulfed the mountain surrounding him, Grebe could not see surrender, he could not give up and admit total defeat and let a few die to save the mass, this sick shit was going to take everyone around him down with him, he would be the last man standing, after the woman and children, a cowards coward.� Grebe was starting to mutter madness, it was a miracle we survived this first onslaught of investigations into the Trade Center and the Iraq War but fear only goes so far and in desperation, Grebe was planning bigger and bigger diversions in the face of mounting scandals erupting around us, their seemed no way down the mountain any longer.� Grebe was out of touch with reality, the public was demanding us out of Iraq but he was making so much fucking money with the boys he had in the house and so rapping the Sheep, Grebe could not see it could be taken away when the public awoke, which was happening so he prodded on insanely.� Of course, he felt heat creeping all the way to the top of the Administration, to everywhere he planted people since Nam to launch his master federalist bullshit Nazi plan for America, and so what does he propose?� He proposes a fucking �event� 100�s of times bigger than Trade Center I or II, he figured with an event like that the Sheep would bend over and take it in the ass out of fear, not seeing where their real fear should be, men like him, men who had infiltrated Democracy to destroy it for pure greed and profit, for Grebe, hate and revenge.� Everything could be changed, this was like Hitler�s pursuit of the bomb, which led to the bomb, and this could be the fire starter for WWIII.��� Grebe was a monster, he had to be stopped, this had to be exposed, there was no way the American people could be this fucking asleep, I wished for a moment that I were like one of those Hitler assassins who had a bomb in my briefcase and I wished for myself to be the suicide bomber, I was for a moment overtaken by a strange feeling of relief from the ringing in my head, as if there was redemption but it came with my own death.

Grebe was on a roll about how to stave off the investigations erupting all over Capitol Hill and it was to use brute force against law with law and since they were in control, to act above the law, as the people�s decider.� Homeland Security could up the �terror levels� whatever that means but it was starting to have a reverse effect on the public, they were not only not buying it but where questioning it and beginning to dig deep, the House and Senate Judiciary Committee�s were crawling up our asses, law makers were standing up again and the whole charade was caving in.� Yet, Grebe stood defiant, �another event is all we need, I can sell it, we can remove further freedoms with it, gain more control, the polls will change, Bush will be elevated again, we will further shield ourselves by removing any rights to challenge us, the Sheep will bah�, he was rambling incoherently but now no one was listening, everyone was thinking the same thing, this guy was going to take us all to hell.� Hell, had we not followed him in what started as Iviewit, we would not be here and here we were again trying to stave it off with things which seem to spiral completely out of control like another �event�, the last �event� led to bogus wars with the wrong countries, bogus laws which usurped the Constitution, political handpicking of like minds using deceptive tactics to undermine Democracy, stacking the Supreme Court to force America into a Nazi state, the Supreme�s who picked this Administration versus taking a true vote as Constitutionally required a Court of fools it appears with an agenda against Democracy.� How had we let this get here, how was it already so deep that it would take a full public exposure of these men to take them down for the crimes they committed, to erase the laws they had desecrated, to remove them and all of their tentacles from power and let Democracy flourish again?� Hell by the time Iviewit provided the spark they were already deeply embedded in this plan but were a hundred years away of truly seizing power but Iviewit forced them to take the chance of seizing the government now for if they failed, guys like Grebe and me were dead with the first court case of Iviewit.� The first investigation that we could not deny due process to would lead us to certain death, more so than Iraq, more so than anything, we would be indicted in crime beyond belief in just that case it would all be over and daily it appeared that no matter how we tried to block it, it could go on no longer.� I wished that it would break on CNN daily but they were asleep and enjoying the fruits of lawlessness and so the press seemed no longer the right arm of anarchy but the left arm of Nazism, the propaganda machine that Grebe dreamed of was achieved by keeping the news from doing any investigative reporting and labeling them as cowards and refusing to answer their questions and walking all over them, which is exactly what the Administration did and they bahhhhhd.� It was comedians and world news efforts that were exposing Grebe and his clan, CNN was to asleep to even get a war correspondent to cover the war in non grainy blurry images of shock and awe, which looked like a fireworks show, not a real war, this was not a real war, this was a war to gouge American�s of money but with no media to expose the lies, the media became a complacent accomplice to the mess, they failed to question authority, as Grebe planned, they just reported what the Administration wanted them to feed the American Sheep.� Where was Woodward or some journalist with some balls, I mean Michael Moore was the only guy with balls in the fucking United States media, strong enough to challenge this administration and his colleagues in reality news turned on him for his realistic approach, instead of joined him?

The plan to sedate the people with terror was brilliant at first, now I saw that it was far more, that Grebe was not at all about Iviewit but about world domination, even as his carefully crafted plan was falling apart, we had no allies left, no one wanted to help us like they did in the early Iviewit days, nobody wanted to become part of his master plan, we had not signed up for this shit.� Stealing technologies is not the same as treason and we were far past treason, in fact, in the back of our minds was two things, could we change the laws to protect us from charges against our crimes and would the Supreme Court uphold that stacked or not if they were not removed and hung with us.� Then, if we were tried for our crimes, would we be charged with treason and the answer was clear.� Would they wait for the end of the Cheney/Bush regime or would it be exposed with a standing President, the country cleansed of this real �terror� of men who had seized America, were bankrupting the American people for personal gain that was soon to be obvious to the Sheep and with their awakening and investigations and the fucking ringing in my head�

Imagine the national terror at discovering that their government had been seized, that they were duped by a bunch of guys who hated the American way and working to enslave them in poverty in Nazi America, that they were led to a war with a country on falsified and fraudulent documents that killed now almost one million people, that their leaders had committed election fraud, that their leaders had rewritten the Constitution to suit crime, human torture, concentration camps, invasions of countries as the aggressor nation without any law to stop them or any court that could trump the rigged Supreme Court. �After imaging the People awakening and acting as their Constitution used to tell them too, to cleanse the government by peace or forcefully if they will not obey the will of the People and you imagine a feeding frenzy of sharks with bloody bodies filling the water, you imagine the People�s wrath, you see that to re-establish the establishment they would be happy to throw us in the tar pit, as this would be the only way for the world to accept that America was no longer Nazi America and the corruptions of this group were wholly removed and an example set to anyone who ever devised such a scheme to usurp the rights of the People.� You imagine that the world would have it no other way, for America to attempt to cover up for their leaders criminal and treasonous actions, would only allow for further suffering of the Sheep but the People, could they handle the truth which would set them free?� I knew the answer, they could and would, we would be tried sooner or later, while holding office or when ousted which seemed to be the mood of the People, a growing consensus of Impeachment for this entire Administration was not only on the table but was getting legs.� Grebe was counting on beating the Democrats like he always did, by attacking them, they were cowards, they hated war and so through brute force he just walked all over them under the cover of the former Republican Party.

Grebe, defiant in defeat, continued to plan with himself how to evade giving up those Republican National Committee emails that were being requested by Congress now and he was having people refuse subpoenas to Congress and lie to Congress and if they were exposed how much of that White House back channel communications would point to his oversight of every single move the puppet Bush or Cheney or Rove or any of them made without his tug.� All of it would point to him and so he needed a stonewalling strategy and in the meantime make the Democrats out to be the pussies he walked all over for a third time now, not even contesting his election fraud, I mean they really should have never come to exist in Grebe�s mind, a bunch of liberal fucks looking out for the common man, he hated Proskauer for this reason but loved him for his fucking of the Jews and aiding Hitler�s efforts, he would get to the Jews soon, they even thought him their friend at the moment.� He would ruin the Dems again with a barrage of press campaigns based on bullshit but the people bought anything and because the Dems had values and morals they rarely resorted to dirty politicks being such nice vegetarians pussies, into love and peace and freedom and healthcare and equal distribution of wealth and all that jazz that sounded so much better than this bullshit being broadcast through the old GOP voice that have never sounded like a Nazi Party before and Republican�s were fleeing down the steps and converting to Democratic and distancing themselves from the gang of thieves, we were on our own.� There was nobody left on our side, nobody who wanted to hop on a sinking ship and Grebe was talking like no one would ever find out his dirty little world domination plan and even if they did that he was above the law and above the People, he certainly was above the Sheep.

Scary that there were still a few of us left, who were in so deep as to not care or be numb to stop it, we were in until it was over and had nothing left to lose except the entirety of the soul, which already seemed way past redemption, so we tried to formulate new themes on old schemes and it sounded like I was going to be a historical freak ball, a man who aided and abetted in treason against the People of the Country.� Grebe was screaming that he would need to have someone Wag the Dog again, he needed a front man, since Bush was so out at the polls as to be killing everything he had worked so hard for, I think he was fantasizing plots to rid him and Cheney they had become way to exposed and there looked like no way out for them.� He was talking these strange things to men who were tired, beat and felt like killing him and giving up, yet the nutcase had got us this far, it was worth listening and hoping everyone else with a conscience would turn us in soon.� Then he started to talk about his private extermination camps he was setting up worldwide to gain intel on other countries, to rob them and steal their resources too and he was talking about his easily gained freedom to rob, rape and pillage anyone, no fear of repercussions in the US as the law was his will.� Meet Michael Grebe, the man who believes that extermination camps like Gitmoschwitz are good, that human torture violations are cuol, the Constitution toilet paper, your rights and civil liberties his too.� This is Massa Grebe and his group of thugs, these are your true terrorists using their rhetoric to fool you that they are your savior and they are wolves in sheep�s clothing.� Wake Sheep!!!!!

Some say they awoke in the colors Grebe hated worst first; female, black, democratic, republican (remember he hated them when he seized their Party) and now all the colors of the nation.� He would have the Supreme Court make as many changes as possible to his viewpoint, with a 5-4 and the 4 scarred shitless of shot guns in the face and now complacent or fleeing the Court, he could have started at scratch, it was amazing that things like human torture and war treatise were now violated at will with utter lawlessness and a Supreme Court that had dick so far up their asses that they too forgot they were just public servants, replaceable by the will of the People if their dirty election fraud scheme or take over of the Supreme Court by force and then Justice by force (I mean showing up at the former Ashcroft bedside was over the top to most of us with a brain), could hold forever but we all saw the end, we all wished for it sooner now.� I mean everything was exposed and the only way to hide from it was become above it and in coming above it you are exposed to the People and the end is historically very fucked up for guys like me, Grebe, Bush, Cheney, the Supreme Jokers and history has a way of correcting for aberrations like us, they recover after the initial shock and awe that they were taken over by an evil force, they are happy again when they see truth justice and the American Way prevail.� The way that happens is through our flogging and guys John Conyers, a black man heading the Judiciary Committee was sticking it to him with a whole lot of good and decent law makers (thought they all had gone to dark side, they were just legalsheep but now saw that this evil force really existed and had perverted the system to insanity.� The only way for law to recover from the fact that it was asleep at the wheel when law was seized, we should always sleep with one eye weary for men like Grebe and Hitler, we should always hold to our freedoms no matter how scary the enemy we face, otherwise we have become not worthy of our rights and our freedoms and they are open for the taking, the only way to fix it was to conquer it and publicly flog it to hell.� Who else better to flog Grebe and his White Supremacist way than a black man on the Democratic side and a Jew on the Republican side on the House and Senate Judiciary Committee�s respectively, and a woman head of Congress, this was his hell on earth and he had no way out other than starting a nuclear war, which was part of his later plan if he succeeded in this madness.� It would be the event that sparked all events in his mind, more powerful than anything else before it and all that other megalomaniacal shit of a Nazi, white bread Wisconsin dickhead.� He once leaked to me how he hated the entire University of Wisconsin and it�s liberal ways but he was working to make it turn into a different type of Nazi recruiting school using the old guise as a radical party school to infiltrate other radical groups, it was like part of his insanity that was real in his role as a Regent or something like that.� Grebe never forgot the war protests on the MadTown campus that spit on soldiers like him who after returning where still all about Nam, he hated everyone at that campus, he would take them over and use them to infiltrate and destroy any liberal attempts to rise on campuses, he would not let the children in the schools turn on the government again, especially not his government, his government would rule them like Sheep they were, wasting University money on blacks and people of inferiority in his plan.� Rumors were starting that MadTown was getting mad again and this drove him crazy, a rebellion by the kids he had vowed would never happen again, he was

Pelosi, well she was like having a bitch slap him around and this drove him crazier than the nigger with Justice on his mind.� Pelosi was polite and her ways seemed almost invisible but where having an incredible appeal to the mass, although Congress was not doing everything in the first instance and shooting their load prematurely as usual, they were taking their time and starting at the bottom of scandals and elevating up, you could almost hear Iviewit in every scandal and you knew when it was whispered even to the public, it would be the glue that tied all these events together into one cohesive story, one truth about history, the history of the inventions, the history of our crimes, the history of our treason and everyone would see that what they feared was real but that there was a force of good that feared no evil and conquered it and Grebe was talking about dropping Pelosi from the sky and how to target her family for exposure to the public, set her up like Clinton with a young boy, he knew plenty from the Spa, he was not going to be ordered around like a bitch by a nig and whop bitch, no way, he was on the phone telling someone to have an attorney state that the Whitehouse, Cheney and the rest of the clowns were above the law, that they have a war power that is limitless to lawlessness, a pardon power that is like a get out jail free to anyone who obeys orders, again how long that would last.� Executive privilege now dictator privilege, either like it or you to could be called a terrorist and sent to camp without a right to habeus corpus.� Expose their crimes, they exposed or maimed you, I mean this was really fucking happening, this is not like some non-fictional work, this is really what happening in America.� The military that revolted against these guys was replaced with new blood that believed in the Reich, I mean the Administration and he was formulating ways to use the military against our own fucking people.� He would create a secret military, a private army of nutcase rejects like himself in warfare, the destitute soldier with a chip on his soldier were perfect, he had even started prison reform (another complete misuse of words for propaganda purposes) and was recruiting from that pool his next in line soldiers, guys the law put away forever he could bribe to join his forces, in prison without any chance of Justice, these were always the prey of these psycho�s, Grebe followed Hitler in utilizing the prison populations to do all the initial shit where true military men would hesitate, as their duty is to country not leader.� Grebe�s prison systems were chalk full of guys he was making a fortune housing for all kinds of trumped up charges that he had dirty judges handle who were lawyers from his firm, Foley and Lardner.� His whole existence had been to disguise himself through a law firm that could infiltrate all aspects of government and law at will, misusing it at will to suit his master plan, what he did not see is that he was exposed, he was running around trying to recruit with his typical bullshit and everyone could see him naked as day, his scheme, his propaganda was all out there and only he believed it.� I heard Eliot and Lamont were tormenting him like they tortured the Proskauer�s Chairman�s, by calling Grebe direct and leaving message for Goebbels, purposely chiding him to give up and surrender, this kid was fucking nuts alright but he certainly feared no evil has he had warned me up front, he welcomed it I now knew.� Eliot was the bait for whatever force was hunting us, he was the bait that could get to the top by climbing the food chain inside your belly.� Now with him having no value to us anymore, as our problems were bigger and instead of just whacking us with Iviewit, it was like we were being pulled apart for everything that stemmed from it first and yet it played over and over in mind, his words about these technologies a long time ago, that they were gifts from G0d to help children and now I saw there could be no greater help than to wipe this scum from our system, I found my part in enabling things to mushroom out of control because of the power and wealth that came with the technologies in the wrong hands gone mad, I may have been instrumental in helping destroy something far more perverse to the children of the United States, and all of them, all colors and kinds, I may have found a reason for them to awake, over my dead body but I saw what Eliot was all about in this moment, what I should have seen from the start, he was a person who was given those technologies for he was good and decent and unaffected by them, he was on a mission from G0d and this was only a tool, his greater purpose had me loving him, hating myself for not trusting his kindness and good nature, failing to see what a powerful force he had become of his own means and underestimating that he was a prophet, which he warned me upfront about.� He played me alright, I knew if Grebe had a brain left, he was feeling the Eliot effect, I could see the headache emanating from his scalp, I ventured to say it, Eliot, and I did, and his reaction was insanity.� Grebe turned and looked at me in the middle of his call, he asked �what about Eliot� in a rage.� I muttered that Eliot had stumbled from my thoughts but I saw it was having the same effect on him; that Eliot was constantly playing in his mind, the mere fact that a little Jew boy outsmarted him was beyond his ability to rationalize and yet he heard the voice ringing in his fucking head too�� I mean here this WhiteBread Wisconsin Nazi emulator with Decider delusion, was taken down by what could only be Eliot.

How did Eliot do it, it had to be some sort of secret communication with others, not the voices in his head but we would have to revisit his past and our interactions with him to see if there was linkage but I knew it was more about revisiting the past to find out what he said and with hindsight see how I had taken the bait, how we all had.�� His friends, his family, he talked to no one but his wife and her family and needed no help and yet it felt like the whole free world was behind him.� We thought Iviewit would never be known or uncovered, it was all around us on Capitol Hill, all around us at Justice, all around us in the Courts, we were frozen in fear, he was fucking having amazing sex at night.� Why it is so important, is that with absolutely nothing to their names, Eliot and Candice were in love, more so, even after we destroyed everything tangible, the intangible did not waiver, they were on fucking food stamps for Christ sake and we had all his billions and he was happy and we were fucking mad.� This raced through my mind again and again, this fact that Eliot seemed to be what he said he was from the start when Grebe suddenly went fucking ballistic and started telling me we had to take action now, before it was too late.

�Too late� he said, we must stop them before they get any closer.� I really felt like I was entombed in Hitler�s coffin, that the walls were trembling but I could not walk out to fresh air.� I asked what could be done to stop what he saw as the alternative to surrender at this point.� �We must take over the country again with massive fear, pacify the Sheep with fear or they are going to try us for our crimes, impeach my soldiers and it will be a massacre�, he exclaimed.� �We need to pounce them into the ground, use everything we got to stop them, we must start a massive smear campaign, a thousand times Clinton�s.�� Proud of how he brought Clinton down for his sexual predations, �fucking pussies the democratic party, we can start with Pelosi and Conyers and work our way through Congress, intimidate anyone who objects, replace politicians with more soldiers, we have to stop their momentum, throw bullshit media at them, destroy them�, as he had been for twenty years.� Something was different though, for twenty years he was invisible but now he and the law firm he built up were exposed and people could see through him for the first time, they could see how and why their country had slowly gone to hell in bucket.� �Republicans were the easiest to sell out first, I mean I took over that Party like it was nothing, talk about pussies, I always knew I would have a time taking over the Democratic party but with your firms help, I mean can�t we buy off or replace the Democratic opposition or subdue them with terror.� The Republican�s are too afraid to vote against my will and with Bush chiding them as non-patriotic if they do, they are locked in fear of loss of their constituency, they no longer even care what the Grand Ole Party stood for�, now it stood for corruption and greed, just as he intended.� He conferenced in some of his right wing think tank buddies and began ripping off orders to these guys about what it would take to quell the unrest, it was the scariest call I have ever witnessed.� I could only hear one end but I got the jist, it was talk about some kind of dirty bomb in Florida, something about a Russian suitcase they had obtained from Bin Laden who had bought up, using CIA money, major portions of the black market Russkie arsenals.� They would need to stage it to happen while the Sheep slept, so at 5am they would launch and by 9am America would be in a state of fear.� They would have to link it to �Terrorists� but not even Bin Laden would attach his name to something this monstrous and they already had everyone believing that they had executed Hussein, yeah right, so who to get.� There were 52 of them originally and they had supposedly killed one or two them, so out of the deck of 50 who would be the right one?� Then he started into a diatribe that will forever remain imprinted in my mind, as it was beyond horrible to even consider that this was being considered, �Miami Airport:� he suggested and �it will have a 30 mile fallout radius, how many people would that nuke� he was talking as if it were putting chicken in the microwave, I mean I was from Florida, I had all kinds of people in Florida that I loved, how could I warn anyone, I could not, without confessing and either way it would be the end of me but could I do something to stop this.� How long did this guy really think he could control the government and mistreat the people?� Before Iviewit, he was plotting the overthrow over years and now that he had overthrown, how long did he think people would not see that the government had gone awry, that Justice had corrupted, that the courts were corrupted, that commerce had corrupted to benefit fat bastards like himself and the one percent that now controlled 90%+ of the nations worth?� Already, in just 7 years, the whole thing was exposed, he was doing fucking nutty things, like commuting Libby and exerting executive privilege to cover crime and the more he did these things, the more he was exposing himself but this guy was delirious but more so serious and he was now thinking how to use the dirty bomb in Miami as a precursor to starting a full blown Middle East war, that he kept saying could be the catalyst to bring America to a World War it could win this time.� America as an aggressor nation, falsifying and propagandizing information to the Sheep who were to scarred to think they were doing anything �unpatriotic� by invading countries for no reasons, that to avoid the guilt they would hide behind patriotism how ever it was packaged.�

Fucking World War III and I was going to be the spark that killed all these fucking people, my brain was exploding; how all this had started, one indecent act by me, then snowballs, then spirals out of control and now allowing mass genocide of people to instill fear in the Sheep and start world wars.� �They will never catch us, we control Justice, we control the Press, we control these fucking people and they will believe whatever we shovel down their fucking throats on CNN.� I know things might be a bit different now, sure there is pressure but like Iran Contra we have to diffuse this, they never caught us for that.� I can take car of Pelosi, Conyers and that Jew bastard Schumacher in New York, in fact, I am sitting here with Wheeler, the guy from Proskauer who got us the Iviewit patents, he can get inside Pelosi�s camp with Proskauer friends and cause ruckus within, same for Conyers, no maybe we set that coon up with some crack or something.� Chris, can you get someone in there now to start trouble from the inside, or get me a dirty Democrat that we can set up for scandal, something like that.�� He was talking to me, I could not speak, I did not want to add to this madness any longer, I would stand idly by but not offer help either way.� I said he should call Proskauer�s managing partner who was handling all damage control and damages, on the Democratic party side, he nodded.� �Chris, as you all know, has been focused on getting inside the Patent Office and now that we have control of that, and he has done a stellar job of getting us tons of good inventions with no oppositions from inventors, or opposition that was trumped, I have decided to bring him to the frontline in our efforts, move him up in the ranks.�� Oh dear G0d, the other guys on the phone with him were actually going along with this, these right wing think tank fuckers were just a bunch of Nazi�s, I was just a Nazi, somehow I knew we would end up being destroyed like Nazi�s, sooner than later.� �Before they Impeach these morons Cheney and Bush, so the sooner the better, get the Press geared up for another event, get everyone scripted, hey, even Gonzales could get a boost out of this and we need to have him emboldened again.�� That fucking word �embolden�, it was like so many other of his fucking propaganda terms, such misnomers as and I began to make a list:

1.��� Election = the former act of electing a President by the people according to Constitutional mandate.� Not = a guy who wins by one vote, a vote of 5-4 on the Supreme Court.� Supreme Court chooses Decider/Dictator/Dickhead for people and picks a former cokehead, alcoholic, business failure, college flunky, draft dodging faggot.� The President used to be a guy who could speak English properly, at minimum one.

2.��� President = Leader picked by the people in old time America.� Not = Decider/Dictator/Dickhead

3.��� Decider = Dictator/Dickhead

4.��� Patriot Act ~ furthest thing from Patriotism.� Patriotism is the the act of defending America's freedoms and democracy.� Not giving those up to minimal terrorist threats or even real threats, like real war.� We did not give them up for any other war, certainly over three buildings and some renegade oil friends of the Bush regime, I am shocked we did.� The only thing Patriotic about this act is the name, the rest is a recipe to give up freedom through false and concocted terror threats to a bunch of people like Justice Dept, etc. waiting to abuse the powers, they did not wait a week.

5.��� War on Terror - Terror is a form of war used by oppressed against oppressor.� Usually targets oppressor innocent non-combatants for maximum damage like to children and Starbucks crowd.� Used since the beginning of war, not very ethical as it targets non-combatants but often effective form of getting oppressor to table.� Used by US in Independence War against Brit oppressors, effective at bringing them down.� Used by Israel against the British to get them out of Israel.� In fact, if you think about it, to fight a war on terror would mean that you are seeking out groups around the world, mostly committed to overthrowing oppressive regimes and killing them in the name of democracy, hmmm.� Sounds like the bully is picking on the handicapped.� But with enough spin from spin doctors like Tony Snowjob or the one before him, McClellan, who retired early from fear of what was unfolding before him, the American Sheep went bah...

6.��� Warantless Wiretapping = A way for spoiled rotten rich kids, mostly lawyers and politicians, to violate your privacies', steal your ideas and inventions, steal your corporate information to use for personal gain or insider stock info.�� This is because like Bush they cannot hold a successful day job so stealing from people is the only occupation they can try to succeed at.

7.��� Iraq War ~ Not a war, an occupation through invasion based on forged documents, fraudulent information disseminated to Congress and lies.� Second time America has acted as an aggressor nation, first time was Bush 1 in Iraq and that at least had some global support.� Now what we all know is that Bush 1 put in the "terrorists", funded the terrorist (Bin Laden & Hussein) the first time he invaded Iraq, to fight Iran, we all see how that went.�� Now Bush 2 tries to cover up history by killing all the guys who can point the finger at daddy.� But could it be a wag the dog that the American soldiers die for?� A war that has more to do with oil and war profiteering than protecting America, could Saddahm death have been staged and he laughs at you, while counting the profits and billions (the missing US money) he was paid for that disheveled photo op of being captured?� It looks like the World Trade Center show was to scare you to give your rights up, feeling created that we were under siege like from Japan @ the Pearl, with countless more attacks coming.� As we know, five years later, not even a cafe bomb in NY.� Perhaps Bush gang will try that next because I can't think of another strategy to distract America from their dismal polls at the moment or the unfolding scandal after scandal after scandal.� So be ready for another staged or even a real "event", say Iran for fun.� America needs to see when they are getting fucked hard in the ass and by whom and not in baby steps. For example, and it takes but an idiot to see, the laws of physics that govern steel structured buildings imploding perfectly down against the laws of physics may be possible once, highly improbable twice but thrice is impossible and thus everyone knows the jiggy.� Are you still afraid to ask how the third building at WTC fell when it was not hit by plane, bomb or falling other buildings???� Ask why Silverstein properties who had just acquired the buildings rents to more Skull & Bones organizations than any other realtor, know when you are being lied too or you deserve this corruption for your idiocy.� 7 weeks before the WTC staged implosion to drag us into an oil war, for war profit to Halliburton, Silverstein properties tried to insure the buildings against "acts of terrorism", wow he should be a prophet, a pathetic one but...

8.��� Al Queda - Al Coulda nota Hava Beena ina Iraqa. �Al Queda in Iraq is like trying to tell your kid that chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows.� Iraq had no terrorists, it had no military, it had no WMD's, it only had an evil dictator that was only following the orders of the Bush family who funded him to power.� baaah

9.�� �Iran/Iraq War ~ Bush family has been upset it ended the first time because Iran and Iraq ran out of children to kill each other and so here we go again with the Bush Gang funding its resurgence to get oil prices up.� This is good for oil prices and big $100 billion war appropriations.� Who profits from war for oil?� Let's see, oilmen, oil rich countries, the guys running the House, Halliburton, Hussein's, Iranians, Saudi's and the rest of American's and Iraqi's get fucked.� Who suffers, Americans at the pump pay more for gas then their car payment monthly, their heating bills equal rent and they are getting sucked dry to poverty while these fucks line their pockets in illegal ways, scam after scam after scam.� bahhh

10.��� Walter Reed VA Hospital - Again we find a Halliburton disaster, a Cheney disaster.� This scam shows how little the Cheney/Bush Admin cares about soldiers, none of them being one, most draft dodgers in fact, they could care if soldiers lay in their urine untreated, as they are merely servants to the Decider in the New World Disorder.� They are casualties of the illegal accumulation of power and control.��� and�

11.��� FEMA = Aiding Americans in need.� Not = Hurricane Katrina - A planned event to steal land for later casinos and to get blacks to ranches in Texas, those that floated to the top and survived at least.� A displacement of Americans like never before.� Also, like most of Florida Hurricanes of his admin, a way to rob FEMA (Federal Emergency Mismanagement Act) and fuck the people in need while lining their friends pockets.� Hey what happened to all those shelters we spent hundreds of millions on.� baaahhh

12.�� �Enemy Combatant - A guy dressed in military drag that is killing you, must be a uniformed soldier, identifiable as such.� Not = a guy that kind of looks like he may be a terrorist, whatever that looks like.� Anyone who thinks those people in Guantanamo are enemy combatants is nuts, they are called innocent non-combatants and all rights under law should be afforded them until they are found to be enemy combatants beyond a reasonable doubt, not the other way around.� You cannot seize people on a breeze of guilt and then deny them rights under the name of an enemy combatant, unless you want to be called a fucking terrorist.

13.��� Guantanamo Bay = Camp Gitmoschwitz = AmeraNazi concentration camp

14.��� Muslim = People who believe in the prophet Mohammed.� Not = terrorist.� Terrorist come in all shapes, colors, religious beliefs, etc. when they are persecuted by oppressive rule.� This perception that Muslims are bad people is bad, be careful of those who throw stones who live in glass houses.� When Bush calls them terrorists one must remember they were his family's friends, that the Bush's have large investments in Muslim (Iraqi, Iranian, Dubai and Saudi companies) and likewise these good friends have invested in their companies.� Bush has more Muslim friends than Mohammed.� Since Texas oil went kaput, Bush has become a wannabe Muslim with Cheney his camel in turban drag or vice versa.

15.��� 911 - A day three buildings defied the law of physics and fell straight down at freefall speed.� Not a single scientist can explain this using anything other than the words "staged controlled demolition".

16.��� Constitution = Document which was drafted to promote democracy.� Not = toilet paper to be disregarded by those who want to create a dictatorship by changing everything in it to fit their psychotic visions.

17.��� Skull and Bones = A group of wealthy guys from Yale who eat on Nazi flatware, masturbate in coffins and swear allegiance to poison democracy to benefit themselves.� After three generations of planting within the system, they have finally taken control through election frauds and stripped America of protection under the Constitution, to benefit themselves from crimes they commit against the nation.� Like a Billionaire Boys Club, they cannot get day jobs as they are the product of spoiled rotten children system and only concern themselves with how to keep money in their trust funds.� The way to stop them and redistribute wealth to hard working Americans, simple, 90-99% estate tax.� This solves the entire country's problems and redistributes wealth to those that earn it, not those who have a silver spoon crammed up their ass.� Beholden to neither Democratic or Republican party Skull Bone Heads have ruined both parties, with intent. great site to figure it all out

18.��� Terrorist = Guys who try to commit treason against the United States by committing any of the crimes mentioned above, like Bush and Cheney, these are the real terrorists to Democracy.� These are the guys who need to be hunted and tried.�

19.��� Troop Support = Calling the Boys Back Home today, all of them, from a war that was instigated on falsified premises is the only true Troop Support.� Not = keeping troops in harms way for Halliburton and other war mongers to profit from.� Troop support would be to pull them all back today and then have Congress vote today to send them back or not, depending on real information.� Not hiring new generals who will spin a loss to the President's likings.

20.��� Winning a War on Terror = Playing on in chess when one is in checkmate.� Since terror is not a person, place or nation, it is a concept, I am not exactly sure what a win could look like.� The more one tries to win, the more one becomes the terrorist.� baaahhh

21.��� Draft Dodger - George W. Bush, Dick Cheney.� Guys who evaded war are running the war, this equals recipe for disaster for our kids.� George Bush is the worst war leader of history, that is because he is a coward draft dodger.

22.��� Spoiled Rotten Kid Syndrome (my contribution to Freudisms) = Mostly kids whose parents were rich and seeing that they spoiled them to the point of useless in the real world had to then buy them through law school or buy them political positions to advance their ways and help pass daddy's wealth to them without going back into the whole.� Knowing these kids did not have what it takes to earn a living, their parents have tried to buy them positions and so have ruined our country that is now run by inept morons.� Once into law and politicks, these spoiled pukes have found that the only way to live like daddy, is to rob hard working American's through corruption.� They are the terrorists to fear.� Yet unlike real terrorists, they are to afraid to take arms for their cause, most of them draft dodgers or pussies, they hide behind robes of laws to look above you and me but their is nothing earned behind those robes.� They are the elitists who are elite because daddy was wealthy or a hard working guy who made it, not from anything they have done in their lives, if left to their own ways, they would have a hard time working at McDonalds.� Bush is a prime example, Cheney another, two flunkies running your country and ruining it simultaneously.� These kids take up spots at top colleges, through nepotism, not through grades, making America stupid compared to the rest of the world.�

23.��� Democracy in Iraq = ??? - Who cares?� Excuse by Bush cronies to justify war after we discovered it was initiated on BS.� One cannot go to war on falsified info and then search for reasons to be there that make wrong look right.� Are we as Americans now going to forcibly take over countries to promote democracy through destroying them, killing their children, dividing their people, etc.� Sound like we are becoming worse than Nazi's or just about the same.� I thought this is what the cold war was about, preventing countries from taking over smaller countries and forcing them to believe things like Communism or Democracy.�

24.��� Nancy Pelosi - Should be our next President.� If Bush and Cheney are impeached, I think she is.� If not, someone should vote for her before Hillary gets a chance to be elected which would set women back a hundred years.� Hillary is just a man in woman's clothing, a former Yale grad who is beholden to Skulls mentality like her husband.� Nancy on the surface seems like the best chance this country has of regaining its status in this world and she is pretty sexy for her age too.� I mean come on America we need a cute President that has compassion and care for children, as she has many and grandkids, that she seems genuinely to want a Democracy for.� For her efforts thus far to usurp these spoiled rotten kids ruining our country, kudos and my vote.� I wish she were my grandma or lover, when she speaks it sounds like sound motherly advice and at the same time evokes feelings I had for my third grade teacher.� I loved her bringing all her kids and grandkids to the podium when she accepted one of the greatest achievements for mankind and women.

25.��� Press Conference = Usually not a staged event.� Take for example Bush landing on carrier stating war is over, when in fact the ship was off the coast of San Diego by a few feet and Bush never earned wearing a military outfit.�� They had to moor the ship out a bit for the photo op as Bush did not want anyone to see it was really parked off San Diego. Take for example his press conferences with staged blacks and military people who clap for clap-o-meters.� Oh yeah, the war is over, is another truism of Bush regime that proves patently false.�

26.��� Serving the Pleasure of the President = Fuck you, you serve the pleasure of the people.� If the President told you to jump off a bridge...� If the President told you to witch hunt US citizens and steal their private info, put a bag on peoples heads, send them to concentration camps...would ya???� Would you suckle his dicky if told too?� You serve the people you Nazi fucks, Hile Hitler, now raise your right hand and say "we serve at the pleasure...� This "serve the pleasure..." shit is equal too "I was only following orders!� I was serving the pleasure of Heir Decider/Dicktator/Dickhead."� The President/Decider/Dictator/Dickhead, if he had been elected by the people, not the Supreme Jokers, Smokers, Midnight Tokers, still serves the People, his staff serves the People and when they see their President/Decider/Dictator/Dickhead, asking them to commit crimes they should revolt and serve the People.� Anyone who claimed to serve the pleasure of this asshole and tries to hide their actions behind it should be removed from office and shot for treason.�

27.��� Testify before the Judiciary Committee = Under Oath, with Transcript.� Not = behind closed doors, with a select few, with no transcript, afraid to swear in under G-d.� Nothing else qualifies as testimony but it certainly shows guilt and fear of G-d, whom they had forgotten in their new world disorder.

28.��� No Child Left Behind = A way to leave public schools a disaster.� This is to make private school kids (spoiled rotten rich kids like Bush), who cannot compete with hard working kids, able to compete by setting other kids back, so it will appear they are ahead.� If this had been around in Bush and Cheney's day, they would still be reading the Goat in 1st grade.

29.��� Dick Cheney - President, I mean Vice President, no I am not sure what I mean there.� Cheney is the evil force, Darth Vader of this whole nonsense ruining our country.� The spokesperson for the good ole boys club ruining America, the front man behind the Bush regime who needs a "new world order" to succeed since he could not succeed in this world at anything he did.� I mean this guy is the epitome of loser, he could not even make it into Yale's Skull and Bones, even though 9 members of his family are members of the cult.� Talk about spoiled rotten, Winnetka Il, puke, Cheney is your man.� Talk about the closest thing to a Nazi ever in America's politicks, well along with Rummy, they make two Nazi's in a pod.� You want your kids to make it in the Hitler youth, keep letting these guys run (ruin) our country.� This guy has been a disaster to every political campaign he ever touched.� Psychology report shows that he has Napoleon complex, mixed with little dickedness, mixed with Nazi fetishes, mixed with shotgun fever, mixed with psychopathological desire for war to profit, mixed with Columbinitist (hates everyone from being teased and kicked as a kid, willing to take out everyone to extract revenge for being a loser), mixed with coward draft dodger, mixed with Halliburton & The Carlyle Group.� Be careful of the Puppeteer and know who is really pulling the strings of the puppet idiot Bush.

30.��� War Monger = Bush, Rummy and Cheney and this Administration

31.��� Artificial Timetable for Withdrawal = Anything after 1 minute after finding out the documents were forged and intelligence falsified to take us to war is an artificial timetable.� Not = a timetable that withdraws troops from a country we invaded on bogus shit slowly, while searching for a justification to escape the inevitable war crime trials.� The excuse that we are trying to make Iraq a Democracy is only snow to take your eye off the fact that we Americans have been led to a murderous spree against the wrong people on bs and hope to find justification in more bs.� We are guilty of war crimes, human torture and other high crimes similar to Nazi's, we can sit around and blame our leaders but it is our children who will suffer the wrath worldwide for generations to come.� Come on America, do what your Constitution mandates of you to protect your country and Constitution, take the corrupt leaders out of power, bearing your rights to bear arms against a corrupt government.�� Grab them by their lying teeth, slam their heads against the halls of justice, let Washington become a political cleansing ground covered in their blood and show the world we were only fooled for a moment, that once we realized our leaders were corrupt, we bashed their fucking brains out and took their money and left their kids to get a job.

32.��� Embolden = encourage.� I encourage all Americans to embolden their children to cleanse our government of clowns who have seized it.� Years ago, had you said that Skull and Boners had taken over America or were plotting; they would have laughed or thought you were a conspiracy nut.� Today, they find it more to be the cause of this country's problems and cannot believe they have seized control of the judiciary, the political parties, the military, the legal and it only took three generations of Boneheads and only a few hundred to completely usurp you of your rights and everything we built America to be.� These guys are not all powerful huge etc. they are small and weak, puffing their chests to have you believe they are your masters.� Well, like any slave, there comes a time to whip your master, I embolden you to do so.

33.���� Press = Old school reporting mechanism that has been monopolized by a few to push their agenda.� No longer the right arm of anarchy but with Constitution down toilet, who needs it anyway.� Also run by spoiled kids whose fathers worked hard to protect the press as independent, not codependent.� Go to blogs and other outlets in foreign lands if you want a taste of old school.

34.��� New School Press - Bush staged events.� Hitler Propaganda machine at prime, "we were only reporting what was ordered by the Decider/Dicktator/Dickhead"� Spin doctors to try and paint a picture of an idiot as smart and what is bemusing is that some Americans believe anything they read or more likely watch or or or and� )

Others were suggesting something less than atomic, something natural like they did at Katrina, I was inside all right, inside the belly of the beast.� My worst fears confirmed, evil incarnate surrounded me, engulfed me.� He was talking about how they built the levies to break, he could probably pull it off in California if they went that way, the Governator was already instilling fear in the minds of Californian�s levies collapsing, a massive earthquake, ok, I was sitting across from Lex Luther.� Again, I had lot�s of friends in California or at least I did when I had friends but these guys had long been planning these �staged� events to pacify the Sheep and divert attention from scandals and all the while instill fear, fear, fear, fear.

Iviewit - Thomas Cahill First Department NY Supreme Court Implicated in Case Cover-Ups

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Court Overhaul Begins: Attorney Disciplinary Chief Counsel Cahill First to Go...CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
Thomas J. Cahill, Chief Counsel of the First Department Attorney Disciplinary Committee, was summoned to a meeting with New York State Office of Court Administration officials on Tuesday, July 17, 2007. He was told to bring along his First Deputy Chief Counsel, Sherry K. Cohen, sources say.

The two top lawyers at the State office charged with overseeing attorney ethics in the Bronx and Manhattan sat, uncomfortably, through most of the day at various high-level conferences. In the end, it was made clear that immediate changes were being made at their Departmental Disciplinary Committee. Changes that didn't necessarily include them.

Two days later, on Thursday, July 19th, Mr. Cahill called a staff meeting where he said that he had "good news." He first announced that he had a new grandchild, and then added that he had decided to resign. He was reportedly delighted to be "… one of the few who is leaving under his own steam." Sources say he indicated that he was hoping to stay on through the end of August but was awaiting 1st Department Presiding Justice Jonathan Lippman's decision on the actual date of his final day.

On Friday, Mr. Cahill began referring to his departure as "retirement."

Tom Cahill's departure comes shortly after reporters began asking questions about an alleged cover up concerning the forced resignation of a young employee at the First Department Committee on Character and Fitness (CCF). That incident reportedly involved Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen at the Disciplinary Committee, and the CCF's boss Sarah Josephine Hamilton and Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, then state Appellate Division Chief Clerk, and who is now the Chief Clerk for the federal 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

One insider says that the complaints against Cahill and Cohen had "…become overwhelmingly voluminous, and simply too much to continue ignoring..." The pair had been accused of selectively implementing the politically fueled and widespread practice of indefinitely delaying or white-washing certain disciplinary investigations. "Cahill and Cohen made up their own rules," according to the insider.

One such complaint involved Thomas Cahill and the Proskauer Rose law firm, and which has been "pending" since February of 2003. The Cahill Proskauer Complaint remains a troubling thorn at the highest levels of the New York State Office of Court Administration, and one which is a high priority for the new State Chief Administrative Judge, the Honorable Ann T. Pfau.

The Cahill Proskauer issue also became a hot topic in Washington, D.C. in early 2007 at the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Department of Commerce (The United States Patent and Trademark Office). And it has specifically caught the attention of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and U.S. House Representatives John D. Dingell and Nita Lowey.

The Cahill Proskauer Scandal involves many allegations: the alleged theft by Proskauer of numerous U.S. Patents from their own client; claimed losses of 17 billion dollars; and the March, 2005 bombing in Boynton Beach, Florida of the inventor-client-complainant's family mini-van.

It is alleged that Mr. Cahill masterminded the scheme to indefinitely delay complaints against Proskauer Rose, himself, and former New York State Bar Association President and Proskauer partner Steven C. Krane, Proskauer Partner Kenneth Rubenstein, chief counsel for MPEGLA, and Raymond Joao of Yonkers. It is also alleged that attorney Steven C. Krane initially interceded, with Mr. Cahill's knowledge and consent, in handling disciplinary complaints involving himself at the same time he was associated with the 1st Department in Manhattan.

Attorney Krane's conflicts were exposed when officials from the "Iviewit" company contacted Katherine O'Hagan Wolfe, who contradicted Cahill's statements and Krane's written denial of his 1st Dept roles. Ms. O'Hagan Wolfe advised that she was, in fact, on a Committee at the 1st Dept with both Cahill and Krane and that they even had a meeting that same night.

The various Cahill Proskauer issues bounced around under the public radar screen at the Court of Appeals in Albany and were ultimately transferred from the 1st Department to the 2nd Department in Brooklyn. This was done after 5 justices of the 1st Dept ruled unanimously to investigate Krane, Rubenstein and Joao for conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety after their review of the 1st Department complaint.

The Cahill inquiry is apparently "still pending" under attorney Martin R. Gold who, insiders say, was directed to "sit on it…forever."

Earlier this year, FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. assigned additional agents to the Public Integrity/Corruption squad at 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan, and where agents have been actively conducting interviews.

The New York Law Journal will formally announce Mr. Cahill's departure next week.

For more information regarding the Cahill Proskauer story, see:

Copyright (c) 2007 Frank Brady

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Wow. The guy's family car was blown up!

Is this how we discourage complaints against lawyers in New York?

Mother of God ! What the hell is going on ?!?!

July 21, 2007 1:04 PM
Anonymous said...
I hope Cahill surrenders his New York law license before his butt gets booted out the door of 61 Broadway.

Otherwise, there is sure to be a flood of complaints against HIM, resulting in his own license revocation !


July 21, 2007 1:17 PM
deeply saddened said...
This is HUGE.What a bunch of criminals--And I am an attorney !

July 21, 2007 3:25 PM
Anonymous said...
It's nice to know our court system has had a bunch of two-bit thugs running the show.

July 21, 2007 8:44 PM
shocked said...
Went to - - and boy what a shock, no one would believe this. These people and the fancy law firms (including Judith Kaye's husband) are a bunch of gangsters. Go look for yourself.

July 21, 2007 9:19 PM
P. Stephen Lamont said...
By way of introduction, I am P. Stephen Lamont, the former CEO (outside counsel advised all Iviewit executives to resign their posts and work along side Iviewit rather than within Iviewit) of Iviewit Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, affiliates and related parties (collectively "Iviewit"), with more than a fifteen year track record as a multimedia technology and consumer electronics executive and holder of a J.D. in Intellectual Property Law, an M.B.A in Finance, and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and I write in reply to the Technicrati blog and in support of Eliot I. Bernstein, the founder of Iviewit and the principal inventor of the technologies in question, and my fellow shareholders.

Moreover, and while grant it I was not a participant during the alleged burying and purported theft of the technologies, I found myself leading a company in the midst of a cover up of the aforementioned depictions of frauds, deceits, and misrepresentations that run so wide and so deep that it tears at the very fabric of what has become to be know as free commerce in this country, and, in the fact that it pertains to inventors rights, tears at the very fabric of the Constitution of the United States.

Furthermore, early in my tenure, rumors began swirling around the company with finger pointing and all from Florida to Los Angeles wherein it catches the jet stream and arrived very soon in New York of alleged breaches of confidentiality pertaining to Iviewit technology, transfers of trade secrets, and, even in certain circumstances, the knowing and willful invention fraud by the outright switching of signature pages of patent filings by early patent counsels. Additionally, during my tenure, I was in possession of an executed patent application pertaining to Iviewit's core imaging technology with the inventors of Bernstein and Shirajee, when, out of thin air, and just prior to filing, such patent application witnesses the addition of a one Brian G. Utley ('Utley') as an inventor, and an individual who could not have been farther from the heat of the inventive stage of the imaging technology.

Still further, and this is where I may depart from Mr. Bernstein and the Iviewit oustide advisers (this is a democracy after all), I submit that at the first disclosures of the inventions, patent counsel - Dr. Kenneth Rubenstein a partner of Proskauer Rose LLP and Counsel to the multimedia patent pools sponsored by MPEG LA LLC, who had spent half a lifetime procuring technologies for the transmission of full screen, full frame rate video across a variety of transmission networks, and who during the Iviewit disclosures may have thought to himself "[I] missed that," and "[I] never thought of that," and "[This] changes everything," or thoughts to those effects, were so fearful that Iviewit would partner with other proprietary technologies across the video value chain and wipe the carefully crafted patent pools off the face of the map, therefore, the Iviewit inventions HAD to be buried to preserve those pools.

That was the first step, with the second step, through the direct and indirect introductions of Iviewit, with executed NDA's, to some five hundred potential licensees by colleagues of patent counsel, being the proliferation of Iviewit disclosures across a wide array of potential licensees and competitors.

Following along, we arrive at the point in the past when the Iviewit inventions had been buried and that everyone had begun to use it, when past management in the company and new patent counsel may have thought "Hey, okay, great, but now what's in it for us," that proceeded to a final step, and in addition to the intentional change of inventors with the inclusion of Utley, the corporate shell game that involved multiple, unauthorized, similarly named corporate formations and unauthorized stock swaps and unauthorized asset transfers that resulted in the core patent applications assigned to an entity that may have only one shareholder, the limited liability partnership of the alleged perpetrating patent counsel Proskauer Rose LLP, perhaps, with a view towards resurrecting the backbone technologies at some future point.

Lastly, does it seem too far fetched when you include house break-ins, death threats, car bombings, and wrongful evictions? I further submit that I had been a victim as well where every file on my former Iviewit machines were changed from the original date of creation to on or about August 25, 2003, a time in which I was on a business trip in Florida to meet with the Boca Raton Police Department. Still too unbelievable? Then recall the browser wars, particularly the Internet Explorer/Microsoft/Spyglass/University of Illinois at Urbana battle, a situation I was very close to during my tenure at Thomson Multimedia S.A. (in IE click "Help" then "About IE" and read all about it), and you may agree that, as I had many times termed it, "invention stealing is the world�s second oldest profession," only this time, as Jack Nicholson has termed it, "[They] f---ed with the wrong marines." THIS TRULY IS THE GREATEST PATENT STORY EVER TOLD!

P. Stephen Lamont
Tel.: 530-529-4110
further information at:

July 21, 2007 10:35 PM
a retired atty said...
Judge Judy aka Ma Barker has exceeded my expectations, I never thought this old yente was so Machiavellian. Her gonif husband at Porkauer (Proskauer) Rose LLP, YES! Now they are real proctologists.

July 21, 2007 11:05 PM
Eliot I Bernstein said...
I knew there was law in a lawless Administration, it is time for all good and decent lawyers to take back their honor and bring these criminals down, all the way to the top. At the top you will find the man behind the scene who stole my patents with Proskauer Rose to be Michael Grebe formerly of Foley and Lardner (also Iviewit former thug counsel) and now with the far left Nazi group The Bradley Foundation. These two firms need to be abolished from earth and their assets in a RICO should go to the Iviewit shareholders who have been waiting patiently while they seized the government to block due process against themselves, all the way to the Whitehouse. It was Grebe who may have set those Republican National Committee servers to be a back channel to Whitehouse for criminal activities in the overthrow of the government through election fraud, etc. I wonder how many of those emails say Iviewit. Once the fox had stolen the elections, the country has gone to hell in a bucket and no one knows why, without knowing the whole Iviewit story. Iviewit was the portal, the reason for all roads of corruption that begin and end with the understanding of just what these criminals cloaked as lawyers, judges and investigators are all about. Cahill was only one of many in the denial of due process, a denial that can only come top down, Cahill was only a pawn to Judge Judy Kaye and her suddenly inventive IP partner husband Stephen Kaye.
It will be on all good and decent lawyers to take out the corruption that has siezed America, if you need any help feel free to call me, as I told Porksour Rose in my deposition (on the Iviewit site), I fear no evil!!!!
for more info @

Thanks to this site for having the chutzpah to take a stance against the machine.

July 21, 2007 11:54 PM
hic said...
I hope Sherry Cohen is also getting canned. Oops, "resigning" Oops, "retiring"

No mention of her. Why?

Drinking buddies Cahill and Cohen wouldn't know an ethical act if it bit them in the ass.

July 22, 2007 10:16 AM
Anonymous said...
It's probably time to replace Judith Kaye, governor. Why do we have to wait? We have endured the Tammany Kaye regime long enough

July 22, 2007 10:29 AM
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