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Fight for the Grail - The Iviewit Patentgate Story

�Copyright 2005-2006 Eliot Ivan Bernstein
warning ~ The names in this book/BLOG have not been changed to protect the guilty
The Fight for the Grail
The Story of the Iviewit Inventions & Patentgate
An ongoing fictional / non-fictional blur of the Iviewit inventions.
The story is not complete, it is in perpetual draft form, so stay tuned for new chapterssend love/hate mail to the author @ iviewit@iviewit.tvthe techno true story @
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Special Thanks To:
My lovely wife Candice
Stronger than mortal man, fruit of the vine!
My children
Who are on a mission to save animals, plants and man; a mission they must succeed at for themselves, your children and their children's children.
My friends
Who have risked all to help keep me alive; you will grow to love them as you read on.
My birth family
For the willingness to be different from them.
To those hero's you will soon meet
That for unknown reasons, other than the will to be right, have risked all for me, hardly knowing me, fucking crazy.To those who are poised in the background to resume the fight shall I fail.
To those American's and others who still keep the faith.
Armed Forces Special Salute
To those American's dressed in uniform to protect our freedoms and the 3,000 dead in battle + 500,000 innocent non-combatant Iraqi included, whether our leaders have sent our men in uniform in rightly or wrongly, they have risked life and limb to protect our rights and our great country; I stand not only in support but alongside you, with life and limb for duty, country and honor. You will see my plight herein as a war and I am oft a one man army with only G-d on my side, or so it appears. In this Iraq conflict, I stand as your ally, I stand alongside you, I stand in honor of you.
In the current Iraq conflict I wish to extend an extra special thanks to our armed forces, including "past" Generals, for although it is not your call always to stand in the face of the machine or question orders from above, it is a moral call when you know things are wrong, to at minimum expose it and at maximum oppose it. Historically at times with force or coup. Throughout armed conflict, if the chain of command has broken or has been seized by tyrannous evil men, if your orders are to do the wrong thing, you must call to arms your morals to make your decisions and risk military condemnation amongst comrades in arms. Where with Hitler's soldiers claim "I was only following orders" was not a good defense for wrong, nor in the end will it be here but what will be the soldiers legacy. As it comes to pass if this war was right or wrong, what our true military commanders (guys who have done a day of service in battle) have done, is heroic and for almost all soldiers the stance was clear. America violating the Geneva Convention and Human Rights treatises was wrong and your Generals, excuse me Ex-Generals, better yet, stood up and confronted wrong, whoever had ordered it. The wrongs were exposed, ex-Generals came forward to stand in the face, the guilty will now be tried (hopefully under a true military tribunal), charged; no matter how high in the chain of command they come from. The soldiers who were only following orders should be tried if they bend their truth for their actions, if the orders came from above that entire chain of command must be extinguished. Merely trying those that committed the acts is wrong and will do the country no good without the chain being destroyed. It may appear that America cannot handle the truth but they can. They will. No pardon, Nixon was caught doing taping, not violating the fucking Geneva Convention to the world (I would have tried and fried his ass too). I think before the military coup or ex military coup or both, our military leaders and soldiers figured out just how and why they were in the wrong country doing the wrong thing, election fraud. That is what gave these guys the ability to seize control of the house, the senate and the Commander and Chiefs office and checks and balances were lost, this is not the soldiers fault, the true military commander will be honored although the leader shall fall for his efforts of treason. G-d Bless these men everyday for they once again have saved this great nation.
I know that when we have a Commander and Chief in the House of Mouse with a history of Military Draft Dodging, that was covered up at the top by more non-military type guys (Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.), whom all may have gotten their jobs through election manipulations, the military must question the integrity of their leaders decisions, especially where it is the military's direct responsibility to defend the nation and not it's leaders. Not one of our current leaders at the top of the chain, is worthy on a battlefield alongside you true military men; I can't thanks you enough for your voice against these clowns. I know you have to do the killing and the dying no matter the politics at first but upon your knowledge of wrong you did your duty and my heart and hat are on your side. These guys at the top may be frauds in many respects and herein you will perhaps find one more reason to justify your claims that following orders from these guys could have hurt this nation in profound and complex ways but your statements and coup have led in great part to their undermining. I hope my efforts will prove similar in aiding in the demise of a corrupt group and saving lives in what is clearly wrong to men of military code of ethics. I do not think a Presidential pardon should be fitting for these guys who attempted a treason on this great nation for profit and greed, if found guilty, a six gun military salute to them, blindfolds provided free on the taxpayers.

Fuck You To:
My formerly trusted attorneys:
Proskauer Rose, LLP
The main criminal conspirator, all roads described herein relate to Proskauer. The once democratic law firm, that suddenly became a Republican backer, so fearful of the Republican party that they left Valerie Plume Wilson in the cold, afraid of the backlash of the Bush Administration??? Imagine that, a Democratic law firm afraid of Republican backlash??? Traitors to the Democratic Party and perhaps the greatest single mistake ever to the Republicans, yet I do not think anyone could have seen their dubious actions before it was too late. For Jewish lawyers especially, these guys are a disgrace to race, with no belief in G-d, just greed, a cardinal sin.
So what made Proskauer a political switch hitter, a transpolitical law firm. Imagine that Proskauer needed to take control of the political and legal systems because they were caught stealing intellectual properties from inventors for themselves. Imagine how these lawyers would stop at nothing to deny due process and procedure to the Iviewit inventors and shareholders. So desperate, so inflamed by the greed of the trillion dollar technologies, that they would risk it all and then plot a siege on the government to block losing it once they were caught. This is the Iviewit story that quickly is evolving into a Patentgate and whereby all roads of corruption in the current administration will lead to Iviewit.
Christopher Wheeler, Esq.
(the bar complaint rebuttal cited in the link above at the Florida Bar, was before finding out the complexities of the many crimes and was our first stab at Wheeler on just the basic initial evidence known at the time)
(or maybe NOT esq. as his law license maybe got revoked by The Florida Bar after his Felony Driving Under the Influence with Injury charges recently in Florida)
Well you could hope for the Florida Bar to be doing something about this criminal disguised as an attorney but they are just a drinking establishment that has been thoroughly devoured by corruption to cover up the crimes by well planted Proskauer partners, who later got caught violating their public offices in handling complaints illegally. Wheezler as his name will historically be recorded, is worse than a pedophile, as he will come in as your trusted advisor and while acting in such role, take candy. Ah, but every so often the pedophile is caught with his hand in the pants and ends up as may be the case in the matters before you, facing a federal penitentiary for crimes against our country. Wheelzer, you truly are a menace to society and a disgrace to all good and decent lawyers before you. When we are done, me and you, you will be written into history as one of the biggest assholes of modern time for your bungled crime. If you go to prison half as long as I am trying to imprison you, you will not only be the largest asshole in history, you will have the largest asshole in history.
You who brought all of your enemies against me and then led them to their doom, you will not be able to drink this away, you will be held accountable. Your lies under sworn oath in your deposition, that you know nothing about my technologies, well, perhaps that is why you had to have the Proskauer v. Iviewit trial thrown by Labarga (your boy who threw the election to get the Bush boys in place to block our efforts top down). How much was paid to avoid Labarga's Court Order for you and Rubenstein to return to the depositions you ran from, at your own lawsuit. Since Labarga ordered you back to finish with Rubenstein, you have gone to great lengths to hide from me, to hide from the courts through political mischief and top down denial of due process to win through violating everything sacred in America.
How the shareholders, many still strong, many more silent ones, wait to hear you perjure yourself more, we await the answer to the questions regarding where are stock is, where the records are, why the patents are in the wrong name, why there are duplicate corporate formations with identical names to our companies? Oh, how the reader will come to see you as the failure you are, how was going to the Supreme Court of the United States with your Felony DUI stamped to your head for the whole legal world to laugh at. Forever, historically your and your family's name will be disgraced as losers, who lost the Holy Grail as you called the inventions, the object of mine that it is time to return.
You now have more to fear from those you have involved in your bungled plan than me but I caution you again to read the "Art of War" and remember it was me who thrust that blow. You have surrounded yourself with the enemies of man, of my children, to protect yourself from prosecution, to create an air that you are invincible but even that charade is over. Little dicked men like you, megalomaniacal freaks, need to create an impression that you are larger than life, this to intimidate for your incompetence. Where my power comes from is power itself, as I warned you from the start, I am on a mission for G-d, a power you failed to have faith in. To stand in the way, as you have, was to severely underestimate true power. I fear not you or your group of "powerful" men in robes you have recruited to aid and abet you, I actually enjoy tearing you apart bit by bit. I do pray for your soul though but I fear it will have no effect.
Kenneth Rubenstein, Esq.
Patent evaluator and creator of the MPEGLA anticompetitive monopolistic patent pool, a criminal organization subject to possible RICO charges with Proskauer and others as these crimes are tried, currently the crimes are the subject of a several year federal investigation of the patent office and FBI. If I were you dear reader, I would not pay too much to MPEGLA for a license that is worthless without my inventions. Now here is a guy, this Rubenstein sham, who once given your inventions under attorney/client privilege tries to claim them as his own. By putting them into his new law firm Proskauer's recently acquired patent pool, acquired after learning of our processes. Rubenstein hires a schmuck, Raymond Joao, as his partner to file your patents in his name (Joao puts 90 patents in his name, rivaling Edison. An attorney turned multi-media inventor? All the while taking disclosures on the very inventions he is contracted by Rubenstein and Porksauer to patent for me and other shareholders. Rubenstein in his psychosis, then tries to ice you out of your inventions through anticompetitive practices in violation of Sherman and Clayton, with a heavy overtone of Racketeering. Violating virtually all of his federal patent oaths at the patent bar. Oh yeah, he is under investigation by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for crimes against the United States and foreign nations, along with the FBI, which has caused my patents to be in a limbotic state of suspension, IVIEWIT PATENT SUSPENSION NOTICE. These guys were above the law, as lawyers they figured they could steal the inventions from me like candy... or so they thought, ah "the best laid plans." Rubenstein is so grotesque as to become obsessed with your inventions and forget he is even an attorney. He is not a lawyer in the sense of doing societal good, he is a lawyer that has learned ways to rob people through law, more a petty thief, with eyes on the jewels of our country at the patent office? Rubenstein's envy of the inventiveness of inventors is exhibited in virtually his whole being, as he attempts to claim others ideas as his own, he loses part of his brain in the delusions to people like me and I gnaw.
Then when busted, under deposition caught lying, he even tried to claim he never heard of Iviewit or Eliot Bernstein, under sworn oath in the face of insurmountable evidence against him. He felt above the law with Judge Jorge Labarga, infamous for failing to recount the Bush election and passed the election to the Supreme Court leading to the demise of the country. Yet, as the evidence shows, Rubenstein had far more knowledge. He was in fact a board member, a shareholder, the lead patent attorney for the company, opining to Warner Bros., Huizenga, Wachovia, investors, etc. At his deposition, he is confronted with letters from Warner Bros. stating he opined favorably on the Iviewit inventions, this immediately after he claimed that he never heard of us. You see he was our patent counsel and the conflict with his pool, which would be worthless without the Iviewit scaling inventions, was beyond obvious and legal. He never thought it would get out control, he had thought this through over and over again, with other criminal attorneys and they failed to account for me. Not only will his MPEG patent stealing scheme be worthless, so soon shall he. Investors even relied on him to come in, wrote letters fingering him. So in his fucked up head, he had to steal them? Hey Ken, the shareholders await the answers to the questions they sent you, how have you failed to answer them, the shareholders of course? Your attempt to try to get rid of the inventors, at any cost, knowing your MPEG sham would have been out of business, especially if we partnered with someone other than MPEG, say Intel, oops they are in this deep with you, say instead Apple, Microsoft, etc.; it would have rendered you and your sham patent pool as impotent as it is soon to become. Was Rubenstein behind the car bombing of my family's car as witnessed on the site? No matter, he was the direct cause; a true freak of nature, I would not trust him with my patents, nor yours.
A Message From Our Attorney in the Case Steven Selz regarding Rubenstein lies and evidence against him

Raymond Joao, Esq.

(and again I use Esq. improperly whereas it should be Esqueer)
Raymond Anthony Joao, the Patent Attorney with 90 patents in his name, all to do with the Iviewit inventions, what more can be said. Most famous patent with Rubenstein as co-inventor "System & Method for Fraud on the United States Patent & Trademark Office." (footnote to that link, this was done in the very beginning of piecing together the evidence trail). Imagine that, we formed our initial complaint against the attorneys involved, to the patent office, in the form of a patent filing for how to commit fraud on the patent office, pretty funny, my dark side. Ray once told me that he had dreams of his father after his death that haunted him, may I replace his father. His bar complaint rebuttal was handled by Steven Krane, who acted in conflict, violating public office but the rebuttal says it all.
Joao First Department Bar Complaint Rebuttal - may take a while to load. Joao's response to the evidence was to have Krane, the most influential member of the disciplinary departments in New York and Proskauer partner, handle his complaint in conflict and violation of his public offices. The conflict and violation of public office was the only way to get out of this for Joao. Now that the conflict was discovered and Krane, Joao and Rubenstein were ordered by five Justices unanimously for investigation, we shall see how long they breathe free air.
Steven C. Krane, Esq.
Former New York State Bar President and member of Disciplinary Committees and Ethics boards nationwide. Ordered for investigation of conflict of interest and appearance of impropriety by the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division: First Department. The investigation has so far been thwarted, through further conflicts in New York, typical New York crooked politics but being from the Windy City, so named for corrupt politics, this will be New York's Greyloard. It was learned that conflict in New York led all the way to Chief Judge Judith Kaye, you guessed it, married to a Proskauer partner. Also conflicted up the butt with Krane, as he was her former whipping boy, serving as her lapdog clerk. Krane attempts to use influence peddling like never before seen in Gotham to earn his Proskauer intellectual property partnership wings.
Krane has to even bury the New York Supreme Court ordered investigation against himself and his partners, and in a feat unsurpassed in the annals or anals of New York, he ass kisses or offers it for the taking widely, to evade the investigation without even having to give a statement in his defense. After five Supreme Court Justices unanimously voted for an INVESTIGATION, Krane did not have to even provide a response to that court, nor did the department charged with investigation. Instead they wrote little old me how they were going to dismiss it without investigation based on that he was a nice guy basically. It was as if the First Department was actually doing his defense, as they tendered all letters on his behalf, he did not answer a single question or put forth a statement in his defense. You guessed it, the First Department is controlled by Proskauer attorneys, who are then charged with handling directly complaints against Proskauer and its partners.
Of course I did not order the investigation, a bunch of judges did. So it begs one to ask why did they confront me to try and evade the investigations and not the court that ordered it. Answer, they could not answer the court with the results of the investigation as it was never done. The attempt by the new investigators, as the other complaints had been ongoing for two years before the conflicts were found and the cases transferred, was more conflict and public office violations. How much payolla do you think that it costs to buy off three court ordered investigations? With the help of Judge Judy Kaye and some very large illegal gains, they have succeeded but for the moment at evading charges. Krane stands as the most despicable man in the history of legal ethics, currently found trying to amend laws to protect himself and others from prosecution. Perhaps Ken Lay hired him to write some laws to prevent loss of his estate from death or the Bush group has him rewriting war codes to justify torture and protect from prosecution. Either way, there may soon be a lot of Proskauer and other corrupted lawyers cited herein, wishing for an artery to pop to the brain, with his lush gluttony he will be first.
Krane Complaint First Department
Matthew Triggs, Esq.
After reading the complaint by clicking his name above, you have to see how the Flabar, mired in conflicts, responded. The Flabar, chief legal counsel, tried to dismiss the Triggs conflicts and violations of Florida Supreme Court offices by citing proposed legislation he had drafted but had not had approved as law, to slip Krane through. Again, I guess he figured nobody would know and the real law at the time found Triggs violating his Supreme Court Bar post. Yet, what he quotes in this document is his proposed legislation that was not law but conjecture, that he made up in desperation, scary but true.
Foley and Lardner
A law firm that aided and abetted the crimes with Proskauer. I would not take any patent to them in the future for they are the ones who wrote all these patents in the wrong inventors names. They were brought in by Proskauer to cover up for Joao who shareholders and board members asked to be investigated when they found he was racking up patents in his own name faster than Edison.
William J. Dick, Esq.
or Dick Dick (that truly says it all)
Found stealing patents in a scam similar to one at Iviewit with Wheeler & Utley at Diamond Turf Equipment
Douglas Boehm, Esq.
Dick lackey
Steven Becker, Esq.
Dick lackeyBlakely, Sokoloff, Taylor & Zafman, LLP
Norman Zafman, Esq.
Great imposter, came in to rescue the company and the inventors and notify authorities, turns out he switched to the dark side midstream. Referred by friends of mine at Irell & Manella, Norm stay away from the light.
Thomas Coester, Esq.
Zafman Lackey
Others thinking of becoming involved
A huge fu to all those corrupt lawyers, politicians, judges who are criminals cloaked as agents of the free world, who are merely criminals who know no other way to earn an honest days work for the man, than to rob others, mostly due to spoiled rotten children syndrome found with most lawyers today. It is a shame when good ideas turn bad like when law used to be a noble undertaking. To those who continue to participate in such crime or the cover up of such crimes as described herein, "to those that attempt to poison and destroy my brother..." Ezekiel your time is coming too, after finishing with the core group of nuts.
My former trusted CPA:
Goldstein Lewin & Co.
Gerald R. Lewin, CPA & his daughter Erika
A complete scum who brought Proskauer in and was the first person in a position of trust to violate such trust, willingly. A man so low as to befriend his neighbor, my father to steal from his son. Whom has caused great suffering to all those now involved and who stand guilty or innocent. To steal the patents from me, this fucking scum involved even his own daughter, Erika. In a complex corporate shell game whereby they created identical companies to our own with stolen patents in them, she worked for the company (or so we thought) and it's shareholders but in the end as Sun Tzu calls her she was a "doomed spy" working corruptly to keep us snowed. Erika was caught by Arthur Andersen lying and misleading auditors and she presents a corporate plan that is completely not true, trying to cover up the snooping. Jerry or Gerry Lewin, tops the what a scumbag list. Finally he has the funniest deposition quote in the history of the United States and I quote:
The Anticompetitive Monopolistic Patent Pooling Scheme controlled by Proskauer, a former real estate law firm, that now is a technology pool centered around stolen patents from Iviewit and dead without them. I would ask for my money back if you paid them anything. This fuck you to MPEGLA LLC and all affiliates, licensees or licensors that do not pay the true inventors knowingly, this fuck you runs throughout the story and now into history. The Justice Department traditionally has broken up patent pooling schemes created by greedy lawyers and businessmen who have tried to use these schemes to steal from inventors. Using dubious tactics like car bombings, death threats, racketeering behaviors and other anticompetitive practices, to inure royalty to themselves undeservedly, as they have not invented anything, by destroying beautiful inventors. The combination of envy of the inventor and greed by attorneys acting as criminals, leads misguided, totally fucked up attorneys like Kenneth Rubenstein, to be creator and sole evaluator of the pools to fulfill for desire to be an inventor. Their doom, the envy and hate turns them into nothing more than criminal lowlifes. Ask MPEG, like any other infringer they work with, how valuable would you be without my inventions, they will tell you MPEG would go back to internet video in small grainy boxes of garbage that nobody was buying and Gates gladly gave to Glazer, for Real :) cuol (cracking up out loud).
Real 3D - Consortium of Intel / Silicon Graphics & Lockheed
First Iviewit technology partner who ended up doing a technology evaluation
Wheeler Letter To Wayne Huizenga regarding Real 3D Technology Validation

regarding OUR technology. Note that Wheezler has a major Freudian slip and thinks OUR technology is his own when writing that letter to Huizenga. Oh yeah, then under deposition he claims he knows nothing about the technologies. Perhaps his memory is being erased like Lewin's?
R3D validated the technologies for investors and shareholders, induced investment including monies from the SBA. They then admitted using it under all kinds of various agreements for all forms of digital imaging and video, for software and hardware to chips and boards, etc. Iviewit technologies were then heralded by engineers from R3D as the "holy grail" of the digital imaging and video worlds. They could not believe or figure out at first how full screen - full frame video was being transmitted at low bandwidth, so they signed NDA's and Strategic Alliances and then violated them. Did they conspire with Rubenstein and others involved to blow up our family, if found guilty, these are bloody chips to be avoided. The Iviewit shareholders will call upon them soon to ask how they lived up to their agreements on the technologies with them and why they are paying homage to MPEGLA when they know damn well who created it, that Rubenstein was our patent counsel who stole it to MPEGLA conflicted up his ass with his law firm Proskauer that now controls it. This shit gets really hairy throughout the true Hollywood story so I will save the best for last. Some say they owe us since 1998 a lot of bazillions of dollars, I say I will use my power of monopolization to make them the only chip without it soon. Short the stock that week, coming soon to an insider near you.

Brian G. Utley
Former IBM asshole who was found with Dick Dick stealing patent technologies from former employer Diamond Turf Equipment of Florida and a one Monte Friedkin. Ask Utley for his resume and see how he lies about his achievements at his former employee or checkout the Iviewit website for his fraudulent resume submitted by Proskauer attorney Chris Wheeler, his best friend. Together a history of stealing patents, caught by Diamond Turf Equipment and fired forcing a shut down of the business and multimillion dollar loss to Friedkin, but evidencing that these guys are a polished group of patent thieves. They got lucky that Friedkin was already a billionaire and did not care to hunt them down, suffice it is to say that he enjoys seeing me take them down. Utley is like this grandpa looking asshole who holds your children and should be trusted no more than a pedophile. In fact, as you read on you will see that he has attempted to steal technologies given to me by G-d for the children.
I can't wait until some interested reporter, if any still exist but Cobert, interview Utley about his claims to the invention Zoom & Pan on a Digital Camera and Digital Zoom Imaging Applet whereby he claims to be sole or soulless inventor.
The Florida Bar
Should be a drinking establishment as it has been hijacked by corruption. Attorneys regulating attorneys is like you surgically fixing your own hemorrhoids.
Judge Jorge Labarga
Or the not so honorable Judge Jorge Labarga (infamous for the Gore/Bush election fraud). This guy is the guy who threw the presidential election Bush v. Gore, tipped the scales just enough, where some conspiracy theorists say the election was thrown to get Bush in to aid and abet in the theft of the Iviewit technologies and from that all hell broke loose in our political system. When you see what Labarga did to Iviewit after the elections, it gives no cause for doubt about his character and adds fuel to the conspiracy theorists claims. Keep in mind that these are trillion dollar technologies and at first it must have seemed like there was only a few guys to rip it off from. Convincing the judge at that point to go along with the pogrom, when we knew very little about the crimes being committed, perhaps was cheap, to throw an election though might have cost a bundle. For the government to be controlled to block fair and impartial due process at every level when and if the crimes were ever discovered, meant you needed a Commander & Chief to hold off due process at the highest levels of various regulatory bodies. For this President you would need an ignorant failure of school, of business and with an IQ that may be perhaps the lowest of any recorded leader to date. A guy who would do this for the money, ignoring the Constitution and all it stood for. Top that off with a drunk, pot smoking, cocaine addict and you had your man, with a dirty judge it was all so easy. It was brilliant planning by the criminals in advance, as Bush and bro Jeb quickly inundated key posts to block justice and due process to our claims. Plants to block anyone from touching them while they further raped the patent office, the greatest source of money and power in the world. With former Skull and Bonesmen and others who had no reason being in their posts other than being involved with Bush (like the Katrina guy from the Federal Emergency Mismanagement Administration) this would be like taking candy while the Sheep slept, inundated with something to take their minds off it, say like an oil war.
OK I can't leave Katrina out here, for Labarga may as well take blame for this too according to conspiracy theorists. Katrina though looked like no hurricane but an intentional flooding of New Orleans inner city, to rid it of black folk. Why? Not so Texas ranchers could hire slave labor that survived, no, so the land once eradicated of them Nigga's could be bought cheap by landowners wanting to build new casinos. Sounds far fetched, so does Bush's response to Katrina. I heard his chief advisors came in and told him George, there was a great flood in New Orleans, what do we do? After finishing his child education book, he looked at them and said something like "Mount the Calvary, call in the troops and rescue them". His advisors noted that the price of oil had hit an all time high due to the flooding and he said something like "Call them troops back, let them Nigga's die and then buy the land for casinos." I don't know if this is true but that is what I heard from a bug on the wall. All I can say is we shall see.
Back to Iviewit and the Proskauer scam, where all they needed was a few guys who would all be willing to aid and abet, for a piece of the action, in the denial of due process to our claims in court and in Justice. So they planted people in key posts at Commerce, Justice, the Supreme Court, The United States Patent & Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and this only took some cabinet level posts to be occupied, in case anything got elevated. Once the ballots in Florida, Texas and a few other spots were rigged, no one would see it coming, it would look like an election mistake, from there the rest was child's play, nothing could stop them. Supreme Court justices could be bought or intimidated into action, many of them coming in under the direction of Reagan and Bush I and already aligned with the Skull, New World Order philosophy. These Skull guys had been plotting and planning for the overthrow of our government for generations and it only took a few generations of careful planting in certain high level posts to have them almost there with a handful of bright guys gone awry. For the second term you did not need Labarga to throw the election, as Kerry was also a Bonesmen, they had a candidate on either side and to boot the election machines were rigged already, just in case. Yet, for the second term, with the first election fraud still fresh on Americans minds it was easier to just have a Bonesman on both sides of the ticket, assuring victory, with Congress in pocket it was almost too simple. It would have been more difficult with Kerry and the Democratic Party as the Republican Party has been far more infiltrated by New World guys and the Democrats could go wussy and start actually investigating on principle. (A note to geeks here in the US, what better way to prove elections are hackable then to actually hack them to hell and have Mickey Mouse and the House of Mouse winning the elections. Not far from what we have with the Bush administration. Goofy as the next Secretary of Defense, Daffy as VP, etc. (this link has suddenly gone dead) but two links below in the second hour you will find the Bush/Kerry Skull Bones linkage and that they are cousins
Could this all be true, and the evidence cited throughout Patentgate seems to indicate it that it is, that Labarga threw the election to the Supreme's, they choose the President and we are living in a sham ever since. A sham to steal trillion dollar technologies for a few greedy men who will stop at nothing to try and evade prosecution, who know not when to "cut bait" that they are beat. Where desecrating everything sacred in our country does not concern them as they live under their own rule. Now this Scull and Bones shit goes way back and these guys have been playing both sides of political tickets for some time but this is where they finally have gained control of the whole process. Know there motto is Bones above all else and perhaps this is why Republicans and Democrats today are not in control of their parties and an unseen force seems to be driving actions. Do not shake your head at this, the very sanctity of our government depends on it. I personally believe if ones delves deeply enough into this, you will find that the entire system, at key positions of both parties has been infiltrated by these scumbags who care nothing about our country other than its benefits to themselves. Our country to win not only in Patentgate but in taking back our political system, must eradicate these men from within the system, the Constitution demands it, the people must or else they deserve the government they get and one need look no further to see the effects of complacency. We got real problems as a nation and we are not in control of it, we must rise or live with the consequences like the dead in Katrina, the 650,000 dead Iraqi's and 3,000 dead Americans. All around me I see democrats and republicans alike confused that there parties are not representing them as they should and they cannot figure out why, they must look at the Scull factor and recognize they have been duped. Then they must kill it and change it or else succumb to evil ways of evil men who care nothing about you or me. These men, some "powerful" are not infallible, nor above the law, no matter how they beat their breasts, they are truly a small group, that could be eradicated far easier than Hitler, if we act now.
Can it be true that these crimes cited herein may have led to the real reason for the collapse of Enron, the collapse of Arthur Andersen and the collapse the United States and may be the reason to bring about the change? I do not know, I am only a conduit. Where initially someone was going to expose the crimes, they were vaporized overnight (Andersen) and that was because at the time, nobody knew the complexity of the crimes committed Andersen II. That Labarga was the judge who then had evidence that serious crimes had been committed against the United States and went the other way against Iviewit, denying us justice at every turn, is telling. That once Labarga led the fox to the henhouse, all hell broke loose in America and he should take a serious amount of blame for all this shenanigans i our country today. In our court case on the last day I tried to moon him for his incompetence but the bailiff intervened and I couldn't get my suit pants down fast enough. I warned him on the escort out that his soul was mine, he kept asking what did you say and I laughed. That since the election frauds in our country, America has not been the same and with the clan of Sculls or Skulls controlling the Courts and controlling key cabinet level positions, at once one may feel overwhelmed that our country is under siege by a criminal organization that's initial goal was to overthrow the American Way. This group may seem powerful, the power of the media (good enough to make Cheney look more bold than the failure to every administration he was involved with) by a bunch of spoiled Yalee's (spoiled rotten kids like Busch 1&2, who live at Yale off their great grandpa's claim to have stole Geronimo's skull and placed it at the Sculls headquarters at Yale, some claim to fame???) who can't make it the honest way (or get a date), real powerful. Yet as they were slowly planting and scheming their way into our political system over the years, Proskauer brought them the instant opportunity to steal trillion dollar inventions and give them the power and financing they needed to effectuate full control of the system. According to conspiracy theorist world wide this may be the basis of every scam these guys are running in our country today. It is true that the political and legal system have been hijacked, that every time we catch these assholes in these scams, they create bogus committees that go nowhere, the house and senate under siege. No longer does a political party represent the country, they have seized key party positions of the Republicans and Democrats alike, for the Sculls. The parties cannot see it, yet I have even seen that Republicans now are opposed to what is going on and they think they control the country, yet they are not happy with what is coming of their party. This is not how America is supposed to be, it is the cause of an attack on our country by a very corrupt organization and Labarga handed it over and for this he should be remembered.
We now have a President who may face charges of war crimes so perverse that only a man who feels above the law through controlling without fear of opposition would ever attempt these other monstrosities. Note that for a blow job Clinton is impeached and for killing an estimated 600,000+ Iraqi's who had not a fucking thing to do with the bombing of the world trade center this President appears bulletproof, why? The fox is in the henhouse and after getting away with one crime the question became why not go for anything they wanted. Since they can violate the law for personal gain, break it without worry of prosecution, nothing stands in their way. Since they have destroyed the legal and judicial processes which took only a few men; men committed to the same psychotic ideologies to steal the country and run it for personal gain, if the People do not stop them who will? With a guy like Bush's business failures this sure must have seemed easier than earning it for a bunch of has been politicians, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc., this was there only chance for success. Crazy we now have in America and the question becomes how to absolve ourselves. With Sandra Day O'Connor stepping off the Supreme Court amiss death threats to her and Ginsberg and stating our country is in the beginning throws of a dictatorship that is better to stop now than later, it is getting clearer, the fog is lifting, the sheep are waking and they should demand blood. Blood of Bush and this new clan, in the form of a trial for WAR CRIMES that violate the Geneva convention and for a war based on utterly false premise. By the way, if the info we went to war on is false, then that should have demanded a complete withdrawal of troops, a return of Saddam to power (hard to believe I wrote that but...) and then the American Sheep should have had a new vote in the corrupted house/senate based on the facts, to either go back or not. But no... we invent reasons, bullshit reasons to stay and justify our mistake but you must see this war is only about oil and price rigging and war profiteering to people like the Halliburton group and already wealthy oilmen. So, why do Texas oilmen need to start wars with old friends, because their oil dried up and they have already robbed the Savings & Loans, the Insurance Carriers, the banks, etc. since Regan to replace their loss. Next up Social Security and the Stock Market, hey is that an ex Goldman Sachs guy Bush just put in to manage the economy??? What would a guy making a Gazillion want to jump ship and pursue a 100,000 day job for, watch out for a stock market robbery, here it comes. To purge our souls of these hideous crimes the only solution and perhaps the reason the country is having a hard time finding solutions, is because we must entirely withdraw our troops and say sorry for our leaders ways admit we are in a war with the wrong guy, violating all codes of ethical conduct for war and try the guilty. Perhaps that is why Generals and Scholars are calling these atrocities War Crimes, crimes against their sacred code of war ethics, with no honor and where kids are dying from it, our kids and others. These Generals are honorable and live by true codes of war and they are watching as a guy with virtually no military background other than draft dodging, is taking us to Hitlerian ways. Time for a military coupe, turn the guns against the right guys and overthrow an administration based on rigged elections.
Blood for a trial to investigate election fraud and if it is found to have been fixed, this country will have to go back and fix every single change this neo-Nazi administration has done, every letter of the law they have changed to patriotically remove your rights. Ask yourself why they want to read your email and tap your phone, why if they think you are a terrorist they can bag you over the head and deprive you of your human rights. Ask how this shit is really getting by the American people and you see that even if the people do not want it, there is nothing they can do without fixing the election frauds, ridding people who are corrupt or gained office through fraud, prosecuting the innumerable scandals of the Bush admin and cleansing ourselves of this atrocity to our country, our Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the rest of the world. Ask yourself a final war related question. Thomas Aquino who wrote the doctrine of Just War which Bush seems to incorrectly cite in his misuse of the term "enemy combatant", where Bush claims that these detainees we hold with no human rights granted them are "enemy combatants" yet most of them are suspected enemy combatants and that can't be. "Enemy Combatants" are easy to spot, thus they are not suspected they are military targets, as they are defined as military men, dressed in military clothing, not suspect civilians, that may be part of this or that plot, they are identifiable soldiers of the other side. They are granted rights as with any other person, except under our new Nazi guidelines which state that if we think you might or could have been involved in something, no matter if you are a US or foreign person, we can grab you and deprive you of all rights as our King says so.
So if the definition does not fit then change the meaning of an "enemy combatant" with new law that makes it ok to deprive Joe Citizen of his rights because the King is above the law, above the courts, above the Geneva Convention, he is the "Decider" and we the People are not. So they change laws to make wearing turbans wrong or that you might have or could have maybe been involved in something terrorist and now anyone can be a terrorist, especially those of us who want to overthrow this administration gone mad, just like Hitler did. Mind you terrorist action is not always a bad thing, as when oppressed people are fighting for their freedoms and they take terrorist acts to make their points, ie the US v. Britain and our independence, Israel v. Britain at Israel's independence. To be clear, terrorism is merely a form of war, not a target or enemy that can be fought but a method of warfare for oppressed people to oppose their far larger oppressors. Terrorism is NOT a country or even a group to target. That is how stupid Bush is and the American sheep who follow him are. The war on terror fails to properly identify a true target and then one must act what or who constitutes terror and whose idea of terror is right, etc? America, you are in a war against terror my ass, you are the most feared nation in the world, I personally as an American am not afraid of Osama Bin Laden taking over our country or Saddam Hussein. Yet slowly through this desecration of our country we are slowly becoming hated worldwide and this may incite war against us for acting like a terrorist nation.
Now the kind of combatant in Just War theory and the Geneva convention, the other kind of combatant that Bush and his gang have massacred and killed in our war of terror on the wrong country for the wrong reason, is called an "Innocent Non-Combatant". These are people who are not dressed in military drag and they are to be afforded full human rights and access to due process, as are Combatants, but these civilian suspects are granted more rights, until they have been found guilty of crimes in war efforts. Not since Hitler rewrote Just War to include killing whoever was not blond and blue eyed has the theory of Just War's guiding principles been so violated. Read the Just War principles and see if this oil war for profit and warmongering of a few Texans and other Sculls does not violate them all
Just War conduct should be governed by the principle of discrimination. The acts of war should be directed towards the inflictors of the wrong, [oops] and not towards civilians caught in circumstances they did not create. The prohibited acts include bombing civilian residential areas that include no military target and committing acts of terrorism or reprisal against ordinary civilians [THAT'S SHOCK AND AWING]. Some believe that this rule forbids weapons of mass destruction of any kind, for any reason (such as the use of an atomic bomb).
Just War conduct should be governed by the principle of proportionality. The force used must be proportional to the wrong endured, and to the possible good that may come. The more disproportional the number of collateral civilian deaths, the more suspect will be the sincerity of a belligerent nation's claim to justness of a war it initiated. [650,000 Iraqi's is far greater than 2500 American dead at Trade Center, sound a bit disproportional, when it is factored that non of the Iraqi dead did anything to us it is insane, perhaps this is why Generals of war are calling for Coup].
Just War conduct should be governed by the principle of minimum force. This principle is meant to limit excessive and unnecessary death and destruction. It is different from proportionality because the amount of force proportionate to the goal of the mission might exceed the amount of force necessary to accomplish that mission.
Torture, of combatants or non-combatants, is forbidden. [OUCH MY ABUGRAB IS KILLING ME]
I mean come on America, this is not what we are about, you can turn your heads no longer.
Just War principle is the founding principles of things like the fucking Geneva convention. Which brings one to ask why was Saddam not tried in Geneva with other war criminals, why did we (Bush) need to take over the Iraq government first to try to convict Hussein in a puppet court? Perhaps Saddam would have pointed to real culprits behind his regime, guys who really dropped the mustard gas, etc. and funded him like Bush's father. To protect his father from being exposed he needed to create a puppet government, if that is what you call this macabre thing he set up, to avoid having his fathers crimes exposed worldwide. I mean why do you think that we do not see the trial and it is edited, where is Nancy Grace with that pig nose of her, so high and mighty, yet afraid to take on any real issues. I mean Scott Peterson killed his wife and baby and Bush might have killed a half million innocents and she wants to cover little issues, she is a puppet too to this nonsense. So here is how stupid the American Sheep have become, they think Osama Bin Laden who factually hates Saddam Hussein and has never been linked to him as a friend or terror butt buddy, have become allies. That Osama kills 2500 people at the Trade Center and we go and kill 650,000 Iraqi NON-COMBATANTS, Osama must be laughing his head off as his greater enemy for far longer is the Iraqis and we are doing the killing of his enemy for him for the wrong reasons. Osama kills US citizens and we go after his enemy Hussein?
I fail to see the proportionate response we have had or even the rational and logical response. It is hysterical, or maybe not, that I thought there were 52 terrorists we were after in Afghanistan/ Iraq like a deck of cards and somehow we killed 649,948 Innocent Non-Combatants, fuck my conscience can't handle that. I hate those 6 numbers, six million rings a bell, we are a 10th of the way there. Well top that off with the people we killed had absolutely nothing to do with terror acts against the United States. Saddam only trained troops after George's dad funded him, while acting as the shortest CIA chieftain in history, funded these thugs for oil favors and to kill lots of Iranians. Oh yeah that was when they all appeared friends the Bush's and Bin Laddens and the Bush's and Hussein. While sitting as CIA chieftain George W. I funded another asshole Osama Bin Laden and now innocent US boys are dying over this fuck up. I reiterate this for the kids where it seems to be left out of our history classrooms through our new censorship, from our new dictator Bush, who is above law, above the Geneva convention, above standing trial, etc. Like all megalomaniacal leaders before him and their clans of thugs, the good shall outweigh evil by no less than 2 to 1 once the evil is exposed. So let us see, we are fighting two old friends of George Sr. and Jr. who they put in power through dubious CIA ways and now the country and their country is paying for this mess, and Halliburton is profiteering??? With a Texan in the White House and oil dried up in that wasteland it looks like they are trying to takeover Iraq for personal greed. I mean really if we won or are even winning I want my oil for .10 a gallon; "to the victors go the spoils". I fear the victory will be a defeat of our consciences, akin to how us Americans hide from the Indian genocide we committed we will need to rewrite history here to relieve our guilt. I fear that our children will be looked upon as the children of Nazi's, who may be innocent of anything but born to endure the burden of their fucked up parents ways of acting like Sheep instead of opposing a corrupt government for years to come. The Hitler youth suffered, except for the Pope, and now I fear that a resurgence of this Hitler era may be arising the way they are dividing the melting pot and under this regime we are becoming the hating pot.
OK OK so what does this have to do with Labarga, we shall see, as it is my claim he failed justice first by aiding in the election fraud and the spiral since in every direction is his fault soullessly. Go Jorge, your conscience will devour what is left of your brain, as even a single action can have historically cataclysmic effects and you are the historical joke that allowed this to happen v. imparting fair and impartial due process under law to our counter-complaint. Oh yeah, you asshooooole, the counter complaint filed by competent attorneys before you that alleged that opposing counsel had committed federal, state and international laws, crimes tantamount to treason against the United States and foreign nations and YOU buried it. How big a briefcase did you have for that payolla? You allowed Rubenstein to perjure himself under deposition and then cancelled our trial without notifying anyone, after cancelling the trial and at the rehearing to schedule another trial date, you allowed both of Iviewit's counsels to resign and so began a never before seen denial of due process to keep the evidence, witnesses and facts from the courts. In fact, one of the firms you allowed to withdraw as counsel, as you well know, had just signed a letter of understanding to not only represent us but for their firm to take an equity interest and fight the guilty parties and you dismissed them as counsel the day of a trial. Yet, somehow they were corrupted, they became part of the scam to blow us out and they resigned leaving us with only me to defend the patents for the shareholders and inventors. For this Labarga your family's name will be remembered as the crimes unfold and it would serve you right to head out on a boat back to Cuba, where your communism and election frauds are more tolerated. I guess feeling protected having thrown the election to Bush you felt safe at first but everyday in court, I could see deep in your soul that fear raged in you, that you knew now you had met your makers friend. I hear they have beachfront in Guantanamo where we now bag US citizens and others over the head, deny them trials, courts and civil rights; sounds like Nazism to me, you should get a promotion in the SS for your part and get a guard job or a job as oven cook in your new world order. Blow me!
The Florida Supreme Court
Case SC04-1078 says it all but they have been trying desperately to destroy the files to hide the conflicts, in spite of ongoing investigations on a federal and international level. This court is as corrupt as they come, what do you expect of Florida, another state overrun by election frauds. Since Florida was where some of the original companies were incorporated and large shareholders resided they needed someone to head off any actions in Florida, what better than a brother to the head? Hey what the hell is Jeb Bush doing in Florida anyway, obviously he overlooked the largest crime ever in the state and his offices were continuously noticed of what was going down. What was his response? The same as his brother's to Katrina, NADA or nothing. In fact, at every turn in Florida where our claims were filed, these criminals did an excellent job of positioning to deflect the actions in conflict and violations of public office and not a single institution imparted fair and impartial due process. Before the car bomb, we notified this Court that our lives were imminent danger, we filed a motion for protective custody based on the fact that the Boca Raton, PD had stated the SEC was involved in a joint investigation of some stolen SBA SBIC loans and stolen patents that complaints had been filed on and when we contacted the SEC they knew nothing. Well you can read all about it at

Then immediately following that warm response from the Florida Supreme Court, to file in the civil courts who we were pleading for protection from, the court where Labarga was and due process was already in question, a car bomb went off. A bomb that could have killed my family and prevented us from getting the bullshit Florida Supreme Court decision, to not hear the case of their bar officers caught violating public Supreme Court offices, to the Supreme Court of the United States for review. So to the members of the Florida courts who took action to protect the guilty and deny due process, may this be cause for actions against all of you. For you have disgraced this once esteemed court and the bar association you are incestuously bound to.
The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department & The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department - Departmental Disciplinary Committee
The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division Second Department & The New York Supreme Court Appellate Division Second Department - Departmental Disciplinary Committee
Owned & Operated by Proskauer Rose for the benefit of their criminal activities, spearheaded by Krane if he hasn't eaten himself to death, now that he is caught handling complaints against himself while holding undisclosed positions of influence at the departments. Judge Judy, Chief Justice of NY is shtooping a Proskauer partner, married to him and Krane was her clerk, she is at the helm of this department, Iviewit and the shareholders rights completely blocked in New York from top down.
The Supreme Court of New York
Chief Judge Judith Kaye - Judge Judy aka Ma Barker
Proskauer, a former real-estate law firm, now technology law firm (after stealing inventions from their clients) and now a heavily embedded firm in the New York courts and disciplinary departments. How quaint, with Judy and Krane on board, Gotham needs a Batman. New York is quickly becoming the Rotten Apple and I once thought good New Yooorkers had backbone and decency, despite their obnoxiousness.
The United States Supreme Court
A Supreme fuck you to you 12, for without your denial to allow complaints be to filed against public officers of state supreme courts in Florida and New York. For the failure to take heed that crimes had been committed on a massive scale against our country, you closed your eyes and allowed the criminals to almost murder me, my wife and children. Yes, that was a bomb planted in my car with intent according to the fire investigator. [1]

Also, for your failure to notice that the Petition I filed Pro Se for lack of an honest attorney to join me, made your dumb asses well aware that the country was under siege and that crimes were being committed against the country, not just against the inventors and shareholders. Fuck you for your failure to do what the Constitution mandates you to do and instead just closing your eyes, and what, opening your pocketbooks? I mean how can you not have reacted even now after seeing that my wife and children were hours away from murdered and yet you still sit there and play see no evil? I await your next move. Mind you on the last filing with the Court we had asked the Solicitor General to join our efforts in presenting the case for the crimes against the government to you but you denied us due process and procedure, denied America their rights to have crimes against the country represented before you. Before even hearing if the Solicitor General would join to prosecute on behalf of our government, for the crimes committed against the government and foreign nations, you rushed to dismiss the case before even getting an answer from him ~ how strange. Were you in a hurry? Which reminds me, the Solicitor General never even answered our formal written request for his aid one way or the other, I wonder if that follows due process and procedure.
Perhaps this is why Sandra Day jumped ship from the Supreme's, a job that is not often rescinded voluntarily and they tried to replace her with some scary candidates. Harriett Meir, Bush's like legal girl at the Whitehouse, what a fucking joke. Then Alito (who has Skull and other weird club associations) who scares me that he belongs to several college groups which are all for discrimination and slavery. Bush needed the Court under control, to try and stave off charges against him. It is strange how O'Connor left with the petition Iviewit filed and then Rehnquist took a last breath or his last breath cut short for him and so began the current siege on the Supreme Court. It will be alleged that it has become stacked with non-qualified judges who may be violating the Constitution versus upholding it. If that is the case, than as Marie used to say, "off with their heads." Some have even questioned if Rehnquist was natural, or if he was not going to go along further with this farce and ...
Where the only thing I have to say is that next time I come to the doors of the Court and you blow me off, I will have to call for a judicial cleansing of the Court to the people, as the Constitution calls for us to take arms against our government when the government has corrupted against the people. I will be forced to begin a peaceful uprising to throw your asses from their seats to clean them of the stain you will leave if you do not uphold our Constitution. Yeah, I know you say "yeah right", what are you going to do about it? Just ask the other fellows named herein as criminals who underestimated me, I will be frank so that you do not misunderstand this fuck you to you, I am on a mission from G-d, believe it or not, that mission is to rid scum from the earth to clear the way for our children to fix the world. The world that has become a mess from the fucked up laws and payolla to dickhead justices like you guys who put your own above the good of all and make laws that have ruined the country and her resources. Your new laws not only violate the people they violate G-D. You are no longer a court to respect, you are a fucking joke, a court of jesters, the people grow weary of you and your laws you pass to protect Nazi ways. You do not scare me with your black robes or the power to do injustice to me to protect your unethical and perhaps in some cases criminal actions. Perhaps send Cheney over to visit me, although shotguns are far less intimidating than car bombs. Perhaps for my strong will to rid our country of scumbags who have infiltrated it for their own benefit, you can twist that into a terrorist threat and put a bag over my head, deny me further counsel, send me to Gitmo and let me rot with the others that are denied their fundamental rights by dickheads like you.
Yet I fear no evil, especially from a small group of not so clever criminals disguised as public officials. You are merely a collection of men, simple public servants, your robes may be filled with honor or disgrace, your historical call. You may block Patentgate today and perhaps tomorrow but there are generations of interested parties who not only have the evidence but have claims to the inventions that will go on for years to come. Your actions against the shareholders noted so far will go down in history as people become aware that you prevented shareholders from filing complaints against public officers of state Supreme Courts. Public officers proven violating their public offices and you buried it. Then what, told them to blow up my family, again sounds pretty Nazish around here to me. The country is all ready sick of all the corruptions exploding on the scene, they are looking for some heads to hang for the messes we are in, I shall steer them your way. I will advise you now, forewarn you, and, I know you will laugh but to make us all proud of you and the country we live in, in our future, do your fucking job and get on with protecting things like the inventors rights under the Constitution and Presidential election frauds (by the by, great job on picking the dumbest president ever). So give the Iviewit inventors back their inventions, the Iviewit shareholders their "MTV" and lets get back to democracy, there is time to "cut bait" and before this becomes a national stain that scares inventors from this country, sooner than later should be your desire. Finally, next time let the people choose the President and oversight the process to prevent further election frauds or this country is lost. That is until such time that a revolution begins. Oh yeah, remember G-d, the deity you swore oath too, what ever color it may be, to uphold TRUTH - JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY? Do not forget what false oath is to your maker and do not forget that coveting another's is a cardinal sin. Or else, get ready as we go to battle over this and you may know my motto is:

A final FU to the American Sheep
Anybody who does not "Question Authority" and just follows orders.
This fuck you is to all of those of you who feel powerless to fight the corruption or think that it is all powerful and so ignore your country and your duty to defend it to the death. Or just go along because you feel that everyone is doing it, why shouldn't I. You are ruining America with your complacency and/or destitute. You are letting a group of old farts with old ideas and criminal hearts tear the fabric of our nation into bullshit for the profit of a few. The last administrations have been like living in a TV non-reality show. First with Reagan, who at the first dawning of the Iran Contra affair claimed Alzheimer's and evaded prosecution. More important in the demise of the countries choosing (or how far back has the election tampering been going) a B rated actor as their Commander and Chief. I thought that was the end of American greatness but Bush Jr. has sunk us to an all time low not only here in the US but across the world. In fact, if we elected him we deserve everything we are getting but I have more confidence in the people of America and thus must side with conspiracy theorists and the rest of the world in assuming election fraud is the only answer to this bonehead. From Reagan to Bush Sr./Skulls 1 and then onto his bumbling buffoon of a son, Bush Jr./Skulls 2. The people seem so boob-tubed out, convinced what they see and hear from their corrupted leaders is true and so concerned about nothing that matters when the fox is in the henhouse and then hens are all stoned. People don't care if corruption runs rampant, to worried about speaking out and being called a terrorist or different or whatever they throw out to subdue the questioning of authorities these days? The 60's dudes I thought would bring about a powerful change, that could have helped their very own children, are the most Hummer abusive mf's I have ever seen, talk about a sell out. I thought as war raged on in Iraq that guys like Jagger and McCartney would have wrote a song or spoke up but they just played for the man at sports outings without word, hard to sing the blues with a billion in the bank, who would want to start a revolution with all that loot. All the government had to do with you old hippy fucks, was spoil you rotten and you sold out, well everyone but Cheney's daughter and Reagan's son. Maybe they are so close to the corruption they just had to rebel, well koodo's I say. This bullshit world we are settling for may look good at first but it is not, America has become worse than what we rebelled against back in the 60's and back in the Revolutionary War and what, your too worried to lose your Hummer to stand up and say anything against this or will Mommy and Daddy frown upon your stoner ways? You 60's clowns are disgusting, what are you teaching your children is how to give up and just go along with the plan from the man? I can't believe that with knowledge of election frauds, with knowledge of Iraq war crimes committed by us, with knowledge that we have abandoned the environment and animals for corporate greed, with knowledge that you have sold your war won freedoms in a non-patriotic act called the Patriot Act, that on it's name alone you rushed to give up those freedoms earned on the blood of a few good men, your forefathers and every other soldier that fought for your yuppie/guppie way.
You work for a corrupt government, your Constitution demands that you take actions to correct it, your conscience, if you have one left, should also be causing action but I guess with the plethora of mind numbing man made disaster drugs all we have is fucking zombie parents and doped up kids. I mean in the 60's and I went to UW - Madtown, we would have had the place blown apart, we did, at even the suggestion that we had gone to war with the wrong country and killed anywhere near the estimated 650,000 people in this oil-war we are in. Nam for opium and this for oil, but where are the children's voices to say this is not right this time, are nation of mutes, afraid they will be left behind in a no child left behind country (a misnomer for no white child of upper class child left behind). The children's voices are all shut the fuck up with things like prozac, riddilin, crystal meth, etc. afraid of imaginary villains.
I see the beginnings of revolution, I hear the voices in the back, a strange brew of people like John Stewart, Colbert, Maher, Lou Dobbs, Generals (oops, ex-generals), some real strange voices to impart change but at least they are trying to open your blind eyes. Wake up and regain the country, stand in the face of what is wrong, stand in front of a tank if necessary, fear no evil, or you have become worse than evil itself. Evil spreads through the good man's complacency but complacency is evil as well. Good men are not complacent they are warriors when they must. I will not soap box you anymore with what turds we have become as Americans, how our government has trampled our basic rights and we stand idly by. Or how we fear evil weenies and have sold our personal freedoms for such fear which all makes us look ridiculous and evil but more and more a country others are eyeing as easy to invade and kill. In fact, Korea is a smack in the face and China could be worse, but only if we let our leaders take us there. May this story give you the strength to stand in the face of tanks, to fear no evil, no matter how puffed its chest, to take arms to defend the beauty we once had and were loved and admired worldwide for. For now the world looks at us as Nazi's or in the throws of a dictatorship. I say:
Oh yeah, can't forget, a huge fuck you to the no good, spoiled rotten children, looking for a new world boob to suckle in sick and wrong clicks and in particular
I must start this fuck you with my burning hatred for all those spoiled rotten children who instead of earning a hard days work to provide, have plotted and schemed how to rob the people because they are lame asses. Being that I was sent on a mission from G-d to help the children, I inform you here and now, that it is my goal to expose your New World Order and to destroy it and you. You stand in the face of everything good and decent, you neo-Nazi freaks. Starting with your Nazi affiliations and worship of Hitler, a loser. Like your Fuehrer you are losers too. Get a job and try work, oops that's a four letter word to sell out loser kids like you.
Let's start with some of the facts surrounding your sick clubs
Now for the people you must see this socio-pathetic group for what it is, a small group of people who have been positioning (now using election fraud) in key positions within our great country to avoid getting a fucking job, mostly Yaley's who could not get a date ( there are however some outstanding Yaley's and they should be most interested in weeding out this group that taints the University. Keep in mind that their is only a handful but through a series of fraud and deceit on America and other nations they have begun consolidating money and quasi power. Exactly how Hitler attempted to take over the world, these smart fucked up kids think they can succeed where Hitler failed. They can, only if you are asleep at the wheel and let them change the constitution and perverse laws against you.
If our elections have been manipulated to put SKULL members like George WW I and George WW II in power, then we must begin to evaluate how deep election frauds have ruined our country thus far, we must go back and remove all elements of this sicko group. So, if they have planted in Supreme Courts, Inspector General positions and what not, they must be removed or put under strict watch by the people, and mind you, they think you are asleep and doped up. They want to start WW III here, scare you into selling your rights under the Constitution, imprison the likes of me for speaking out, wrap it up in Patriotism and family values, just remember it will be your children who die fixing this. What they oft do not see is that it will be their kids the America people kill when they awaken, always the demise of greed, short sightedness. How can you spot them, they drive their mommy and daddy's Hummers. They take over daddy's job but never earned greatness or respect through work and they thus treat you like slaves. They are not one of you, they are the spoiled rotten, inheritance their evil. They could reject it, to become themselves but they sell out to the ease their parents make it, they go along, believe whatever their parents shovel up their silver spooned noses. They have an air of greatness but no claims to the victory, they are shallow and back stabbing for they have nothing to say but to other elitist losers. They are focused on changing laws to benefit themselves, to protect their trust accounts. They are sellouts to the planet and people for they have no loyalties other than money and quasi power. They are not on the battlefields, their parents mostly lawyers, politicians and rich old fucks have bought them out of that. You will not find them with friends, other than ones bought by their parents. Why, one good example of a daddy/mommy butt kiss asshole, that should define them all, is our great fraud of a leader George WW II, (failed in college, draft dodger, failed in business, including several bankruptcies and Bin Laden backed ones, coke snorting, AA card carrying and Skull & Bones faggot (no offense to gay persons of a sexual nature), perhaps maggot would be more apropos (shit I hate giving maggots a bad name). One who is dangerously close to taking our children into WW III, so that his dads Texas buddies whose oil dried up, could suck the country dry in attempts to keep their coiffeurs' full and he would not have to get a real job again, for who would hire him. In fact, if not for election fraud, this country would never have elected him, that was the dead give away to what a joke the Supreme Court decided Decider was. Iraq, a mini Texas. Debacles they have concocted to rip off the likes of little old ladies whose husbands worked: Savings & Loans, Insurance Companies, Social Security, Oil Price Rigging, Oil Price Rigging bogus wars, Unethical Wars for War Profiteering, Enron, Worldcomm, etc. Are we tired of this, than rise, you can fight city hall and if you don't you blow, you are not worthy of being an American, you have no respect for those dead before you who fought for Democracy and freedom?
Be very careful for these maggots are masters at manipulation through media (they have attended our finest universities on money not brains), the media once the right arm of anarchy, now the right arm of corruption and filled with pussy like reporters who can read feed well, unable to form a sentence let alone a story on their own. They study law to use against you, not as an honorable profession, treating the Constitution as toilet paper and despise those who value it. These Scull Fuckers play both sides of political tickets, so both parties must cleanse themselves from them. They must be spanked for mommy and daddy did them wrong by pampering their asses. You must take control of the election process, or again, all is lost we must weed out the appointments in government that were gained illegally or we have only band aided the hemorrhage.
Next, force disclosure of all political candidates and any affiliations in bizarre cults and force them to discuss and disclose it publicly. Perhaps the 2008 Elections will favor the least funded candidate (Nancy Pelosi, I am her only backer at this point and I am broker than Jesus), at least this way we know they have the least interest groups manipulating them and perhaps can be a leader. The fact that Bush WW II and John Kerry are cousins and both Yaley Skull fucks, leads one to see that America would have been plagued with one of these fucks who have loyalty to their click and not you, me or our children. Remove inheritance, reinstate the 95% estate tax, other than a small portion for the kids, return the money to the whole. I had a mentor in estates, the late John Cohan of Irell and Manella, he developed the beach bum trust, one where spoiled rotten kids got a multiple of what they earned out of the trust, removing the couch potato look of them, as without earning income there is no money to loaf on. Wealthy parents conscious of the dangers of spoiling children loved it. These money monger clowns reject it, thinking leaving their legacy to their kids is important in building their kids, as I said it will lead to the people soon killing them in revolt. Oh well, since logic and common sense do not work with these mega-gazillionaires, destined to leave a legacy of hate and ruin for the whole to the benefit of their little spoiled Johnny Rotten, I spit on you. For the spoiling of future generations for theirs alone, I fear for your children, I see your dead kids and a lot of Hummers for sale as Americans take it back from them, unable to let go, since you failed to teach them to be men, they will die holding on, afraid that if it is lost they cannot build it back. I pity them but hate you for achieving greatness in America and in your greed failing to turn it back with your death to the next great man, all the money in the world can not buy your children greatness or protect them from the realities of life and hard work. If I hear George Bush say running the country is Hard Work, one more fucking time, I am going to explode. The riled American middle class when they figure out that you have stolen the money to give to your worthless kids, they are known to pitch fork and stone the corrupted. Well, the 95% estate tax ends all that for both the parents and kids and 5% in many instances is a fortune and enough to fuck your kids up by giving it to them but not enough to fuck the people.
Be careful for their wars are staged to benefit a few, their propaganda is well crafted to hide the crimes, their positions are powerful and they appear to look like you and me, with nothing behind them though. So as we expose them here, it would not surprise me that they will try to further scare you, perhaps with another 9-11, perhaps with nuclear war, Iran, all for you to sell your freedoms while being scared of their propaganda, while they desensitize you of your rights. If you catch on they will offer you inclusion but as you sell out, know that their loyalties are non-existent and you to will be a subject of their sick ways, perhaps with some money in your pocket to the expense of someone else. You will have sold your children out, you will feel it in the loss of your spirit.
Our great Constitution calls for us to take arms to this siege on America in whatever way, I choose pen. Some may have to choose arms if my pen falls upon deaf ears but as you will learn herein quite a few can hear. Sooner or later to oust our Dictator/Decider spoiled rotten maggot someone may have to die, I am probably of that nature. Take political actions, use your rights while you still have them to protest the wrongs. If they block free speech, take it back, they fear it. If they block your rights in courts, down with the judges. If they invade your privacy, die protecting it. If they steal your money, take it back, RICO them to death. If they steal your child in wrongful wars, demand trials for treason and re-instate a penalty of death by hanging, or for activists with hearts, life sentences in hell, without their fucking pensions, I mean... These guys are worse than a mere psycho-killer who kills but a few, these guys are at 500,000 dead people over Iraq, as cost of business for oil prices that rape millions more in bogus wars that only a dumb ass American would buy into.
The fact that I have to teach my children that these are the real terrorists that threaten America, internal m-f's who are just spoiled kids with no jobs to occupy their time, is just unbearable. I teach them the Constitution as it was, that no matter the price, even their dead bodies or mine, they may have to die defending life, liberty and the pursuit of your patents, it's just absurd. I tell them that most smart revolutions start with a cleansing of sorts, where the people go absolutely fucking crazy once they are intolerant and usually whack the heads of politicians corrupted, lawyers corrupted and then the administrations corrupted, in that order and go back to the drawing board, your Constitution demands it. In some instances, where military men are in on the corruption, the people must fight the machine but since not a one of these fucks ever did battle for duty, honor or country, the military men of valor will turn on them. Careful, I hear they are stacking prisons and recruits with kids that are in need of pseudo-families, like Nazi's did, these sad fucks always pray on desperate children who are victims of society and pervert their minds. Hail the Hitler Youth is the Scull Fucker's motto, great legacy the Nazi parents left their children, ah some people never learn.
The only the way America can cleanse themselves of these assholes' blunders in Iraq, is to try these people for their ways. We must show the world we may have been asleep but to look at the blood on the executioners block, after the war crime trials or impeachment, the only way to purge ourselves to the world, showing we have woken up. They have been getting away with crimes, living on prison pensions on the taxpayer, avoiding losing it (the Enron death before taxation of that asshole whose estate may be free of the people forks who he robbed), pardoning themselves, changing laws to fit the crimes, etc. If the world continues to see us as a threat we will certainly pay the price and you will not see one of these sissies on the battlefield defending us, they will try to run and hide with the jewels; you must cut them dead in their tracks and take it back before they spoil the whole, like a cancer we must remove the tumors to be healthy again, and remain ever vigilant to its return.
Wake Up America! Take Back America!
That means get off your couch, get in the streets, protest them and their Walmart ways and take back your country!!!
The Fight for the Grail
Table of Contents

A Messenger of G-d?
A Pot of Gold
Out of the Woodwork � "The Click Heard Round the World�"
Another Pot of Gold! The �Holy Grail� Inventions or �Sucking Elephants thru Straws�
The Packet
The Truth
My Fucking Head is Splitting
Who Are These People � Friends, friends, friends
The Dollar Deal
The Cover-Up � Throwing Elections
The Dirty Courts � Dirty Law
Siege on the United States Patent & Trademark Office � Invention Theft � The Second Oldest Profession
Siege on the United States
Smoke Screens
The Criminals
Revisiting His Background
Slow Death
Message of the Devil / Angel?
The Art of War � Who the Fuck is Sun Tzu?
The Angels - Those Who Feared No Evil
The Inventors Wife � Stronger Than Mortal Man
Was Dan Brown Right � Jesus Gave the Church to Woman, Man Stole it Through Force? Inventions to Help you See the Truth
Dead Inventor � The Failed Murder Attempt
Can�t Change History
The Whole Enchilada
My Time has Come
The Meaning of the Fucking Ringing in my Head
Long before these miracle inventions discovered in a death dream, from voices within his head, this inventor was unique in so many ways. Our inability to listen to his words has created the need to murder him perhaps. Had I listened, when he said that a higher being sent him on a divine mission, long before meeting me, possessed him on a mission to save my children from me; had I listened, I would not be wishing for my death now. In every way he was what he claimed to be, a messenger from G-d sent to evaluate man, sent to judge me, sent to judge all and to make plans in the event that what he saw and reported was evil outweighing good. He was sent to help the children take back the world, so that they could respect all G-d�s creatures and the planet, which G-d gave them to watch over, not to eat and hunt them into extinction. He was �nurturing a revolution�, if one could be had, before parents executed the children, execution by greed. He would give the children a chance to stop their parents from destroying the planet and creatures, as we are doing at astonishing rates. His opposition, people like me. He was on this mission since waking from a coma 20 years before meeting me; he was on a mission for G-d.
A Messenger of G-d?
I lay there in a pool of blood, my wife screaming from the street that she thought I had killed someone, perhaps I did. I really did not care. I could hear the police cars arriving and I wished I had died seconds before. I knew if anyone found out, this would be the death of me politically, I already felt dead inside. He had eaten through me. I could hear my wife telling the police I was wasted, sure you can read it all here, that I slammed into someone who looked dead. I recall answering a few questions but I could not remember what I said. My mind so far in hell, Dante seemed to have missed a Canto, I could really care less if I did kill someone and certainly I wanted to kill my wife, I could hear her damning me to the officers. If only I could will my death before asked any other questions, then I passed out. The last thing I remember is the officer asking if I had anything to drink, to smell my breath and then throwing up in his face while soiling myself. When I awoke in jail with my soiled clothes, I knew my time was limited. I never thought a felony Driving Under the Influence with Injury charge would destroy my name all the way to the Florida Supreme Court and then all the way to the top of the legal world. Brandishing me as a drunk for every lawyer for history to see, worse yet with a wife that tells the cops I was wasted and should not have been driving. Talk about fucked. Don�t feel to sorry for me this was the least of my crimes, the very least of my worries. My name forever now in the court history books, up at websites all over the world, including the Florida Supreme Court, The United States Supreme Court and hosts of others.
Yet, I live on but I am dead inside. From such minimalist act, my career as a lawyer was technically over but it was much much worse, it was him I hated, him that had caused this, I could hear him fucking laughing over and over and over. Oh, my life would not be over here, not over a simple felony DUI we had bought off far bigger crimes than this lately, we controlled the government and law through manipulated elections, oh yeah it was much bigger than this wreck it was a train wreck and I was at the center, you can't get wasted enough to stop the train. Yet the DUI would wreak havoc on my last thread of hope to stave off prosecution for one of the largest crimes in history and this would leave me defenseless eventually in court, my ass to the wind. Nothing is sorer than a lawyer�s ass in prison, in federal prison, for a really long time. My sentence had already started before I was tried or convicted, he needed no court or judge or establishment to lay his wrath, he was evil incarnate to me, he laughed, I could hear him stating that G-d would defend him and I was starting to believe it. I already had no way out, it was a matter of time now, he was playing with us, tormenting us and all the while I wished I had never doubted him about his mission. So much evidence against us, so many people around the world knew, at every chance he gave us to give back what he called G-d�s inventions we just could not let go, we coined them Grail inventions and at the time I do not think that we saw the meaning. There were investigations we were trying to bribe or buy off, but who was going to believe anything now from a lawyer charged with a felony DUI. Last night was merely a collection of my sins catching up with me, the reckoning with the fact that I would be held accountable for one of the biggest criminal blunders of our time[2], I wished it was over more than ever, my breathing that is, to confirm death.
A crime so profound it took more than just criminal actions, it took a violation of almost every criminal law, every ethics law, every oath we had taken to uphold truth and justice in America in law school. A desecration of the Constitution and Justice, as never before seen in history, by those of us empowered to defend the American way. Blinded by the jewels he brought, we knew we would be violating more than just the laws of man, we knew we would have to violate the laws of G-d as well. Everyone who saw the inventions instantly termed these technologies he waived about as the �Holy Grail� inventions of the digital world. Blinded by these technologies, as if they actually were the Grail, blinded in greed, I hardly noticed my soul as it left my body. So much money was in these technologies that they were as profound as electricity. We called it "digital electricity" it changed everything digital. More money than G-d would have been given to one man, one crazy man, it was what he deserved for his inventions that he claimed were given by G-d in dreams but we could not stand that, we hated him and he did nothing to us but trust us as his lawyers and advisors. We never saw it coming, the evil that is but trust me, he is evil incarnate to some even though he looks like an easy mark, we had given all morals and ethics to the wind, greed had possessed us, we acted without conscience at this point. No Indiana Jones instant death at seeing the Grail, no this was slow and painful, a torturous maddening of the soul and then once mad, a liposuction of sorts of your soul.
They were magical technologies, discovered by what appeared to be a lunatic at first, an inventor possessed to the change the world, in search of what he claimed was a �Thought Journal�[3], necessary for the children of the world to unite and fix the mess their parents were piling upon them without concern. This was no ordinary man, he truly seemed possessed and believed these wild things from what he stated plain as day to be from �voices in his head�. First, we underestimated him and did not believe the will that drove him to discover the inventions was divine, now there seems no other explanation. We underestimated this divine power when trying to destroy him, not seeing that such divinity would be the same that would destroy our lives, making us living impotent zombies. We far underestimated his will to protect the inventions; we underestimated him for we did not believe in, G-d, we were new age lawyers, we worked for ourselves first and our clients second. We thought that he was fucking nuts at first; I mean you would have too. The account of inventions, not just one but three, that he recanted was so far fetched that even a lunatic would have had trouble believing it and we were men of the highest degree, holding the most powerful roles in the land. When asked how he had discovered these Grail technologies, that would come to change the very way you and me see the world, his answer was preposterous, unbelievable, fascinating and mystical; at once overwhelming us, with what we did not know.
We had pulled this kind of invention theft off before and with this madman, it seemed almost like taking candy from a baby, or so we thought. As we plotted to destroy his life, our lives were being admitted to hell. We laughed at first at this man, if that is what you want to call him; he called himself a messenger of G-d. A messenger with important technologies to help children, technologies created in dreams and spawned by a vision in a coma twenty years earlier. I mean come on, this guy was so out there, there was no way he would ever catch on to our scheme and we had outsmarted everyone we had pulled this scam on. Well, frankly, we were almost caught at the prior attempt to steal, of all things, lawnmower patents. A small business out of Boca Raton, Florida, owned by Monte Friedkin, a wealthy philanthropist that Utley and I sat on the board of Florida Atlantic University with, who then hired Utley to run the company had almost nailed us but he was already and a billionaire and let it slide with the firing of Utley.
We had a method. We would get into companies that we saw potential inventions with legs, surrounding the proprietor/inventor with �trusted� counsel. First getting someone in to run the company and then turning them towards various intellectual property lawyers who would complete the process of stealing the inventions while acting as their trusted attorneys. Implementing a number of sophisticated patent schemes we would work to walk the patents out their door, without the inventor/owner ever knowing they were scammed. Before his, these were little inventions, what he walked in with was unbelievable, a trillion dollar set of technologies. He came to me from his father�s neighbor, Gerald Lewin, CPA, his accountant, who I had worked a few swindles with in the past, Boca Raton the boiler-room scam capitol of the world and all the players of almost every swindle were good country club buddies of either mine or Lewin. Lewin knew what we had done to Friedkin and knew that we could be trusted to implement the heist and cut him in handsomely. We would control the books through Lewin and his daughter Erika. My law firm, Proskauer Rose, LLP., a wannabe white shoe New York real estate law firm, would control the IP ~ this was bullet proof. At first, as we discussed how to best execute the scam, everything seemed a walk in the park, a batta-bing, in a few weeks it would be over, no one would ever catch on; almost too easy.
To pull off a crime of technologies valued in the hundred of billions to perhaps over a trillion, would take some doing, but we were dealing with a young kid who apparently stumbled into these technologies, unless you believed his story, which was all about G-d and a vision of mankind that possessed him. This was like ripping off Microsoft or better yet being Microsoft and stealing the window from the Apple, like that crime we would need operatives deep in the government to aid and abet. Yet this was far more devious, as we were the retained attorneys for the inventors not a business competitor, we were hired to protect the inventors and all we had to do to steal them was violate our oaths to uphold truth and justice. Then, if all went according to plan, to kill the inventors and have the inventions as our own, to bathe in royalties for years to come.
Now these technologies were so big, affecting almost every form of digital imaging and video hardware and software application, revolutionizing the digital world, advancing digital imaging and video to the next dimension. Yet, this made the task a bit harder, as already the kid was showing people all over the country the technologies, seeking to develop partners and shareholders, we had gotten here at what we thought was ground floor. The task of suppressing the inventions seemed so easy due to our early discovery and involvement with him, we could block a few of his friends and family and the final scam would leave them blaming their friend and inventor. His exhibitions to others though had to be nipped in the bud, with new people in the mix, our people. The crime would get more and more difficult if he could surround himself with anyone outside our circle. We had to control all investments and players in the game, no outsiders. So when Lewin came to my office, it was decided that he would control the main inventor Eliot Bernstein�s father and we would position to control Eliot and his co-inventors, Jude Rosario, Zakirul Shirajee and James Armstrong. Eliot�s father, Simon, was the seed investor of the to be formed company and had come to Lewin, his affluent, St. Andrews Country Club neighbor, looking for someone to help him decide if the technologies he were seeing were truly worth patenting.
Lewin was not a technologically bright individual, in fact, Lewin was an idiot, having trouble booting up in the mornings. Lewin was unable to assess the technologies and stated that Si would need to find patent counsel to evaluate them. Lewin knew enough though to know that he had never seen anything like it, in the back of his mind, knowing that if we found patentable value, we would be able to extract it from these rummy inventors. Lewin suggested my firm Proskauer to be the Bernstein�s and the inventors as patent and corp. counsel. He swore by our twenty-year friendship that we could be trusted to con the Bernstein's into picking our firm. Eliot was impressed by our firm, yet since we were a real-estate firm, we had no intellectual property department to achieve such patent evaluation and this we would have to boogie together overnight to look as if we did. You did not want to start contracting outsiders for this massive theft, we would have to recruit and use family members and people who we knew were already dirty lawyers and judges. The key would be keeping everything controlled so that nobody could see what we were really doing, everyone around Eliot would need to blame Eliot in the end, everything we did to set him up would be to make sure in the end it looked like he lost the patents or never had them.
In the past, the patent thefts we pulled off were through a small group of diverse criminal minds from a variety of different firms, this would not do for this grand of theft, shit this was the biggest crime in the history of the United States; we would not want to let many, if any, outsiders in, to control the process and to prevent possible inner dissentions. I told Lewin to arrange a meeting with the Bernstein�s at my Boca Raton office and to let me handle the rough spots. I would claim to them that I would take the invention disclosures to my firm�s HQ in New York and find out if they had value. In the interim, I would have to find patent counsel willing to act like they were with Proskauer prior to finding his inventions and then willing to rip him off. I would have to work quickly but our firm was well connected at the top and we had been running close to a criminal firm for some time. Joseph Proskauer was a kind of Jew, a kind that left Jew's sitting in concentration camps while he lobbied against a boycott of German goods by America, an act that could have forced the Nazi's to concede, if but for even a day early, how many Jew's died per day. Proskauer represents Yale, so in case anything fucked up we could tap into the Scull and Bones but hell it was never going to get there, nobody would ever know.
Up to this point in my life I was not the most technologically sophisticated person around, I dabbled at the computer, assessing myself as slightly geeky but upon meeting Eliot, I was immediately impressed with his abilities to act with the computer as one, as if it was a part of his being. You and I work a computer like a complex machine; he was somehow a part of the machine, a nano-person of sorts. He came into my office with his computer set up and when he showed me the first invention he invented, I was amazed. Never before had I seen a virtual world where one could explore an image in an almost 3-D perspective. Once you entered the image, you were captivated by the fact that you could zoom on the image from macroscopic to microscopic and the normal pixilation that one experienced in the past upon zoom, was gone. The strange thing was that this magnificent zoom was being generated on a small compressed JPEG, previously thought impossible. I mean you probably take it for granted today, as the technology is now on every digital imaging device and on every digital camera in the world, it has come to be termed �digital zoom�. The inventors wanted to call it Zoomable Anti-Pixelating Image Technology (�ZAPIT�) and wanted to create a file extension for such images with the ZAPIT name. Once I saw it, I knew that this technology was revolutionary; I knew the world had not seen anything like this before.
My imagination ran wild with possibilities for the technologies, from medical devices that could zoom without distortion on still images, to space telescopes, to microscopes, to flight simulators, to games, to anything still images were used for. As he showed me his invention, I wondered how far this zoom could go, could you zoom down from outer space (view of our criminal headquarters from space) the military would die for this. Could you zoom on an X-Ray or MRI, the medical profession would pay handsomely for such technology. Could it be used on consumer cameras, if so, the royalties were absurd. I was no expert and our firm had no experts, if I were going to be successful at this crime and not be caught by the rank and file partners, I would have to control this from A-Z, no room for error. We would need to get our firm up to speed in patents and trademarks, I would need the blessing of a few senior partners and I knew of a few that would not be afraid of a little white-collar crime.
Throughout the initial meetings with Eliot I was in a haze, trying to focus on what Eliot was saying to me and at the same time trying to figure a way to make it my own. Small group of partners -- perhaps buy an IP firm? Should we use a corporate shell to steal the patents? How would I get rid of the father, a savvy, perceptive, businessman? How would we conquer and divide the inventors? Who should come in for the investment? How would we get Utley in without letting on to our hidden past? How many IP lawyers would it take? How would we funnel the technologies to a revenue-producing model for our firm? How would we kill the inventors (Eliot, Jude Rosario, Zakirul Shirazee, James Armstrong, Patty Daniels, Matthew Mink), then Eliot�s family and finally any shareholders already in the game? And there was this strange buzzing in my head, it could have been from my meds, it could have been the excitement, the thrill of the crime, yet it was a noise I had never heard before, a noise I would die to now get rid of.
I needed some basics from Eliot before the meeting ended. How many people knew already? Who was involved before me? Minutia but important things to help me plan and understand what it would take. I knew I needed to catch the next flight to New York; I needed to buy some time. I remember saying I was pleased to meet him, that the technologies looked promising and that I would get back to them in a few days. I knew I needed more than a few days to round up the right people for the scheme, I figured Lewin could handle diverting them in the mean time with things like business plans and revenue projections.
It was off to New York to meet with a few partners and determine the best course of action. At the meeting, the senior partners decided that the best means to monetize the inventions would be through something like a patent pool. A bit risky are these pools, as patent pools were notorious for illegal practices in the past, yet perfect for our intent. Patent pools have historically been shut down by the Department of Commerce, so it was decided that we might have to get some people on the inside of Commerce and in the US Patent Office. Who would be worst hurt by these inventions? We instantly knew that several of the new digital imaging and video patent pooling concepts, like MPEG and JPEG, were already creating monopolistic pools to control digital imaging and video technologies and control the standards that would be used. From this perspective, pools were ideal to steal inventions. You could evaluate what patents you wanted for your pool, learn about the technologies, take the technologies and effectively usurp the inventors of their inventions. Block them from market by precluding them from the standards body, while starving them out. We later even dummied up a Department of Justice approval of the pool[4] and it gets wilder.
The primary attorney spearheading the pooling concept already was a bright MIT graduate and graduate of patent law from NYU, Kenneth Rubenstein, Esq. who worked for a small New Jersey law firm, Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe and Schlissel. Rubenstein would be perfect for this job, the question was then how much would it cost to purchase Rubenstein and his patent pooling team at Meltzer. This team was already working to steal patents from inventors, Rubenstein and a few friends at MIT & NYU had planned using their legal degrees right from college to effectuate such intellectual property crimes. Like those overly bright MIT fellows who figured out how to swindle casinos and then were caught. Kids who had brains; brains can get you into trouble though. Rubenstein in college was inducted in into a group of great technologists and instead of joining them to aid them as counsel, Rubenstein envied and hated the inventors, always thinking of ways to outwit them of their rights. MIT was fertile ground for both great inventions and great invention scam artists to flourish. Rubenstein, lacking original ideas of his own, was not content being the nigger to these lucky fucking inventors, doing their legal work like some hired lackey at $400/hour while these fuckers made billions, Rubenstein had to find a way to beat them.
Rubenstein sat through class after class in law school, learning from the past mistakes of invention scam artists. Other kids were thinking of how to protect their clients from these historical cases, Rubenstein was preparing to fuck inventors by perfecting them. Rubenstein instead was formulating and studying how to better protect the scam artist in these cases, how to beat the anti-trust laws for his own gain, so that he could prevail over these other idiot lawyers. It was not until his first lecture on patent pools that Rubenstein saw the bitter light, a way that if successfully done, could be the answer to not only stealing one invention but cornering the market in certain technologies, a chance to steal dozens of technologies at once, all the while building a dominant force in that industry. Through the pool and licensing scheme, he could actually create a competitive monopolistic standard body in that industry based on a few stolen inventions from inventors with corrupt patent attorneys. For example, say he wanted to control the technologies that were used in digital video. First, he would need a patent pool to be formed. Then he would need a patent evaluator to evaluate the technologies submitted to the pool. Who better than himself? He could always trust himself, or so he thought. Why would the pool attract inventors to give him their inventions, the chance or promise to share in a royalty stream from the pool on all their patents? Revenue split amongst holders of the IP used in the standard, a chance of a lifetime, the best patent counsel, etc. If the inventor chose not to join the standard, he could be blocked from the market that the standard applies too, even though his technology was superior to the standard. In other words if one controls the standard of video to be streamed and the devices that embrace those standards, then for example on every MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) stream of video, certain technologies would be deployed. Those technologies elected by the patent evaluator where to be golden, generating fractional revenues for every device that played them and every device that created them. The small and Ma and Pa inventor that the Constitution seeks to protect[5] may have better technology for streaming but cannot get it to market against an entire pool. Ma and Pa may be blocked entry into the market in illegal forms of anti-trust violations, basic patent law 101, Sherman / Clayton until they are starved out and go away or killed in a what appeared accidental ways, creating a Dead Inventor Pool. As they go under, the pool would acquire the technologies of Ma and Pa and never pay royalty to them; this is why the Justice Department, when it stood for truth, justice and the American way, had traditionally broken up patent pools as illegal forms of monopolistic antitrust behaviors. Now all Rubenstein could conceive of was how exactly to get into the Justice Department, how to sabotage the patent office with a few guys that would funnel the technologies so that nobody would notice. The USPTO was a legal institution and a few corrupt lawyers, working for a piece of the action would probably due to usurp any inventor protections and to execute any diversions necessary at that level. Rubenstein put all this in his college notes, he say�s, when he first realized that with only a handful of corrupt attorneys, judges, politicians etc., this could very well work. Now a few good guys in the Justice Department to thwart any complaints and perhaps even write letters of validation and viola you have just gained access into the biggest bank in the history of the world. Patents are the power behind free commerce and with this system they could be stolen, inventors deprived of their invention by a pool of businesses that control standards. Patents could be worth billions with their monopoly power, Rubenstein dreamed that one day he would steal one this big. So overjoyed with his ingenious plan, he recalls the stain in his pants. He never imagined just how high this would end up going, that to hold it together took the end of the American Way and all it had held dear. In this scam, he could undue what brave Americans had died in mass to protect. He heard about these cults running on the East, Skull and Bones, and the likes, this might be right up their alley, they might be the perfect partner.[6]
The devious part of this pooling plan, is that if you can get a small group of corporate titans to join the scheme, inventors will bring their technologies to the pools, in hopes of getting elected, never suspecting their lives where in jeopardy depending on the magnitude of the IP. Now with a patent evaluator as corrupt as a Tijuana Rolex in place, all one needs to do is reject or even accept the patents, with a plan on how to then embrace the technologies through the pool and infringe upon the inventors without them catching on. If the technology was already out there before submission to the pool, the task is somewhat harder as you must often work to wrangle the technologies in a variety of infringing mechanisms. But on fresh meat, as were these, and with the patent evaluator acting as counsel to the inventor, while maintaining his role as evaluator, acting as counsel and with the accountant in, the task was going to be a no-brainer, shattering the China Wall, fundamental to honorable representation. Rubenstein was the perfect man for the job, bringing him in was merely a matter of how much and how deep we would have to cut him in, possibly we would make him the partner in charge of our to be formed intellectual property department, a department founded on our his inventions.[7]
It was decided that we would find the connections into Rubenstein, have him evaluate the patents to see if there was any prior-art. To evaluate them for us. What we would tell them would be a wholly different story, they would never see it coming. They probably would never even know and if they found out, we could muscle it away. My Managing Partner @ Proskauer was to get a hold of Rubenstein and perhaps persuade him to leave Meltzer to head our "to be formed" IP department, alternatively we could just buy Meltzer. Buying Meltzer would get sticky but we could just act as if we were expanding Proskauer from a real estate firm, getting in on the internet thing, we might even be able to outsmart them. We had no time to delay thought as it had been weeks since our first meeting with Eliot and they were waiting for our firm to respond to the request to patent the inventions, the next day. We would need to set up IP people in the patent department and have control of anything we filed on their behalf, to guide things into the wrong directions. I was assigned the task of getting to know the inventor, in order to control his every move, to make sure that we directed him to the right people, to make it all look so right. I was to get in as his friend, embrace him. Truthfully, I did not want the job, there was just something about him, he was akin to that guy in the �Rime of the Ancient Mariner� by Coleridge, the Mariner, he may scare you to, and certainly, I am fast becoming a believer in higher powers.
Back in Boca, I somehow was wallowed in the fear, the fear of learning the whole story of the inventions, how they had come to be. In our first meeting, I lost my notes and as I said, my mind was hardly in the room. I had to avoid him once back, until I got a green light on if things had gone well on the recruiting front or if plan B was necessary; forceful extraction, far more risky. However, no sooner had three weeks passed and Rubenstein was on board, he would operate from Meltzer but we would represent him as a Proskauer partner, head of our intellectual property department, we would present him as Guru.
Ok, it was time to get back to the Bernstein�s, make up some excuse as to why I had dropped off the planet earth for a month after learning of their inventions, when I told them I would be right back at them, a sabbatical or some nonsense of a partners meeting, who cares. Once I would tell them that Rubenstein was the ideal person for the technologies, tell them he was a Proskauer patent expert and had control of the patent pools that the technologies would be embraced by, they would be salivating at the potential for a piece of the pools pie. Never did we envision at how thinly that pie would have to be sliced as the situation grew out of control, how many bribes this would take to contain the fire but we were not even thinking it would ever get there.
Already I was taking heat from the top, to get control of the inventions, the inventors, put listening devices up their asses, copy every document, listen to every call, dig up every dirty deed of their past, know every secret. I was to surround the family and friends, take up their time. Gather all information regarding the inventions history, all the things an honest attorney would have done to protect his clients� interests, in reverse. All this while becoming his best friend, kissing the kids and all that jazz. Later, under deposition I even stated:
Q. Okay. Sy Bernstein made all these requests to you to appear [at Iviewit board meetings] as attorney for �
A. Well, he wasn�t there at every meeting, but he made it clear from the very meeting that he wanted me at all the meeting, including those, and they called me over, and he made it clear that he wanted me to try to be with Eliot at all meetings where Eliot was making presentations.
Q. Okay, And this was �
A. At the outset � Go ahead. Started anticipating your question.
Q. No. That�s okay. These meetings that attended, was it from the very outset of Iviewit?
A. Well, my � my participation was minimal up to the time of where it started really ramping up. So for the first two months, January, February. But maybe in March it started really ramping up, and then � and then that�s � it�s probably in that time where Sy made it very clear that he wanted the best of the best and he wanted people to be with Eliot at all times and not to be left alone and whatever.
He had no idea how close we already were to his son and to him, I had brought in a private investigator to monitor their every breath. Thank G-d I got out of my deposition before saying more. That deposition was one of the worst days of my life. I left off the �whatever� part but I was crumbling under deposition and everything I said sounded so insane, that the �whatever� almost came tumbling out with what was in my head, the truth I try so hard to hide from. My attorney kicked me under the table to stop, my ankles were sore by the days end. Whatever, would involve consistently breaking into his home to gain further access, photos, video, recordings of his every breath, slowly the more I watched his life the more it seemed to be taking over my own. First on my list was to gain access to the inventors� lives, divide, and conquer them if possible. Eliot seemed to be the ringleader of the invention team and being Jewish, his two main co-inventors being Muslim, this appeared to be an easy task. It would be best if we could isolate the other inventors from Eliot and draw them into our fold, it did not matter in the end, as they would all meet the same fate.
Strange that Eliot�s father seemed inclined to keep a close tab on his son too, it was like there was something he knew about his son, that we did not, something eerie though. The fear of picking up the phone surprised me at first, when my secretary Gloria Barfield mentioned his name it made me tremble, I was not cognizant of the metamorphic change I was undergoing, I was overwhelmed in the heat of the crime, to busy plotting and scheming to see it. Right in my face it was, constantly, whether I was showing it to colleagues in crime or even my wife, everyone was mesmerized. Nobody who had seen a computer image since the beginnings of computer, had ever seen anything like the imaging invention, what it did to zooming and panning on image was beyond cool. Rubenstein was blown away. Utley had been with IBM in management and Dick had been with IBM in their far eastern patent department for years, they had worked to lift inventions together since their IBM days. In fact, our ace in the hole was that Judith Kaye was a related to one of our partners, Chief Judge of New York, a former IBM�er who had connections to help and in the event that anything came in the way of a lawsuit or criminal action in New York we were covered. We instantly made her husband, Stephen Kaye, a partner in the newly formed Proskauer intellectual property department. When IBM was being blown apart and layoffs and plant shutdowns went faster down than they had gone up, Dick and Utley, being relieved of their posts, plotted to steal some core technologies from IBM before leaving. Butt hurt, with the feeling that a bit of what goes around comes around. IBM had these guys stealing inventions globally and locking them up in US patents and then muscling the technologies out of all but the toughest and smartest inventors.
That is how we all met, Utley had a plan to steal off with inventions for the touch-pad and they thought they would walk off with severance in the righteous way. IBM had bigger problems than to worry about a few lost technologies from guys who had ripped off a whole lot more for them, enough to make IBM king of the patent world, holding more intellectual property than any other company. Freelancing after the fiasco at IBM, on the unemployment line, Dick, Utley and a few other ex-IBM goons, formed a pack to heist technologies from local inventors. Their little syndicate was going fairly well when I was called in by Utley and Dick to help implement a dummy corporation to write patents into. The catch, the patents were stolen. I would have to keep this company under the radar and had to find a way to at once assign the stolen IP to Utley�s private company and then bury the transactional records. It was how I earned the name Wheezler, from my partners in crime. Perhaps the same swindle we almost were caught with at Friedkin�s would be the same plan we were about to implement on the Bernstein�s, the inventors and their newly formed company Iviewit, Inc.
We had not seen anything yet, this Eliot kid and his Indian friends were already somehow involved in video, which was right up Rubenstein�s alley but nobody had seen it yet. That would be even easier to steal as they were hiding it waiting to find an honest patent attorney to patent it for them. Once I earned his trust, I was certain Eliot would reveal all to me, he trusted me already it appeared.
He had called several times, my assistant Gloria consistently covering for me but the time had come for our scheduled meeting, the meeting where I would fill his head with the advantages of choosing Proskauer as his patent counsel. A masterful play, considering we did not have yet a patent department. He would never know, it would look like I took it to New York and met with our patent expert Rubenstein. Rubenstein was in and wanted me to gather as much data first before wanting to interface with the inventor one on one, the conflict could be deadly if discovered, that his patent pool would soon be the benefactor of the technologies. Rubenstein was just going to be used as a name to drop as our patent counsel and it was only going to be for one or two meetings before we could find a way to patent them for ourselves. This may have been the single greatest flaw in our initial plan. We had no ideas he was so connected, that word would travel at the speed of the light to places and people we did not intend to invite to our dead inventor party.
He was sitting in my offices with computer gear spewing out of his Lladro brief-case and roller suitcase, which contained the player for viewing this new �2 � Dimension� as he called. We all sat down together, Lewin, Si, Eliot and myself, and, I made it like a brain storming session, telling him at first about the great Rubenstein who was head of a technology pool from MIT and all. Lewin had been working the inventors and certain friends of the inventor on developing a business plan for the markets these guys thought the technologies would apply to, mainly since the technology was discovered in virtual environments; they found it applicable to real estate home tours. Whereas Rubenstein had already stated that it would apply to the entire digital imaging spectrum, these guys did not yet even understand the magnitude of their own inventions. Frequently though, we found Rubenstein muttering aloud that �how could we have missed that� or �so out-of-the-box� and we thought he was obsessed with certain elements of the design, that he was troubled at the same time. When asked if he was all right, he said he was just talking to himself, we did not think it would be the problem to later torment him.
Rubenstein wanted some answers and he sent over some key intellectual property questions for me to ask Eliot, Jude and Zakirul. Questions designed to determine the extent of what it would take to gain control of the IP and get rid of the evidence, inventors and those already involved. So I probed, yet felt probed, and asked the first damn question on the list � How did the inventions come to be?. There was silence, Si looked at his son as if to say do not answer that, a fear of the truth that would come, Eliot ignored this warning glare and began, Si�s face was exasperation. �How did we invent the technologies? Well it started in a coma, a long time ago and it culminated in some dreams that were dependent on solving several key problems of the Internet. Mainly the fact that the video and imaging sucked at low bandwidth and prevented the Internet from becoming anything more than a text based medium. The Internet is necessary for a Thought Journal and a Thought Journal is dependent on a communication device for children to fix the world. It would be near impossible to fix the world if one cannot see it and if those working on fixing it could not understand or see each other but merely type to each other. I am on a mission from G-d to help the children and voices in my head directed me on how to construct the processes so as to overcome these obstacles.� Obstacles on the imaging side were deemed impossible as to create high definition images capable of enormous zoom on low resolution images was not even on the board. Not fixable, defined as pixilation. Obstacles on the video side of the equation that engineers worldwide had deemed impossible and not possible until fiber optics would rule the world, in thirty to forty years and even then, it would still be the preferred mechanism for content creation and distribution, with its 75% savings in bandwidth and processing power. Far too late, for the children to fix the world in his mind, by then it would be catastrophically too late, they would already be burning and dying from ozone holes. He went on, �in approximately 250 years, since the dawn of the industrial revolution man has destroyed the planet, making permanent extinctions of much of the natural resources and animals, we do not have another 250 to fix it, time is running short� and he was visibly disturbed by all this.
I thought he was kidding at first but he was dead serious. He believed that these technologies were given to him by something akin to angels that he conversed with in dreams. He said he was working to fix the Internet from a text-based medium, day and night with his co-inventors, Jude Rosario, Zakirul Shirajee and James Armstrong, to begin with and they were failing madly. He said he went to bed, awoke his wife in mid dream and boom, this voice came through with the schematics in bow and there you have it. His wife, suspicious of madness, said to go back to bed and in the morning they could work on it. Therefore, they did and it worked. Scaling images in a completely unorthodox manner; so bizarre, yet plausible, and then real. He was talking about how normally to gain zoom, file size gained, making the end result so large as to make it slow on processing and to large to download effectively. The prior methods all began by compressing the image first without increasing the size and this left one with a flat image, an image that you could zoom maybe one or two degrees on. That the key was to blow the image up to its maximum size and then hit it with compression. He began by blowing up an image of the Disney Castle[8] he took as a child, to poster size, then scanning it into the scanner at super high resolution, then hitting it with massive compression and then the results were astonishing. You took this oversized image and put it in a virtual reality software program and there you had it. Yet he spoke as if he were just a conduit to a higher power.
He asked if I believed in a higher being now. I responded that I most certainly did. He asked concerned that G-d would not get his fair share of the pie as inventor. While I explained the advantages of different corporate setups, he asked two questions, the first was laughable, �Could G-d be named as an inventor� and �could a royalty stream be set up for G-d's interest that funded a charity called �The Thought Journal�. At that moment something of a tsunami wave hit my brain, I was overwhelmed by a feeling I still cannot understand, a feeling that my soul was being challenged, his eyes gazed into mine and then entirely through me, as if he could X-Ray my soul. I knew if I said yes to these questions, he would trust me, if I hesitated, he would wonder why. He was asking me not only if I believed his prophetic nonsense but if I would be a champion of it. If I would act an assistant to G-d, to help protect the inventions for the kids and make sure that the benevolence of his inventions was repaid. Knowing that I could never do these things, as they would make our plan much more complicated, I lied. I said absolutely, we would start a company and a charity, I would check if G-d could be listed as a patent holder and how to pay homage according to the tax laws. He said that these technologies were more a test by G-d of man. I had no idea what he meant, it sounded like a veiled threat. As if he would have, G-d beat upon me if I swayed from this path I had just accepted, a protector of the inventions, a champion for our children ~ yeah right. It was not until later that I learned that he asked everyone involved these same questions. Those who violated this, well we were all beginning to have problems, almost instantly that dull noise started emanating in my head, it was like a static on a bad fm station, very light at first, hardly audible.
A Pot of Gold
Nobody could believe it at first in our first meeting since securing the invention secret for the imaging, how simple it all was once you knew the secret, how had alluded the digital world for so long, how had this madman come across it, he was the envy of technology engineers around the world later. His concept definitely worked, it was fresh, no prior art, it would change digital imaging technique and now all we needed was an evaluation of the technology from a leading imaging firm to valuate it for us, make sure that there was no black box technologies or anything like that. Things were going too smoothly, I was elevated to top partner status. We were beginning a new Intellectual Property department at the firm with a bunch of guys who were not IP guys but that was how everyone involved in the crimes would get paid, the other partners would never know the better. I was like a super-villain, my blood ran swift while my brain became consumed in thoughts of crime. My perks got perked, never before did I imagine I would be riding the highest levels of law school boy dreams; "my car got bigger, my house got bigger, bigtime" I was going where few attorneys ever get. There was more work to do, we would have to button things up quick, find a willing corporate participant, someone that would evaluate the technologies as marketable or not, someone who would collaborate with us to grab them. We would bill our efforts to him to, I mean the billing scam we had going itself was a crime.
Rubenstein had an idea, it would take some wiggling but it would definitely give us the analysis we would need and it was with someone I was on the board of a company with. Gerald Stanley, the CEO of Real 3D, a consortium of Intel, Silicon Graphics, Inc. and Lockheed Martin, we were on the board at Sensormatic. This company was on the cutting edge of 3D imaging since the early days of lunar space exploration. R3D controlled most of the core technologies of 3D digital imaging holding some thirty or so patents that covered most of 3D animation technologies, a patent pool of sorts. They had seen every black-box government imaging idea via Lockheed, they would know if these technologies had value. You could tell already by people gathering around the inventions that they had never seen anything like it before, people who had been watching computer screens for their entire lives where mesmerized when you showed them. What we eventually heard from leading engineers at Intel, SGI and Lockheed was beyond fucking belief, it was at that meeting that I knew we had to steal them. Now how to get Stanley on board with the real intent, slowly, he too would probably be blinded by greed once he saw it. That was it, I would set up a meeting for him and Eliot. Rubenstein and his team would take the invention disclosures to evaluate them for us and Eliot would think all was well. We would end up telling him that the technology was out there already or something of that sort, we though it would be over long before it got anywhere near having to explain that. We would use some patent we filed for us prior to filing his for him, we might even need insiders at the USPTO. By precisely controlling the patent filing of his patents, with the filing of ours, we could create prior art but this was minutia and we trusted Rubenstein would have a plan for infiltrating the patent office when and if necessary. Rubenstein already had a partner in crime, Raymond Anthony Joao, Esq., this guy would be the guy to go down and visit Eliot learning the exact process for patenting.
OK, now what were going to tell Eliot, his father, the other inventors and those other meddling kids and friends of his that were somehow getting involved? There were two maybe more inventors and people he was granting interest in the patents too. How would we portray our story so that they would not be suspicious or catch on? We would have to make sure that before they knew it, it would be over. Everyone had to be on the same page, a crime like this would involve shaping reality just right, no one involved could slip. We would have to make it look like Rubenstein and Joao were working for Proskauer for a while. That we had some patent department for a while, get them bought on board with sweet packages and partnership incentives, it looked like we were gonna have to get rid of Joao, he was a wild card and looked at times like he was on crack, having strange visions of his recently deceased father. We would have to form the new Proskauer IP department to make it look like we were already in this practice before they arrived. Joao and Rubenstein wanted a call first with the inventor before Joao would go down from New York to Florida. They would have to appear as partners who worked together in our New York office, who would handle the IP, Joao the filing work and Rubenstein as the IP advisor and guru. I could sell that but they could not fuck up the line.
Out of the Woodwork � �The Click Heard Round the World��
They came in like flies on dead meat. By the time I had taken the info to my partners and off the measly information I had given Eliot about Rubenstein�s initial impressions of the possible patentability, they came from nowhere. Not one or two friends, but twenty to thirty, maybe more; who were these people? All of the sudden other lawyers were poking around, Harvard guys with legal and accounting degrees, leading Arthur Andersen guys, from nowhere. Calls from Eliot almost by the second, with emails by the nanosecond, that there were interested investors, that he had several friends and all the others who were working on the projects with him, and there were many, that were entitled to shares in the company I was presenting to them. The problem was that I was planning to do a dual company with dual patents and the ol�switcheroo. This was going to complicate things fast if these people somehow got in or started snooping around, this was far worse, he wanted us to give them stock and worse that he wanted to give us some for efforts on his behalf of his mission of G-d. The snooping started faster than I could imagine, these were not just run of the mill kids now or schmucks, as the Jews at my Jewish firm called them. These were sophisticated and smart business-fellows, contemporaries of mine even, men of legal cloth, billionaires, corporate business men, Harvard lawyer/accountant guys[9], Arthur Andersen boys, geeks abundant, Goldman Sachs guys, I mean what the fuck happened. Overnight there was a buzz? How was I going to explain this to the partners, should we give up the plan now or was there a way to fix this, to prevent it before it exploded? People at the top of our crime chart were already calling my offices with requests for information and how to deal with this sudden influx of interested parties and potentially nightmare shareholders. Questions were flurrying in for our patent department, shit we did not even have one yet and they wanted verification that Rubenstein called them the Grail inventions[10]. Requests for meetings and presentations with people at lighting speed. I mean people as prestigious as Hassan Miah, a founder of multi-media on the web, was knocking to get a glimpse of the Grail. People from Goldman and Gruntal were lined up. I feared turning on my computer, suddenly it was filled with emails, my cell phone number I gave Eliot began ringing incessantly and I found no way to avoid this blitz on my life. Digitally there was no escape. How was I going to explain this to my partners, we would have to make a decision in seconds. �The Click Heard Round the World�� we trademarked it for him (and us), another long story, I did not see the metaphor at the time. It was really the bullet heard round the world that landed right between my eyes, I though it referred to the click of a mouse, he meant the sound of rifle I think; either way it is now a part of history.
Another Pot of Gold! The �Holy Grail� Inventions or �Sucking Elephants thru Straws�
Now in the same breath we all waited to hear about the video breakthroughs this guy was having with his engineering team of a whole two guys and some assistants but that too grew to a whole bunch of people overnight. Eliot was a bit hesitant on showing us, there was something he was holding back on, I had to find out before we made any rash decisions. I had to play him a bit longer to find out, yet now I wonder if I was being played, fucking hindsight, maybe he was taking time to set us up. Video was the buzzword of the Internet, if you could crack the nut of transmitting full screen, full frame rate on internet speeds under 1.5Mbps, you had found the �holy grail� of the internet. In fact, Intel scientists and others had already resigned to having the Internet as a text based medium with average graphics, banners, small grainy gifs and jpegs and really shitty video. Imagine now an internet with no video or no killer graphics, no bloody edge. So shitty was the video that Gates had looked at Internet video prior to the discoveries and handed the division over to his partner Glazer, who left Microsoft to found Real Video. Glazer thought that even though the video sucked it had purposes that could be exploited; Gates felt that nobody would monetize shitty video ever and dumped his efforts at Windows Media 1, upon hearing the news that at the 0-1.5Mbps the video was 1/16 of the screen size, less than 7 frames and way out of audio video synch. That it would never look more than a herky-jerkey-kung-fu movie in a postage stamp viewing screen.[11] No full screen, full frame rate, it was like going back in time to black and white, worse yet it was choppy, blocky, the sound was off sync, it was a fucking horror show. Eliot called the ability to achieve high bandwidth video through low bandwidth pipes, analogous to �sucking an elephant thru a straw�.
He said they could almost do it using yet the schematics from another wild dream with answers from angels; it was seconds away from being ready. Yeah right. The best engineers in the world from the leading manufactures of every industry had given up searching, the math they said could never work. There were scam artists who ripped off hundreds of millions claiming they had found a method, for example there was Pixelon who claimed to have discovered the ability to transmit full-screen, full frame rate DVD video over a modem and simultaneously to millions over the internet. I was told that Eliot was eventually the person who discovered Pixelon to be a fraud, exposing the company to investors as a fraud. Nobody believed Eliot at first, if he was claiming he could do it, why could this guy not? Turns out, he was downloading clips over long periods and once resident on the sucker�s computer, he would tell them to link to his Pixelon player and watch DVD quality over his modem. The links at his site executing the downloaded file and making it appear that you were seeing the unbelievable. Found bilking investors out of millions and later throwing, no shit, a re-union party of The Who that was to be streamed DVD quality live from Las Vegas, The Who showed up and played to a small crowd and thought they were being filmed for this revolutionary internet technology launch to millions and no one could login. It was masterful but it left the investment and technical communities hopeless and a laughing stock for having bought into such a scam. In the end, David Stanley Kim a.k.a Michael Fenne was found hiding out in California with the stolen investors money and money stolen from his father�s parish and the door was wide open for the next Charlatan.
If the greatest minds in the world had given up, it was doubtful that Eliot and his team could find the answer but we held open the idea that he might have solved for a part of the problem. Never did we envision that not only would they solve for the Internet video problem but that they would change the course of digital video content creation and distribution, affecting the whole food chain of products. Change the way video was viewed (interlacing) for the first time since the creation of television and pave the way for better video at high and low bandwidth. The first video I saw was a video of Si Bernstein and Jerry Lewin, doing interviews for the new company Iviewit. What was amazing was that he could play this video perfectly at full screen, full frame rate over a 56kbps modem, if true, the grail had been found. Yet, as I mentioned there were sophisticated scam artists all over the world claiming similar claims, yet nobody could withstand final scrutiny, sooner or later their scams were revealed. One guy actually had everyone believing he could stream DVD quality video through a modem and actually would park a van outside the meeting room with a wireless connection and beam the video through broadband while making it look like it was coming through the modem, these scam-geeks were brilliant. This guy certainly could have been one, there was a sense from the chills, the dull reverberation of his words in my head, that he was somehow scamming me, I put it off for paranoia.
The Packet
What came back on his background was the strangest background check I had ever seen. In one sense, it was perfect for the scam but there was so much that made it risky due to the uncertainty of his nature. This was a man with almost thirty years of psychoanalysis, starting in his early youth, because of his fierce obsession for rebellion. No criminal background activity was found; he had been sent away at thirteen for a history of rebellion. Yet, it seems he had changed 100% and had not gotten into trouble since coming back to society at 16. He smoked a lot of marijuana to the normal person; he had been smoking since breaking his face and neck in a massive car accident when he was nineteen, far before pot smoking was fashionable as a pain reliever. This guy lived in chronic pain but you could never see it, I never knew how much pain he would endure, certainly more than I could. What was most disturbing was the fact that the report could not pinpoint all of his friends; he seemed to have friends at every level of society.
He was different, cut from a different cloth since birth it seemed, I envied him as I read his background, the reports from people who were his friends were even more diverse. On the one hand, he had friends in circles I wish I could have earned a place in. From his youth their was a group of friends that were close to him still, yet a few them gave us valuable information about his past but it was useless, his past was chameleon. There were reports that he free-based more cocaine than rock stars, during a job with a rock-n-roll freight forwarder and the stories we heard were wild. He would get gobs of coke and lock himself in bedrooms with harems of women, women loved this man for some strange reason, and he was one of them in a male body. He was into exploring every fetish of theirs and allowed women a freedom they had never had, bringing them all to explore themselves and their fantasies without fear. He was not shy about anything, he did not seem to fear the repercussions that most people would have and so he would have probably given us better insight than the background check. Some of the things we dug up were truly unbelievable, yet for every piece of what looked like dirt, it was overshadowed by who he was now.
The only people that seemed to hate him were his family and yet they seemed to know him least. I mean they knew him when he was a 12-year-old rebel and their impression of him had not changed, despite the change in him. This family dysfunction was his strength, he did not like the fact that his siblings had become obsessed with money when their father became rich and moved them into the rich North Shore of Chicago, to a small but exclusive yuppie haven of Glencoe. This seems to be where he began a hatred of spoiled rotten kids. Kids who lived off daddy, breast-fed on daddy�s fortune, turning their noses on the common hard working man. He did not hate them, he despised these kids for their lack of originality, for their complacency to sell out to their parents views for a buck, their inability to nurture their free spirit for fear that the would be cut off. It was sick listening to these kids talk at 13 about their daddy�s cars, yachts, mansions, money, etc� He instead made friends in Glencoe with the hard working kids, a whole two or three of them, that were looked down on by the snot nosed rich fucks. He was interested in their father�s, many of them had seemed to earn their wealth through good business practice and rising to the top, many had great stories to tell of they conquered poverty. He admired them and further hated their kids, these spoiled kids did not know how to earn a living like their father�s, they were not entrepreneurs, and they were syphilitic siphons. They walked in their parents� shoes, Gucci of course, yet they had no idea how they got into them, no idea of the work or the struggles it took, it was all just shoved up their ass with a silver spoon according to him.
When their father struck oil in the insurance business and suddenly they were uprooted from their home in the not so affluent neighborhood of Skokie, Il. to upscale Glencoe, he watched a perfectly happy family become lost in success. Instantly, his brother and sisters were relished with the finer things in life. They moved into a mansion, they had a chauffer, they had a big pool, they had a ski lodge, they had a big yard, they were flush with cash, they shopped like it was air, and they embraced the spoiled role. Soon they talked about those who had naught, as if they were from another world. A world they wished to soon to forget, now that their father�s money had elevated them above. They began talking about everyone incessantly, behind their backs of course, criticizing everyone that was not spoiled, tightening their noose with the yuppies surrounding him. Eliot despised these kids for their materialness, his siblings could not wait to join. His brother soon accepted into the clan of guppies and this is the last time he refers to his brother in the sense of a real person. Ted was a person who changed to become a soap opera queen, his sole conversation on the new this or that. Seriously, his brother Ted, was easy to turn against him later. Ted was a guppy after a while in rich drag, constantly wanting to learn the ways of the rich and famous, skipping the step about earning it. Eliot soon distanced himself from these kids and his own siblings by causing so much commotion around him, constantly challenging their way of life, yet knowing it was futile. They had sold out instantly for the almighty buck. They would sell him out later for the buck. In a sense, learning about his way of life, my own was seeping through, I was beginning to hate him for in describing them, he was describing me.
All us Guppies hated kids like this, kids that came from wealth but rejected it to find their own way in life; kids who turned on the family fortune to make their own way, to find themselves, instead of taking the hand outs that flowed like breast milk. He had made real friends from that point on; he made sure that his friends were all distant from their parents, rebellious in their own ways. Resigned never to become a Guppy, every friend he made, that he brought home, was chastised behind their backs by his snotty siblings and even his parents. They so desired to see their son embrace all the riches and the rich kids and could not understand why he so strongly rejected this beautiful world they strived so hard to give him, the world they had to earn a place in. It seemed like he wanted to blow it up instead. They thought perhaps a dose of analysis would help, they had no idea what that would come to set off, so at eight years old he was sent to a shrink. His parents, fought to avoid the effects of abusive parents with therapy, they thought it would help him and it did, it was the one gift of theirs he did not reject, in fact, he embraced it wholeheartedly.
Instantly he was fascinated with the human mind, instead of rejecting therapy as punishment, he embraced it as a search for truth. He wanted to know everything about the human mind, how it worked, how it adapted, what could possess it, what could control it, how it was shaped, how it conformed, how it prayed, why it prayed, how it had evolved from apes or whatever, he was like a kid in a candy store when it came to knowledge about humans. After being sent away for his radical behavior in Glencoe, Il. at twelve, to Madison, CT to a bad boy school, radical behavior did not take much of a departure from normal, where Glencoe was a pristine world of fakeness, either way he came back from this school even more fired up against spoiled rotten children. He found great inner strength in accepting his positions on the world at this school for kids who rebelled, he found mentors who thought his behavior was right and his families actions wrong. Eliot was for the first time challenged to express himself, free of the "normal" response to his "strange" behavior, he was a changed man almost instantly upon being sent there. The owner of the school the report showed was a weird character to begin with, a one Jack Davis, who started this Grove school to help a few kids who were on the border of becoming psycho-killers. Davis was crazy himself, he did not believe in drugging kids, worked to get them all off the plethora of drugs that were prior infused into these kids by shrinks. Typical children shrinks figured sedating their patients was easier than curing them, the easy way out and at $100 an hour far easier. Much easier for these psychoanalytical drug dealers to tell parents, look your kid is hyper, he is dissociated, he is incorrigible, unruly, depressed, anxious, etc., here is a pill that while making him look like a fucking zombie will solve the other problems. Sure, he would be catatonic looking but that would be better than hyper???
So many came to this school, all fucked up on hosts of drugs like Thorazine, Ritalin, Adapin, Elavil, Sertraline & Thioridazine. Although Eliot appeared to have gone to over 20 years of therapy, he had never been prescribed a single psychological fix but it was rumored that he tried them all at Grove. Eliot wanted to make sure that before he judged any of the "strange" kids, he would first find out where they were coming from, how their brains were not working, how they had been medicated into submission. It was wild. He took more psychoactive drugs from these kids and experienced their new worlds first hand, an experiment to find out what these kids were all about who were in zombie land. He once recanted all this to me and I thought he was nuts. He needed the drugs to see what was in their head but more important to his quest, was to find what was in there before being drugged, how it had been sedated and where these kids had gone. Who had doped them up and why, they seemed so normal once they were removed from the drugs? These magic pills for parents were merely a way for their parents not to deal with their children according to Eliot. Not accepting that these kids were different and allowing their differences to mature to become the force of positive change, a society without rebels is doomed. Society now had ways to make everyone either acceptable or drugged into submission; rebellion, the cornerstone of freedom could be eradicated with a pill. Simply remove the problematic children from the system by making zombies but this kid was resilient, never had he been prescribed psychoactive drugs. Believe me, we thought of using this to smear him if necessary but there was absolutely nothing there, he had attended therapy for over twenty years with the intent of learning to help people, that would kill us in court.
This bothered me right from the start, his overwhelming care of people and those people who loved him for his efforts on their behalf. Those same people might come to help him if ever he caught on, a band of radical misfits could cause a lot of problems for us but there was such a diverse crowd of friends, not only misfits, but leaders that we overlooked getting caught thinking he was push-over yuppie. These friends from even back when he was a little kid were some of the same people that first started calling me, asking if it were true that our firm had opined favorably on the technologies invented by Eliot and his friends, it seemed like they never stopped coming.[12] Now I was in a remarkably bad situation. Before I could get everyone in our inner circle around Eliot, he seemed to insulate himself with his own people, people I never heard of or knew existed. I would have to quickly get people in place to knock out these people before they could dig too deep. He had an A-List of insurance clients[13] he had developed building his family business for them and nobody could believe the extent of love these insurance clients could have for such a young man. I mean he had Marvin Davis and the Bren Companies as clients when he was only twenty-one years old. More perturbing was the number of lawyers and accountants that appeared to be his friends and clients.[14]
The partners at the firm determined that we should proceed ahead in spite of what appeared minor obstacles and that plans were being formulated to overcome some of the obstacles, the consensus was that it would be over before many people would be involved or know. That those that were already involved would not be hard to muscle out. It is great to be in the business of law as a criminal; you can plan your crimes according to the law. If the law is in the way, you just need a few good insiders to change even that or just get a corrupt judge to block anything or suits. It was perhaps a fatal mistake but when asked about his background check at our daily "Eliot partners meeting", I merely stated that there was not much dirt; he had some friends but that we were dealing with them, surrounding him with our people before anyone could get in. We would have to start trouble in his relationships with his friends and family, I would begin working on starting the riffs but in the meantime the question was really how to stop the influx of so many people. I guess we just figured that we were bigger without checking, as he seemed so small, only G-d on his side.
The Truth
Questioning him on his background was pure horror, his background was unique until his near death. Yeah that's the picture of the car he smashed into a car carrier and the cars fell on top of him, I had to see it to believe it but the pictures of his face and body we got from our investigators with him screwed into a striker frame, faceless, haunts me to this day. It was the experience where he says he met his maker and his life went way out of his control, beyond imaginable, although it was all starting to make perfect sense to me. Our impression of him as this insane sort of inventor started at son�s bris and then really meeting him was like no other meeting I have ever had. He was so far out there, that at first, as I said, he was mesmerizing. You could not believe half of what he was saying and some of it about saving children from doom was preposterous. He had stories galore, some we found to be meanderings at the time, some we found completely true and verified by our investigators and they were as wild as he claimed. The extreme ones, and there were many, were to hard to trace down, the kid had been on the move since he was a kid, since he was sent away for destruction of the rich town of Glencoe, IL. He was certainly quite the hellraiser that he claimed to be, he had earned a reputation as a child from family and friends as an independent with a wild background. The funny thing is that when questioning his friends upon meeting them, all of them had different versions of his character, all were profoundly affected by him, as he was by them. Eliot had been undergoing therapy for over twenty-years and these psychiatrists had profound impact upon him and the direction he would take in life. The worst part is that his main therapist, Dr. Erwin Angres, his father and mother�s therapist as well, was dead and could not be interviewed. He had left very little in written notes on his patients. Eliot was never diagnosed with even neurosis yet he continued in therapy for his own personal reasons and his understanding of the human mind was something more than I understood. He certainly could produce chords within your body that had never been touched and he was particularly manipulative in his mental chess with me, it was as if I was on a mental challenge of some sort since meeting him.
I never liked the fact that he was so rebellious, it could pose problems; he was certainly independent like no other person I had met. His independence from family was remarkable, yet he was loved by his mother and father and he loved them, this posed a serious threat to our plans for him. Lewin and I would work to separate father from son, already he had made his dad Chairman of the Board, I would have to get working on instigating problems for them. Part of his early childhood problems were centered on his relations with his siblings and parents and virtually every form of authority. We would play on this and he would never see it coming, we would become friends with them and then get them all to betray him in one sense or the other but we would tie it into the company and try to exclude them from him. We would offer him trades on his friends and family, say have an investor demand that his father be fired from the board to get investment funds, see if he would sell out dad, things like that. We would tell him we would do the firing of his father, knowing he would volunteer. We would get rid of his nosy wife, we would make his father do that by telling him it was not good for investors, we had already started to plan to get rid of his close allies.
I guess we missed the part following the accident in his life, the part where he claims to have become possessed by aliens, angels, g-d, he could not tell. This we somehow could not see in any analysis of him and when we asked, we ignored the answer, it was as if we listened to it, we would believe it and that alone would prevent us from committing our crimes. Selective hearing. Yet we heard him loud and clear, he gave us a �Dinosaur Story� to read, he told us that would give us clear insight into his world, he told us it was the cause of the inventions. We did not heed, thought it was some rock n� roll pipe dream of his. We did not see the message or we choose to ignore it, we did not see that it was people just like myself he was determined to destroy, we did not see that he was inviting us to a challenge of good v. evil, I now wonder if he was good or evil, he blurs that line of distinction. He was testing our characters while we tried to determine his, it began to consume my brain but I could not let it through. Now I cannot stop it, his words consume me and he is not here. We now had a team of private investigators working on him, we had a team of psychiatrists studying him to determine his weaknesses, they would find something.
Who really is playing whom? My partners felt that somehow, we were the ones being played, on the other hand, it was our fucking egos built on self-acclimation that set us apart from hearing him thinking that we were superior. Ego built on the ability to manipulate law to our choosing, the common man a puppet in our play. Ego built not on our success but our ability to thrive off others successes. Ego is blind when superego has been completely removed as if in a lobotomy. "A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns." Mario Puzzo�s quote from The Godfather was our motto. We were now able to rip-off the American people more than ever having rendered law and the Constitution useless. This was beyond in some ways just ripping off his technologies and violating the fundamentals of free commerce, this was a way to rip off the biggest jewel in the world, intellectual properties. I mean come on, these petty thefts or white collar crimes might make you a few million dollars over time, but ripping off inventions could be worth billions and every once in awhile you would get these rare jewels like his. Stealing people�s minds, stealing their hard work, stealing their royalties; all the while acting as their trusted advisors, politicians, police and lawmakers, we had hit the jackpot. Rubenstein�s mad dream was paying off rapidly; our firm was growing at the speed of light, as if we were the actual inventors of a great technology, when simply we were acting as common thugs. Thugs who had fallen asleep at the wheel in our false security, who were so self-obsessed with ourselves that we had believed we were above everything, we controlled law, we were above it. Don�t like a law, change it to suit your needs. Need a political favor, get a candidate in place for your side by playing both sides of the ticket with your man. Need a judge, buy one or get a dirty lawyer in. We even began recruiting from the state bars, attorneys with convictions that could be erased with a favor our way, we had people in at several bars, running the same recruitment scam from dirty attorneys, these state bars were so easy to penetrate. Need a justice department break, plant a man in the key spots and have him head off any charges before they arise to problem status.
We had beaten the system. One man could not do much against us, especially where we had all his money to throw at beating him (and there was so much it was better than counting our Cocaine profits). We controlled the legal system through conflict, violating oaths as we took them. Politick around his every move, get key political players greased to turn on him; buying politicians was like buying a soda these days. Planting in influential political, judicial and legal positions would be mandatory to stifle any attempts to prosecute the matters if any of the shareholders complained once we eradicated the inventors. We had learned how to plant young greedy attorneys in positions of power, we would back a candidate from both sides, and whoever won the position was a win for us. Many were planted without knowledge of why they were being pushed into the position, it was merely precautionary planning, and they did not need to know anything unless we needed them in the future.
Our goal was to build him up and then dump him, leaving him penniless and hopeless; he might even kill himself and his family for us, that was one of the plans. Drive him mad; turn his world against him while destroying everything and everyone in it, another. We would bring him down faster than we built him up and he would go away like all the other inventors we had thrashed using this scheme. Then we when he had given up, off the road he and his family would go, it would look like another car accident for him, this time no G-d would come to save him.
Never did we think we would be studying The Art of War day and night to try and learn about warfare to try and save ourselves against one man. Funny thing is, Eliot had given all his advisors and me the Art of War as a holiday gift. Again, we thought he was just learning of the ancient text, not that he was handing us the book to say you better study up. As if he was taunting us in a checkmate situation and giving us a Hoyle chess rules to better prepare for defeat, yet his innocence was deceit, he was a fucking devil, but he looked so peaceful and passive, as to ease your fears. He was evil incarnate yet others saw him as angelic, he was a two faced bastard son of G-d. He said something about warfare that forever I have attempted to hide deep out of mind, he said that in warfare the spoil of eating your enemy and their children was the victory. No victory sweeter than when you could see your enemy in the primal fear of being eaten alive, after first having had to watch your wife and children devoured. He was a fucking vegetarian for the last 10 years and yet he looked at me and it felt as if he just took a bite of my stomach, and then another. I remember thinking of watching my wife and children devoured by this man, I still hear him gnawing on my bones at night, for he has devoured the rest of me slowly, skinned alive.
Right from the start, we were sucked into his bullshit and sorely we regret our blindness to what he was really saying. Never did I anticipate that the man we were ripping off was preparing himself for war against men like me since his coma, never did we understand his ramblings of his mission for G-d. He spoke in riddles, said that he had written a Dinosaur Story that he wanted to become a rock-opera to teach the children the dangers of greed. He said the technologies were a test of mankind that fit into a test of our character; he said if we failed the test, this Supreme Being would smite us from the planet. That if he were to fail in helping the children take back the planet, he was instructed to suck as much of the human existence onto a microchip, as small as possible (using the scaling techniques for compression) for later tormenting of those sinful souls. He claimed that if he failed, those guilty for the desecration of the planet, who heeded not the warning, would watch their children, family and friends die repeatedly eternally and have to listen to his voice eternally.
Eliot said his work for G-d was brought on by a plea to come back from the dead to visit friends for just a moment as he lay dying. That in that moment, as he cried out that he would give anything for another moment, he heard a voice that has never left his head. A voice that asked if he was willing to give �everything� for another moment alive, not anything but everything; he said yes, his life was granted back but at the extreme sacrifice that his life was no longer his own. He had sold his soul and gave everything and this was the price paid for just another breath. What a price paid to be servant to this Higher Power, the force that held the key to life and death, a force so powerful as to know past, present and future, this was his mentor. Here I laid in my car, wasted, and I could only wish that it was my last breath.
Somehow, and I can�t yet remember how, he made a deal with the Higher Power after seeing the future, a future whereby children were dying from their parents greed and his deal was that he would come back to save the children from their parents ways. Another chill bump runs through me now as I now remember his stating that when he awoke from his coma, without the broken neck (fixed in this miracle dream), he figured the task was simple. He would simply make children see that if their parents� greed and lack of respect of Mother Nature put their lives in danger, without thought for securing their future, that they would see they are in a war with all their parents have come to believe. That if the children failed to win the war, their parents will have abused their resources so much so, as to leave them with a polluted world. Ozone holes and the likes eventually would kill them all, death of the species from raping Mother Nature. Forgetting to cherish the resources precious to life, sacrifice for self-made riches, for mankind�s golden ox. Again, he stunned me with a comment I shall never forget, he said that if all else were failing, the children should just begin killing their parents to protect themselves, the other creatures and the planet before they killed them. I mean he believed this stuff, still we underestimated, and perhaps that is what makes prophets, the ability of them to cloak themselves in righteousness, as if driven by a Higher Power. Historically, underestimating these prophets has left countless biblical verse of hero�s from Moses, to Jesus, to Sampson, to Sodom, but at this point, we likened him to a madman.
We had to stop him from telling this story of invention to too many people, it was so fascinating, that everyone he encountered was enthralled and captivated with these inventions of G-d that changed our world. Technologies given to him to help the children fix the world or to be used to torment use in some future if he failed, you can see that believing this was impossible without faith and even with faith it was a great leap.
We never thought that converting his father, as our champion, to annihilate his son would be so easy. You could see that his father, the epitome of a Nuevo rich pauper turned millionaire was not happy with his sons delusions and he was in agreement with us to limit Eliot in what he could and could not say. His father, at first working to protect him from himself it seemed, yet now it seemed he was working to protect us from him, by limiting even his life. Once we saw his father�s fear, a plan was worked to let Eliot know his father was limiting him, to make him get worked up against his father. Make them fight and have Eliot prevail to get rid of his father, throw him out of the company, trusting us to align him with the right people, turning father against son and son against father. His family seemed to be more than willing to help us against Eliot, they thought we were acting in his best interest and they claimed they were. It was weird, his family saw Eliot in a variety of ways, and none of them seemed to know the slightest thing about him in the end. In fact, their information at first seemed a real assessment, who better to describe to us his nature than his family, this had major ramifications, a major mistake.
My Fucking Head is Splitting
Reeling from the reality of being caught, that there were others catching on to our scheme occupied my mind almost every minute of every day. A few minutes a day, that noise grew louder and louder in my head, hell the sound of the car crashing did not even diffuse it, in fact, it intensified. It would at once grow from that dull background noise to a full-blown migraine more like a nuclear headache. A mushroom cloud that annihilated every other thought in my head. Even getting drunk at this point could not erase it. Sleeping could not erase it. It was driving me mad. Lewin too was complaining of a similar phenomenon, neither of us could describe it as anything other than related to the time we met Eliot, it was getting worse daily, like a dull voice in the back of my head that at times became a bassoon. Rubenstein was going mad and he related it to a pain in his head, it was as if we were all in some form of Chernobyl brain reaction. A brief example from his deposition statements will give you an idea of just how fucking mad he was becoming, remember that this was from a law suit we filed against our illegally set up companies and they caught onto, then requested Rubenstein for deposition. He was in a panic and, well I guess you can see from his statements his frame of mind - Rubenstein Deposition. I mean with statements like the following:
AND then at the same deposition this little document fell before him utterly contradicting his words as the following letters shows that AOLTW is getting opinions for investment from Rubenstein who is claiming he knows nothing, talk about first class perjury:
This led to Rubenstein making even madder disclosures and statements

I mean Rubenstein was falling apart fast, the conflict if admitted of him acting as counsel and then running the MPEG patent pool that Proskauer now controlled was obvious, he had to maintain that he never heard of Iviewit at all costs. He even exposed Labarga the judge, making it like the judge was so bought, so as to allow him to fail to answer questions at his own deposition. I mean we had the judge on payroll now and with a simple promise of a piece of his royalties, he agreed to throw it, hell he already threw an election for us. Rubenstein though was out of his mind knowing that evidence existed, yet he seemed above it all knowing we had the judge in our pocket, forgetting that this was a deposition that was permanent record.

It was getting bad, they seemed to know more than we thought and even Rubenstein was beginning to sweat it:
He was out of control, in fact, we were in a billing case which we brought against bogus companies we set up to steal the patents and in which his name was all over the bills for meetings with Iviewit representatives, investors like Huizenga and Warner Bros. but he paid no heed, he knew the judge was in our pocket now and he felt confident he could just lie his way through this and that by the time shit began to fly, the inventors would be dead. Here are a few billing entries which completely fucked up his story:

You must understand, it was torture, it was not natural, and it was like when I saw him the voice in my head grew stronger, as if it were calling to me to follow, to some hidden dark recess in my mind, a place I did not know. We were all beginning to wonder if it were him putting this in our heads, I mean it is ridiculous to imagine but the noises were attracted to him, as if he controlled them.
Compound this fucking noise with the noise of the screaming voices coming through the phone, demanding to know if we had erased the problems. Everyone, but everyone was calling me to find out if there were loose ends. What was I to tell them, that there were more loose ends than could be sewn?
Arthur Andersen & Enron
It was the beginning of the end. Crossbow Ventures had hired Arthur Andersen to conduct an audit of the companies for further investment and they were on to the second set of companies. Fucking we had the patents out the door, the ole switcheroo almost completed, when auditors came in. No less, Crossbow was two thirds SBA monies on SBIC loans and this was bad, really bad. We would have to destroy the evidence everywhere, we would have to get rid of the dual companies, we would need unprecedented political favors from the dirtiest of dirty politicians. Talk about a nightmare, talk about the pain in my head, I had a nuclear migraine day and night, again it was as if I could only hear him through it. The calls were non stop now, partners meetings every hour. The firm decided that we would need to have the highest politicians involved from everywhere he could strike, that we would have to take over as much of the political positions were trouble could spread. We had one thing going for us, nobody, including Andersen knew yet of the magnanimity of our crimes. If we could destroy Andersen and Enron in some form of concocted scandal, we could shift the onslaught of questions before anyone knew better. How to get rid of a public company, one that was almost the inheritor of the technologies and further, how could we destroy the number one accounting firm before they caught on. Everything we had worked so hard to do was foiled, it was as if someone was exposing us from the inside or watching us from the outside but that could not be, we were watching his every move.
Here it was that Huizenga's former company, Blockbuster, had just released a press release with Enron, to become the largest provider of broadband internet streaming media and now it would all have to die. He might now have to die. The guys at Enron were already booking astronomical revenue projections based on owning his technologies and now that they had booked them, it was going to be a fucking nightmare to redact them. We now had almost every lawyer between Foley & Lardner and our firm, looking for the answers to deny due process to this in the event any of the shareholders started to call in investigatory bodies. We would now have a whole list of political roles to buy off, a guy like Abramoff would be perfect it was said and so someone made contact with him to see if we could get some favors and right quick. My adrenalin was pumping non-stop, at any moment they could piece together what we were up too and somehow it was a thrill. In some respects we had become convinced that the only way to get out of this
Who Are These People � Friends, friends, friends
The Dollar Deal
OK � I mean here we were, with him having just stolen off with the entire office as we were shredding. Arthur Andersen was shredding the Enron papers and if they ever found out the truth about why Enron was suddenly going to diverge into the multi-media market and where his patents were going, well that is for another day. At least Kenneth Lay, if you can believe anything anymore, blew a gasket. Bush to avoid having Lay nark him out either had him off�d or found him a nice African hideout to retire in disguise. Unlike Regan in the Iran Contra affair, Lay could not be shown to have sudden Alzheimer�s under fire he was far to smart and he could never be trusted to pull of an act like that.
The Cover-Up � Throwing Elections
Only a few loose ends, we could pull it off still, we would have to destroy him to do it. We could not give up now, no one was really on to the whole scam but they were coming from every direction, scratching the surface. We were in too deep, we could lose everything if he figured it all out, our houses, our cars, our real estate, our wives, everything. In fact, if we were convicted of these crimes the time for the federal and international legal violations would be several hundred years. This was not like an Enron business fraud against shareholders of a company, petty white-collar stuff, this was fraud against the United States in an almost unbelievable amount, and this was a violation of the Constitution, law and every human right. Would we have to buy off a Presidency?
How to avoid prosecution? Royalty split with cover up participants. New York � Florida � The USPTO, OyVey. This is crime far beyond Enron (footnote that Enron going to broadband should have raised a brow and they already were thinking they would be benefactors, the perfect crime so close) but this is a crime against history, a crime against the government of the United States, crimes against the Commerce Department, crimes against Supreme Courts. I mean the pie was getting thin fast.
The Dirty Courts � Dirty Law
''Equal Justice Under the Law,'' and ''Justice the Guardian of Liberty.'' Or more apropos for the new walls of the Supreme Court �No Justice Under the Law� and �Justice the Guardian of the Guilty�
Buying off state Supreme Courts, this was so out of control. So possessed one does not see ones actions as psychotic, certainly, psychotics see themselves as normal. Would we have to buy off the United States Supreme Court, would we have to kill some to get others on? Sandra Day Quote and Rehnquist reference.
Siege on the United States Patent & Trademark Office � Invention Theft � The Second Oldest Profession
Siege on the United States
Now people were starting to loose their minds, great minds of once great attorney, law enforcement guys and justices going fucking mad. To evade the inevitable, especially where these patent matters last a lifetime, was worse than just surrendering but everyone kept saying if we could just control it. The madness of these men as they thought through various scenarios of how to deny due process, how to abuse law, how to re-write code to block him, how to control the courts and law enforcement was beyond belief. All to beat one man or was he. I was beginning to realize that everything he said to me in the beginning, when he wanted to create a Thought Journal and use the revenues from G-d�s portion of the patent royalty to fund it, were not insane. Not insane when compared to those around me who were losing it fast in everyway, hemorrhoids, ulcers, heartburn, stress, shitting blood, heart attacks and strokes. Sleepless and sexless nights. Neurotic, psychotic, sociopathic, pathological thoughts running through our heads, normal thoughts could no longer penetrate our brains. He told me in our first meetings, he told Lewin, Rubenstein, investors, employees, family members and every single person who saw and became involved with the technologies, upfront, that if this credo to G-d were not carried out by us that it would be hell to pay. To see us now desecrating law, desecrating our country that so many had died to give us such freedom, desecrating the Constitution I once believed in, desecrating Truth, Justice and the American Way, was more than even I could handle.
At first, it seemed cool, we knew that could pull off the first or second round of attacks he or any of his friends could launch, hell we had all their stolen royalties, which were already in tens of billions of dollars to use against him. Yet, we did not foresee that in beating him out of everything we were losing everything, we were creating hell for ourselves, I hardly could choke down food at this point and have it taste like anything other than death. Each level we had to block was another canto. I am ashamed to say that I was beginning to have conscience about the magnanimity of what we were doing, as I was teaching my children all the wrong things and ruining their worlds in the process. I was teaching them lawlessness, everything not moral, and they could see it suck the life of me yet they were enthralled with what we were doing. My wife certainly wasn�t, as the police report clearly shows, I mean I was heading to prison for a lengthy stay if this scam on the country and everything failed, and she is turning me in for slamming into some poor asshole drunk to the cops. I could have the sorest ass in the history of prison.
It was all about the fact that we, the elite spoiled rotten children of the world, silver-spooned from birth, had found that other than our parents money we were worthless. That our elitist attitudes built on the fact that we were better than the common working man, having not earned anything in our lives, were now running the country. People like George W. Jr., our leader, silver-spooned and passing college only due to his father and grandfather�s name and handsome bones to Yale and Scull & Bones. Worse yet, a prior failure in every business he ran, claiming bankruptcy at every failure, the easy way out of his debt. Here now running the country was perhaps the lowest IQ leader of the free world ever, more apathetic than Hitler, at least he earned his sickness. Bush was worthless and easy to get into position, all we had to do was throw the election and surround him with some other real sick fuckers who never earned a hard days work and hated the common man more than even the spoiled kids hated them. These Cheney�s and Rumsfeld�s were perfect to surround the spoiled Bush with, they hated the common man only because they were common paupers and thus they hated they were not part of the superior class. Therefore, they would do anything to become one of the boys at the club. In fact, they hated the common man so much that it was easy for them to try and pull the wool over their stupid fucking eyes, to rob them of their savings accounts with the Reagan admins ripping off the savings and loans from a bunch of retired old fucks. The Reagan era Iran Contra affair where they figured out how to amp up drugs and get kids of the middle and lower class addicted to super addictive, super-hyped coca and crank. So addictive that they would give their last dollar for it and then sell their souls, making the perfect working class niggers to their super structure Hitlarian beliefs. Who cares that they got these kids addicted, they would provide them with income they could not earn any other way. Now look at our children so many sucking the Devil�s dick, sedated beyond life, so some yuppie asshole�s father can afford to put him through college, buy him a car and change his fucking diaper and I think of my own children.
To put the Bush family into power again, through a manipulated election was not the hard part, controlling them was not that hard, in fact ripping off Eliot for their own gain did not take much convincing and they knew all the right people. In fact, our firm�s leader Joseph Proskauer has quite an interesting history and these guys would play for us like puppets in a play. All we would have to promise a Texan in the Whitehouse and his father�s crony buddies, is an increase in the oil prices, a piece of the technologies trillion dollars over twenty years. With that, they would rewrite law to get away with this, stack the Supreme Court with guys put in just to deflect Eliot, kill Eliot if we could get them to it would be even better for us. Play the Bonesman, get them all gung-ho on how much money this would be to fund their secret society of spoiled rotten children, like the Billionaire Boys Club, a society founded by Hitler Youth. I hear they eat on Hitler�s chinaware and it is reported that George W�s great grandfather stole Geronimo�s bones from his coffin and we elected two of his kids to the White House. I mean did anybody do a background check on George W. II, a flunky Yale Bonesman, who bankrupted every company he touched, running the county. A member of a secret society with his buddy Kerry, the almost Jew, also a Bonesman. Frightening that either way the election went we would have a Bonesman in the House, that was their typical way of gaining political spots. Play both sides with someone who cares about the Bones far more than Democrats or Republicans, as they are merely servants to Bones and Bones rule, the people, fucked.
Revisiting His Background
Slow Death
Complaints from every direction. All we were doing was delaying certain death and long prison sentences.
Message of the Devil / Angel
At once, I understood the importance of his early words to me, of the challenge that I had accepted the promise to be true to them, to G-d and the children. It was in that first meeting that I asked how they came to be, that he warned me that the technology was divine. The meeting that I was to busy scamming him, or he I, it was coming back from my unconscious like a bad lsd flashback. It was breaking through in a hellish symphony, bit by bit. I wondered if this was why guys like Rubenstein and Joao were acting in this way too, suicidal thoughts, all kinds of strange thoughts. We all missed it, he threatened us in the most cavalier way and we ignored it, we had other thoughts running through our greedy minds and he spelled it out in black and white.
I made some calls; others were feeling this way too. Lewin�s life to was hanging by a thread, everybody in town knew, this kid had smeared us to every single fucking person in the world it seemed. We trademarked it yes, at the time, we thought what the hell, it was his tag line �The Click Heard Round the World��[15] We had held off the first wave or two of investigations but it would never end and we knew it. We were all desperately trying to remember from deep in our minds his words; in the first meeting he seemed to have warned everybody, upfront, honestly, about these technologies but nobody could remember what exactly he said. It was eating at them too. Nobody could come up with anything other than pieces, a few things but like a puzzle, we now were determined to remember.
I knew first that many of his words were about a coma. That what I thought was funniest was his telling of death, I tried to imagine laying there in my own blood if I would have the divine intervention he did. I had almost lost my hate of him, my blood curdling rage at this one man and now saw him as something more, much more. I knew what he said, that he was like me before, until the voices in his head until this meeting with G-d. Was this the noise in the back of my mind, was this what was breaking through a mystical voice? He said he called out. I called out. It called back but I could not hear it, I knew it was there, how was he tuned? Would G-d come answer my call? I know this sounds mad but with everything we had stolen from him, it rang through that part of the warning that day was that I would be ripping off G-d. Now perhaps I felt at the time that he was nuts and stealing from G-d did not seem such a threat but now the fear consumed me.
I saw what it meant on a me level, a level where it was already destroying everything I once valued. At the very time that I had everything, I thought, I had wanted. I had everything of his and yet I felt valueless. I had everything I dreamed of in law school and yet nothing. Money, I wondered when it would all disappear and become his, I was living on borrowed money and time and he did not care a bit about a dollar. We thought he was a spoiled rotten kid at first, his father was loaded, and it was a natural thought at first. On the other hand, he was able to survive with money and without any. I could not bear with the thought of parting with it and yet it was not buying me anything without misery. Even buying things brought thoughts to my head that negated the purchase value, imagine thinking that everything you had could be gone in a flash. He was pushing a federal complaint with Justice that alleged and sought protection under RICO and rightfully so, it was winner take all. We had certainly far surpassed the tests to prove his case. The conspiracy was so wide and deep, now involved so many people and so many crimes, that we had become a criminal law firm, a criminal organization, instead of a law firm protecting the law, we were desecrating it.
Do not get me wrong, proving his case was not between Justice and us, it was between G-d and us. I no longer thought about had I robbed Eliot, I wondered if his words about stealing from G-d, meant G-d would be my judge, jury and executioner? Perhaps this is why he could outsmart thousands of lawyers committed to beating him with every breath, as their Porches were at stake. Nevertheless, the more lawyers, judges and politicians that fought him, the more that found themselves in the same condition I was in. I felt remorse for that, for I knew that they could not see at first, those bought in to aid and abet, to cover it up. They did not know about his deals with G-d, nor mine, I never told anyone I had sworn allegiance to him with false intent. I knew swearing false oath was one of the big Ten Commandments, I knew that too would have a price. He had not told them at first either, testing their souls, testing to see if they would join in our devilish plan. We just bribed these lackey�s and they sold their degrees for a partnership gain, a lift in pay, a chance to play in the big league. Politicians and judges were beyond easy to either bribe or plant. The playing field was completely uneven and yet he was winning, the more we tried to stop him, the more our problems compounded. Everybody was involved at the firm now; we had to bring them in, as the problems grew bigger. Word at board meetings, or should I call them Eliot meetings, was no longer about how to keep the crime from the partners but now about how to protect the firm from him. Our lawyers were spending almost 85% of their billable hours on Eliot. Everybody in the firm now knew, knew that the partnerships and pay were just a temporary benefit if we lost, if he or any shareholder ever got this into a fair and impartial venue, we knew someday... All this energy against him from partners of Proskauer, Foley and Lardner, Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolf & Schlissel, Blakely Sokoloff Zafman & Taylor, Schiffrin & Barroway and yet we were losing. Losing to what seemed like one man, hosts of friends both visible and invisible. In law, he had the Constitution in his favor and he wielded it, a wicked sword. We would have to try and deny his entire Constitutional rights, we might even have to begin to try and rewrite law to exculpate the ones caught.
His words resounded
We were reeling in pain from his assaults, we had been able to hold off some
The Art of War � Who the Fuck is Sun Tzu
Demons, unseen foes, fear, the lack of will, these are the feelings of one losing everything. There were fires burning all around us, fire that shocked the shit out of us and raged to the top. We could not wake up in the morning and attend a meeting where our focus was how to fight off the wave of attacks, he struck consistently at 4:55pm on Friday�s, like clockwork. Occasionally when we would think that Friday had come and gone without assault, we would sigh relief, knowing his pattern. Then, in a bizarre twist one day, as Monday morning broke, emails were sent to all the partners, warning us, threatening us. Effectively from that time until now, even the weekends were shattered waiting to see whether he struck or not on Monday, waiting for what we never knew until it was too late. Every time we thought we had him beat or subterfuged, he conquered and our mess grew larger. Every victory was ten steps back; it was just a matter of when. At first, we thought he had a fly on the wall, driven to paranoia of everyone involved. Who was leaking information, how did he know? How to find the mole? Everyone was suspect and everyone was mistrusting of the other, if there was a mole, was it from Justice or from his camp. If they could give him information to ruin us, they obviously already knew a lot and he waited until just the right time to sodomize us, usually very publicly.
For example, take �Fat Bastard� Krane, the man charged with getting us off the hook in the complaints against us with the state Supreme Court bar associations and disciplinary bodies in New York. He had launched a flurry of bar complaints against five of the key people in the scam, including me in Florida; Krane, Rubenstein and Joao in New York and William Dick in Virginia. Krane was President of the New York State Bar Association and he was at the top of the disciplinary committees in New York, his complaint was filed after Krane was caught handling the complaints against Proskauer partners while having public office roles, so in conflict with his public offices. This was not the appearance of impropriety; this was a gluttonous violation of the state supreme courts he was caught manipulating. All of the New York boys ordered for investigation in a unanimous decision by a panel of Five Justices of the Supreme Court of New York: First Department, this was going to take a miracle to derail. To get another moment more of free air, air taken while choking, like we were being strangled. In fact, Krane was a key department head at the First Department Disciplinary where the complaints were initially lodged at against our partners. He was a former �whipping boy�, clerk, for Judge Judith Kaye the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court of New York. Judy was already in our pocket from her husband, Stephen Krane, who we made an intellectual property partner, to buy her devotion. She was in deep now, as if we were caught, she and her husband would lose everything and it was her suggestion that Krane would be the perfect candidate to cover up in New York, with her oversight. The plan was working perfectly, we had derailed the complaints with a group of freshly corrupted and planted people, we now controlled top down the New York courts, this was fucking unbelievable, I mean we were running massive scams now through New York and the courts were in our pocket. Judy was confident she could hold it together, Krane, well one look at that fat fuck and you can see how easy he converted, you could have held out a cheeseburger for him to disregard ethics. Krane was all about revising the language of the state bars to allow criminal activity to be committed by any of Judy�s buddies. They got in trouble, he was the guy they bought to keep their law licenses. Judy, being the mastermind of that scheme, we had a tap into every dirty lawyer in New York, it was easy to find ones to aid and abet, even commit our crimes. Judy had a history with IBM and she was all over the concept of stealing the inventions and gave critical input into how to best beat or cheat the law.
Five to five, one Friday afternoon, the whole world for fat boy and the New York boys was ruined as he blasted out a letter to everyone, exposing Krane�s dirty secret. How did he find out? How long had he known? How much did he know? Shit, he sent us a copy and began a barrage of harassing calls to the Chairman and Managing Partner of Proskauer, just toying with them. The letter, circulated to about a thousand people was Krane�s death, all the evidence of his corruption, irrefutable evidence of conflict and impropriety. That fat fuck was slowly dripping pounds of fat off, but not as fast as he could replace them stuffing his fat face with supersized meals.
Off to investigation unless we could railroad the investigation with more of Judy�s friends but it was getting much harder to find allies when everything was out there and people were getting trepid about joining our ranks. Boom, the instant the complaints landed at the NY Supreme Court � Second Department, the moment even more trouble arose, more people had to be enlisted and my conscience weighed heavy. In seconds everyone we planted was exposed, we needed the court clerk, who had no business in the disciplinary but was a longtime dick sucker of Krane and butt boy for Kaye, Pelzer, try to write some nonsense to deflect the investigations. Where the court ordered an investigation Pelzer would write a letter trying to state that on review, not investigation, the investigations were done. The investigator stated that no investigation was completed in exchange for review, inapposite the court order, her letter a complete joke, all it took was a promise of a partnership with Proskauer. Pelzer�s letter was a last ditch attempt to deny due process coming from a guy with absolutely no authority in the matter, speaking on behalf of another bitch he bent over for, Gail Prudenti, who had her head so far in Kaye�s crotch as to earn the nickname Fishhead. This letter comes with both Prudenti and Kearse having conflicts with both Kaye and Krane, refusing to address their conflicts and continue to operate in complete arrogance of the conflicts. A stonewall of justice against Eliot Bernstein and quite truthfully Bernstein did not order the court ordered investigation, five justices did. Yet, they write to Bernstein why they are failing to uphold the court ordered investigation, for they feared writing to the court their decisions to fail to follow the court order. The fact that a court ordered an immediate investigation, not a review, all further correspondence should have been to the Court that ordered the investigation. Instead, since there were no controls, we just did as we pleased, Judith Kaye could cover anything that floated to the top. If he could not respond to anyone, since we controlled everything, there seemed no reason to worry for the moment. It was progressively getting worse though, people were irate with the exposure with the fact that they had become involved in covering up such large scale corruption, it didn�t matter that they knew now, they were in too deep. Nothing they could do except yield to aid us further, not one of these spineless dickheads had the balls to stand up to the corruption, in fact I think many of them were more than eager to use their colored college degrees to advance in crime. He was just jostling with them, telling them to sign their names into the history books, into the larger federal complaint coming and they all acted as if this charade would last forever. Sooner or later though they would begin to have fears of him that consumed them too, Krane was no longer a functioning man, he was a Jewish bitch, and as such he was whining day and night. No longer did he wear an attitude of arrogance to his blubber, he was like a stuck pig, his squealing under my skin like a festering splinter.
Or better that with Florida, where I was getting murdered at the bar, with my partner Matthew Triggs now found violating his Supreme Court of Florida Bar Association position, caught representing me during a blackout period. But we had good ol' boy Jeb in Florida in our pockets and we quickly began a smear campaign on Eliot and figured by the time the bar complaint was over, he too would be.
Or better that with Virginia, where Dick was getting dicked in the butt.
The Angels - Those Who Feared No Evil
The Inventors Wife � Stronger Than Mortal Man
Who was this woman? Talk about underestimate, we missed the boat on his wife Candice. She was not an obstacle; in fact, we figured she would be like most of the widows that had survived their husband�s deaths from our schemes. Normally, in the scam, the inventor would not even see us coming and never even know we were the ones that plotted his demise. In the course of destroying their lives, divorce was a common thread that usually came before the murder or suicide. Sometimes, it was planned to have them both dead in the same accident, this way we could destroy any inheritors with rights. Off the road they would go.
Once we had achieved the theft of the intellectual properties from an inventor, the last thing we wanted was a bitchy wife coming after us. So we would make sure that before the divorce the inventions were already destroyed, the inventor was on his way and the wife normally collapsed in pain, gave up any fight, turned on her husband and wanted him dead too. From riches to rags, most wives gave up their husbands the minute we forced them into solitude. We would drive up the value of the company with debt from our friends, get them all saturated in money and the belief that their patents were going to spin royalties, get them spending the money before it was made. Then right as they were enjoying life, we would begin a multifaceted destruction of their lives. Starting with forcing them to bankruptcy, loss of their companies, loss of their IP, loss of their love and throw their lives into a world of shit. The unhappiness and strain would drive a few to kill themselves; this always made our job easier.
Oh dear g-d, did we play her wrong, she grew stronger with destitute, she was invincible to pain, her love grew the more they spiraled into hell. This was not normal; we had never seen anything like her. If he was a messenger from G-d, she was an angel sent to help him. The less she had, the happier she became. She had no bonds to money, power, status or the typical yuppie housewife things. She did not flinch as their lives became more and more embattled; she became a fierce warrior instead. Where other women would have been hammering their husbands for their failures, not seeing that we were the cause, they normally provided the icing on the cake in strain and stress on their inventor husbands. Wives normally walked out the door in the first months after crisis, women these days did not stand by their man often, love tied to tangibles in most marriages. Not her, she grew stronger and she did not lose a drop of love for her love was based on real things, this was not normal of today�s woman. She had no ties to any possessions, she was unafraid of welfare lines, and she had no shame in getting food stamps for her children. Perhaps to spite us she had more children, more problems for our future.
On the other hand was my wife, Deana, who had everything of hers (Candice's) and nothing of her own and where love was dead� sterile. We had moved up since the crime, the technologies were so rich we did not know what to do with the new monies. She knew what was up, she helped me plot and scheme to destroy both of them. In the beginning we banged for the first time in years in what we thought was our time and ecstasy, her dreams had come true and I was feeling the benefits. So close were we to having it all and now so close were we to losing it. Having it made it worse for her, she hated me with every passing day since I told her that we were busted.
Her world collapsed, the hate within her grew, she could have killed them single handedly, and she certainly came up with so many creative ideas. She would never let go, they would have to pry it from her. I was listening into a tape on day from the PI watching them that rocked my world. He was talking to a friend and he said �when these guys get tried, and they will, they are going to prison for the rest of their lives. We will collect their assets through the RICO, so a few billion more from taking out 5-6 law firms with partner assets galore makes it worth the extra time it takes to bring these low life pieces of shit to justice. But what I can�t wait for is to take their cars, houses and wives. I mean Candice and I will ask their wives if they want to stay in their Fifth Ave penthouse, and if so we will ask them to have sex in unusual ways with unusual things and persons of strange sorts on tape. If they agree and sign written legal contracts, we will let them have the house and then send the tapes to their husbands in prison with a TV and VCR to boot. We will brand the video with powered by Iviewit Technologies in the lower right corner. Just kidding but some of those lawyers have some pretty nice wives who have sold out once, should be easy to have them bend over for easy access.� He was daydreaming and I was having nightmares of him making love to my wife and her enjoying it more than with any man. He was not a man and so I could never emulate him, my dick went limp. We had watched them with a Fat Bastard bug up their butts, at first we were bemused and fascinated. In the midst of crisis, these two did not miss a fuck. Everyday, sometimes two, sometimes three, it was unbelievable, porno was not this good. Good for a moment until you realized that you were no match, never had been, that you were deprived somehow of this greatest joy in life. Deanna�s envy grew and my boner shrank. Shrank so low that Viagra couldn�t get it awake, I could not perform like that even free of stress, under stress it was that my mind was consumed and every time it rose, the fucking noise in my head became obscene and I was precluded from further enjoyment. Sex at a time like this was not possible, yet their lives were a thousand times worse and yet they rose above it and then beyond it and came so free.
Lewin said his wife, after watching their sexcapades was so depressed she wanted to kill herself. She hated Candice, what did she have that she did not? Why could her husband not perform like that? What stopped her from reaching climax that made her shoot cum? Candice was beautiful and all the men knew it. They watched the tapes in fascination and were in awe of her, not her surface beauty but her soulful, emanating beauty, the kind that cannot be bought. She was everything a man dreamed of, both in her dedication and love of him and her prowess in bed. In bed, she was so free, her fantasies all realities. A world none of us had with our cold marriages, our wives, dead fish to dead men. Even our hookers could not perform anything like her; hers was not dirty, beyond that, it was more like uninhibited, unrestrained -- pure ecstasy. We had watched hundreds of PI videos taken while doing casework, we had seen people all fucked up on drugs, having kinky wild sex, we thought we had seen it all, we had seen nothing. In fact, she was the cause of my failure to become erect, I would often muse that it was her not him causing the noise in my head, that she was some form of sex demon, demonizing my mind to make me impotent.
With my shriveled dick in hand, Deana would grow even more spiteful, she too wanted that kind of love and she had none. Her problem seemed similar to mine and one night in frustration, she revealed that her lack of lust was due to this growing ringing in her head. It was there almost constantly, it was almost like static. The first time she heard it was at Jacob Noah Archie Bernstein�s bris, when Eliot cut his son�s penis himself. She had never seen a man so proud as to due his own circumcision and then to find out he had done his other son Joshua Ennio Zander Bernstein�s. To find he had reached into his wife and pulled the children from the womb made her revel in jealousy and hate of them. It was rumored that he had built a video teleconference system for he and his father at the birth of their first son and broadcast the video of him doing the cut from California to his father�s house in Florida. His father hosted a party and everyone watched, this was really, before anything like it existed and yet he built since his father and mother�s health was not good at the time. Now here I was watching this crazy man, hating him too, wishing that I had pulled my son or did anything to bond me as he did for his. My kids were so spoiled and rotten that they were never close to anything but money, like father like son. He sent pictures to us daily of his children; we hated them, for they too were too beautiful, fucking vegetarian, blond hair blue-eyed Jewish supermodels.
Deana revered Eliot and at the same time, she plotted to steal from him and his children, later plotting to kill them with us. She hated Candice from the start. I mean who was this bitch, married to this upscale Boca Raton kid, this California girl, with her endless beautiful legs and blond hair. There was no one at the club that knew them, they had just moved from California at the birth of their second son. Rumors swirled about Eliot, mainly from his family but there was not a single word on her, she was quiet but deadly. At first, I did not get a private investigator to dig up dirt on her. Finding her to be too blonde to worry about, too young and too easy to beat, she seemed unremarkable and no threat. Another fatal mistake, when we destroyed Eliot�s life, family and friends, they simply moved on to her family. He loved her mother, her grandmother, her sister, her cousin and these women all loved him, another shield to our efforts. This was not typical but after we tried to blow them up for their antics in Florida, like dragging my name and my DUI through the state bar, then to the Supreme Court of Florida (Case # SC04-1078 docket) and then to the United States Supreme Court, everyone seemed to be helping him somehow. They had more friends than we counted on, hers were true street fighters, his had ways and means. Combined they bounced off and deflected every attack of ours in mysterious ways. Oh, we hated them with every subtle attack we laid upon them and every one they laid upon us. Their attacks happened before we knew they were coming, helpless to stop it. The only way we were able to delay it was through complete denial of due process and procedure. Hell on his website, there is a picture of me and it has �Whack the Wheezler� on it, when you smack it, my DUI pops up. Smack Rubenstein�s picture and his court ordered investigation appears. Smack the �Fat Bastard� Krane and his court ordered investigation for conflict of interest and the appearance of impropriety appears. This was the kind of shit that made us desire to kill them more, imagine Krane, former President of the New York Bar and leading figure in the NY Supreme Court disciplinary, destroyed. Labeled �Fat Bastard� and the �King of Gluttony� on the Iviewit homepage. Our rage met with impotence, knowing that touching him would lead to certain charges against us. Certain investigation, paralyzed like deer in the lights. This was no car though; she was a fucking freight train.
We had to move quickly to destroy now her family, to reduce the threat from the inheritors. We would have to begin causing them some legal troubles out in California. That would have to be accomplished very quietly though, in the background before anyone could catch on that events were related. Her mother was getting a divorce, we could infiltrate and cause problems with her counsel. One of the mother's brothers was in trouble and we could get in and cause problems for him, perhaps get his dime bag dope charge turned into a life sentence on the three strikes laws. Her sisters boyfriend was border trouble, perhaps we could get a quick charge against him, we would have to start infiltrating the family and keeping everyone from knowing the true source of their pain. We hired another PI firm to get out to California and find us some dirt on them, they did not seem to difficult to destroy. Not only her family and friends would we know have to target but all of his friends were on my list to find dirt on. We had already begun interfering in almost everyone of his relationships and had successfully caused problems with many of them, neither of the parties every making the connection with our firm. So we began on her mother first, the divorce was an easy target, we would have to back the other party, already a true pig of a man and then get the attorney to aid and abet our plan, leave her with nothing, desolate and broke. Let's see how well she would be able to support them with nothing.
Was Dan Brown Right � Jesus Gave the Church to Woman, Man Stole it Through Force. Inventions to Help you See the Truth
When looking back at his life one sees that all of his prior writings, like the original "Thought Journal" are on a parallel with Jesus. Prophetic divine voices in his head. Visions of horror for mankind and the ability to put their finger on the cause of suffering but more so in that they both had vision as to what was wrong with society, they had plans to change it, divine plans. I am sure that Jesus was ridiculed and laughed at as he purported ideas as fresh as "turn the other cheek" at a time people were crucifying each other and feeding them to lions. Eliot was attempting to tell people that the New World Order just was not working, that he could see the suffering of our children in the near future, suffering from our greed. Eliot had made the claim that the earth was a womb and her children were the animals, plants and things. He wrote a poem in the Dinosaur Story:
V. Kill the Planet ~ Save the People! Kill the People ~ Save the Planet!
Mother Earth, in your veins, poisons we have pumped,Killing the breast that feeds our young.Your eyes,Black!Filled with smog, scum and soot,In the name of technology,Man has forgot the beauty of ecology.Fucked humanity,All creatures that you nurture shamed,For this crime, MAN, alone to blame.Will we kill the planet,For the love of gold and to be elite?Who will save the people,When resources precious to life they deplete?Children,Ignore Her no longer,She dies at your feet;If you fail this greatest of challenges,It will be your own defeat.From generations past that loved Her not,She might as well be dead.I blame Her not,If for our deeds,She kills us for our greed.Will we desecrate the planet,For the love of gold and to be elite?Who will save the people, When resources precious to life they deplete?Children,
Against these crimes of Nature.Once bountiful, Her cup runneth over.
And rape!And reap!Was our respect to Her.
Now She and all Her babies die, Evidence that we were not Her lover.Will we kill the planet,For love of gold and to be elite?Who will save the people, When resources precious to life they deplete?
VI. Kind ManI am an animal.Forgot my name,Got lost in killing every living thing.Extincting species by the hour my game,Will GOD allow me in his fellowship ring?
Soon,I will inhabit the earth alone,If I cannot change my horrible throne.We were called man"kind", a great misnomer,For a creature soon to be a loner.
The question now is how to change our stanceTo caretaker of the planets creatures,A noble cause, a true alliance.What nobleness would we receive,Instead protecting and preserving God�s art pieces.
Where to begin?Kill the industrial revolution!Let the new rein in.If we are not able to undo our ways,Then surely we will be accountable to pay.
In our children�s lives maybe no ozone. The sun burning their eye�s closed.Will we cuddle them when they have no skin, but bone?
Soon,We will inhabit the planet alone,If we can not change our horrible throne. We were called man"kind", a great misnomer,For a creature soon to be a loner.
When the children hold their heads to the sky,For a sip of water,Will you cry,"Stop children! this is a horrible game,For surely your eyes will fill with acid and pain.Never ever should you play in the rain?For we forgot to protect the water,Now it tastes like a fucking sewer."
Or better that,With a Chernobyl in your home,When missing this or that, they come only with a groan.We were called man"kind",A great misnomer,For a creature soon to be a loner.
VII. A Lesson From a Dying King
Petty are the thoughts of mankind in the face of death.Weary world, wipe your eyes.See the grander and greater sky.Center not upon yourselfYou are but an integral part.Entropy,Your continuous friend in heart.Answers will never come.You go through life on instinct.In your end, you will be known for yours alone.Accept that you are not the whole;For that is the fool who has no soul.Love all equally! There is no greater or grander thing.To place yourself on a pedestal so high,Is to miss the beauty of the skies,And set yourself apart,all,all,Alone, in the dark.Blind?Afraid?Above the rest?Cry not that you missed the best.Destiny, in your control,You're every action,A reflection on your soul.
Selflessness the goal, of a truly loving soul.We only see,But for a brief bit of our eternity,The greater and the grander things,Which with it this strange life does bring.
For past, present and future are of no concern,For as a part, you see no start.Fool hearted to linger on the end.
Before your birth,In this blind state,Where did you abate?When you die,Where will you next rise?I ask these questions in disguise,Too not arose fear within your eyes,But instead, To fill your head with the magnanimity of your part.The glories of life surround you for a second,Or for eternity?How far backward or forward can you see,Fixated on this brief moment in your history.In one swift breath,Your life here will expire,Will one more be your desire?Or are you content with your lives fire,Knowing you will forever go higher?
Not frightened of what lies ahead,Anticipating the wonders of what's now livingAnd will soon be considered dead.For you will always be a part,Of this God's grandest piece of art,No matter what kind of heart.But will your soul be filled with the joys,Of the greater and the grander things, With which it this strange life does bring?In orbit all around,Life's greatest pleasures abound.Wake to see the morning light,In a truly selfless plight.
Weary world,Open your eyes,And see the changes necessary for life to survive.
Children rise!
Rebellion and revolution must save the skies,Our self-indulgences are killing us so.In the race to be civilized,Mankind has lost chivalry.Blinded in fright, greed and insecurity,Man will never see salvation's light,If the children do not raise up the fight.Taught from birth to accept their plight;Evil thoughts and actions will soon look right.Taught raise not objection.The child grows in complete deception.Poor Mother Earth, must surely be in hell,To deliver from Her womb man,The destructive force that delves to kill Her next born.To see Her children divided against one another,Man killing and beating Her lovin' creatures.No respect for Her wombly nurture,No life may have a future!Time has played against Mother Nature.Will She again be able to nurture?Maybe it is our time to nurture Her,As it should have been since he?From sea to shining sea.Rebuild Her womb,The atmospheric and environmental sea.With no time in the looking glass,The abuses must change fast.Solutions are easy.
Change seems impossible.
With the answers clear, What can MANkind truly fear?Possibly the loss of his wars, creed, and greed,All sick and wrong claims of his victory. For mans most prized possessions,Seem more the devil's obsessions.And children behold these problems of old,To forget the problems only makes them grow.It is on your heads to make a stance,For your own and all creatures futures chance.From this gross scene of our ancestors past,You are responsible to bring it back to beauty at last!Do not bow in despair,All is not yet lost.Conquer these fears.Or you will pay the cost!
It was killing me to read these lines from his diary, written after his coma, I remember after reading it the first time that I felt a cold chill of the evil I had become. I hated more for the fact that he seemed to blame man and he identified with woman as the savior of the planet or the defeat of their own children. Then I read the DaVincci Code and I almost fell off my chair, as I realized that his words seemed identical to Jesus, he was promoting a New World order where woman took back the planet in fear of their children being killed from this male dominated, ego-psychotic driven world we lived in. He believed that man had stolen the planet in his delusion to become king of the planet and in order to do so unobstructed he reduced woman to less than dog. Depriving the bearer of children the right to be involved in any part of societal direction and where they did not cooperate with their man, they were beaten and further oppressed into submission. Pure brute force was mans way. Eliot saw that the only way the planet and Her creatures could be saved was by mothers teaching their male children to have respect like a woman, for the planet first and foremost, as it was the embryo of their existence. Since man has no embryonic link to life other than for a brief second, it was impossible for them to understand the need for nurture and therefore they could not place in a hierological order the order for life as number one. That mankind had ordered the world without any consideration for natures womb, their megalomaniacal ways had brought the world to where it was today, a polluted world, corrupted by greed for all the wrong things, a world where ozone holes, water pollution, air pollution, deforestation, etc. was bringing the children close to a world lacking essential resources for life; only man, with no care for life, life even of the children could have directed humanity in this spiral to hell. No woman would have jeopardized the resources precious to all life for things like power or gold, woman see the only precious resource as being their children first and other things second. Man sees only other things first, like power and money, and thus life does not even enter the equation, hence the world we live in.
Dead Inventor � The Failed Murder Attempt
We were beat and in our desperation, for it made no sense, we conspired to kill him. Kill him before he got to the United States Supreme Court. We would step up the heat on him, he was catching on to the entire scheme, it was so complicated that after two years he still did not see the whole of the scam. Fascinating that so many demented ideas filled our mind, that it seemed like there were endless possibilities. In fact, the mold in his apartment was the first attempt, it was coincidence but when he had finally come back from California, after fleeing for his life, after Utley went and threatened him after being caught with the second set of patents, he moved into a life threatening mold situation in his home in Florida. In fact, that almost ended up in cluster fuck for us to, as when he went to court, we interceded in his counsel, a little payolla; denying him any rights there, but it almost killed his baby son. Messy to messier things were escalating. Now, sitting in my car, a plethora of imagery running through my head things are way hot at the point and you must first understand that much earlier in 2001 we sent Utley to threaten him to shut up or else and before we could open our eyes, evidence was flying everywhere, we started a shredding party of his documents, we started to plan for the end here of these inventors but he was to swift. Overnight, after Utley made the death threat, he called his wife and had her pack up there kids and moved them to California, in an instant, overnight, gone. It was like having someone in your sites and then boom, gone before you could pull off a round, gone. You would never believe where they ended up. They fled to a hotel, The St. Regis, where a friend harbored them in the Vice Presidential Suite for weeks at $50 a night, we wondered who his travel agent was, it was a friend of his wife, a Mollie DeKold. Then from there they were on their way to Vegas, to another $50 a night set of suites at the Luxor in Vegas with their entire belongings they had on them for a few more weeks, another deal of another friend, a one Andy and Donna Dietz, they were pesky shareholders in this mess to and were the best in the travel world for rock stars, Donna like iconic. These fuckers were harboring the whole family in a hotel while he had time to further plot and scheme against us, attacks that would forever scar us, doom us but we could not stop there. These friends of his.
We would shatter his life, use every resource in ours and Foley's firms to annihilate him. He had left with his family his home and office belongings, not to return to Florida until discovering our court case against our bogus companies. Since we had moved him into offices directly across the hall from Proskauer's Boca Raton, FL office so we could keep real close to him and it was much easier to bug him that way (who would have thought he could have been bugging us), who thought that he might have known long before he let on, what exactly we were doing, and played us perfectly. A fucking actor he would have had to been and it seems more likely that he is divine versus genius. Either way, it did not matter, we were outwitted and we had to fucking kill him. We were going to do it when he came home to his family but that plan blew up in our face, Utley's threat was to late and Eliot acted faster than anyone could have anticipated. Already we discovered later, he had already called and notified the FBI in CA and the Rancho Palos Verdes police of the death threats and that we were the likely suspects. He contacted the patent office and claimed we were trying to kill him, they suggested he file a complaint but we had the info at his office in Florida and that's when we started to shred the evidence. I mean, Arthur Andersen was on to us and we were so close to a technology transfer with our friends at Enron and the whole Blockbuster (Huizenga's idea) deal to be the controllers of digital video and monopolize his inventions as our own, now all that would have to be scraped. Talk about a fucking nightmare, my head was splitting, I was starting to drink more. I mean we were seconds away from pulling this Enron broadband thing off, we had already started accounting for it on Enron's books, it was all going so smoothly, I mean we had a few hurdles left but it was coming undone fast and all the evidence would have to be destroyed. Arthur Andersen had to go to, they were on to us and had found one of the dummy corporations we set up, where some of the stolen patents in Utley's name were. I mean nobody had completely discovered the scam but they had the coat tails. Enron had to be dissolved to rid the evidence that we had started a Broadband technology division based on a stolen set of patents, that now had to be covered up, since transferring the patents entirely would have been a disaster. Nobody would wonder why Enron had gone Broadband or why the revenue projections were hundreds of millions overdone.
The partners began meeting incessantly about Eliot, it was like our entire law firm was working overtime on this and we had no other billings really that mattered, everyone was at risk. If caught we would lose everything we had, I mean every single thing and so these guys worked from every angle on how to bring him down. How to diffuse the situations unfolding, how to make his life so miserable that he had no time to talk to the authorities. This would give us time to head off any complaints, to destroy the evidence, to plant people where necessary to further derail any efforts to expose us. Thank G-d we had a plan to buy the Presidency, the election fraud was the only way but we had to have someone in at the top, we had to have someone so greed oriented and yet with nothing, George W. II was the answer. Talk about an idiot, getting him elected for certain would take election fraud, imagine a Democratic law firm backing a Republican candidate but he was the man. He had the connections to the Skull and Bones group and with those connections and a few bumbling idiots to surround him we could stop any attempt at due process or justice. The Supreme Courts already stacked both state and federal from years of planning prior, since Regan, of inducted members and their friends, we could still make this work.
Right in the middle of our shredding party we were stunned when a group of guys showed up at the Boca Raton office with moving trucks. They came up to the office and started pulling everything out of the office right beneath our noses. Utley tried to stop them, stating he was President of the company but they said they had Eliot's authority to pull everything from the office, including his desk and chair. To the computer lab they marched and grabbed every machine, before we could figure out how to run things. So Utley started to steal equipment, this later became another mess with the Boca Raton PD, Boca Raton PD 2 we would have to solve for. One of the employees actually wrote a statement of how we tried to bribe him with stolen funds from the company and it was damning, letter Frenden. Even with all of these events exploding we continued on in our greed. We had him on the run it seemed, everyone was convinced we could get rid of the evidence and him still. Yet, with the equipment gone and the records gone, we had shredded quite a bit, there was a lot evidence now floating somewhere in space. It was learned that his former employer, Rock It Cargo, USA had been commissioned to come take the entire Florida office to California and now things were getting worse. Our partners lamented over what they got away with but again we convinced ourselves that there was not enough, that no one would be able to put it together. It was only a few weeks before that Utley had found a video-conference server plugged into the conference room with active cameras all over the office, could he have been taping us, how could we have missed it? We shut it down and removed Eliot from his domain, in fact, we stole the domain and shut them all out until we could figure it out.
We would have to find him in LA and then get back into his life there with some more plants, surround him with fresh faces that would get the company info back to us. What we learned was that the data and docs had been flown to LA and then delivered to a new house he was in, in Palos Verdes, CA, this little fucker was quick. Before we could even get around him to stop any flow of data to third parties, he was already sending out complaints left and right. At the board meeting where Utley was terminated for cause, the board voted to move the companies to California and close our Boca Raton office and shut us and all of the people we planted around him out. This was getting complicated by the minute. With the Feds notified and others, killing him would have to wait and in that time he would do tremendous damage to our plans. I mean come on, we had him dead minutes before, we were seconds from victory and now it seemed we were fighting for our lives, a fight I still feel today we are losing. This fuck was already surrounded with his old California friends and this was an area we did not prepare for, we had made all of our plans for things like killing him in Florida.
Now almost a year before this we had got Foley and Larder involved when Eliot had started to catch on to the fact that Joao was not doing his patent work as intended. What was funny was that when they discovered Joao was scamming, they came to me with the disclosure and it was me who stated that we would begin investigating why patents seemed to be being filed late, why inventors were missing from the applications, why the applications were not assigned as promised, why Joao might have patents in his own name that might be overlapping the Iviewit patents and that appeared recently filed. I guess I did not think I could be being played, that this was part of "keep your enemies closer" that I somehow overlooked, I was not prepared for this kind of war and he was living for it. Eliot came to me all concerned, as if he had just discovered a few pieces of the Joao scam and wanted me and Proskauer to investigate. Can you believe it, they wanted us to investigate our own weasel, this would be to easy. I mean this now caused us to reveal the main patent thief, William Dick of Foley, who would have to come out of the woodwork to replace Joao, I would support that Joao be let go, even though we brought him in and were wholly responsible for his actions. The storyline would be that Joao had done the initial filings quickly and with errors but that Foley and Lardner would be brought in to file from provisional applications to non-provisional patent pendings and clean up any errors, correct the inventors and assignees, etc. Dick was already deeply involved in writing the second set of patents for Proskauer behind the scenes; Utley, he and myself had worked together before at Diamond Turf and others, this would be simple to diffuse the Joao mess. We would have to bring Dick in gingerly and fail to disclose to Iviewit what had happened at Diamond Turf and that Dick was the attorney who filed the stolen patents for the lawn mower inventions we were stealing from Friedkin.
Can�t Change History
The Whole Enchilada
My Time has Come
The Meaning of the Fucking Ringing in my Head

[1] Family Mini-Van hours before it was to be picked up by the wife and kids, after a long and mysterious disappearance to have a battery replaced. The kids would have been in the back seat. Auto. The Boynton Beach Fire Investigator finds accelerants and evidence that it was intentionally incinerated, the FBI is notified.
To see this car in Iviewit imaging Auto

[2] Christopher Clarke Wheeler Police Report, Del Ray Beach, Florida
[3] A living journal of human thought dedicated to finding solutions to offset the damages we do to our children�s environment and lifeblood. A computer that must solve for the most complicated equation, extinction of our species, the X-Gene.
[4] Department of Justice letter that Rubenstein approval letter was not an approval as claimed by MPEGLA. Iviewit complaint to the Department of Justice
[5] The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;
To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.
[7] In this letter to Billionaire Wayne Huizenga, I have a Freudian slip and actually call his technologies �our technologies�, oops. Letter to Huizenga on our technologies.
[8] Starting image � Disney Castle � How many faces can you see.
[9] Proskauer Legal Opinion to interested lawyers and investors. Oh yeah, Hassan is considered to be one the pioneers of multimedia for the internet, heralded for the Intel/CAA multimedia lab. Hassan called it the Holy Grail inventions of the multimedia world in front of Wayne Huizenga Jr., Lewin, Si, Eliot, myself and Jim Armstrong. No one could believe it.
[10] Proskauer opinion on the technologies to a law firm for investment. Keep in mind that Proskauer states they did no intellectual property work, trying to hide their conflict with the MPEGLA patent pool they now control, and a pool that is in violation of Antitrust laws. Currently under federal investigation.
[11] Intel engineers exclaims video blows and internet will be destined to be a text based medium
[12] Opinion from Proskauer regarding Kenneth Rubenstein�s evaluation of the inventions.
[13] Insurance Clients
[14] Letter from Michele M. Mulrooney regarding Eliot�s application for law school referral.
[15] United States Trademark 75/725,802 THE CLICK HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD June 8, 1999 FILED July 27, 2004

Fun Documents to Read
1900 03 10 to 2020 03 10 Patent Application Oath & Declaration filed by Joao. This application is a fraud and the fax headers on the page are part of the explanation. Both fax machines' dates were changed to look like 3/10/00 but instead come out as 3/10/1900 and 3/10/2020. This application also is entirely different than the application signed by Rosario, Bernstein and Shirajee.
1999 01 15 Proskauer letter regarding Iviewit Corporation, a company that does not exist or perhaps it is another Proskauer owned entity involved in theft of the patents through a complex shell game with identically named and similarly named companies
1999 01 28 Letter to Gortz asking why is Rubenstein not at Proskauer and instead at Meltzer when they told us he was at Proskauer.
1999 02 17 - Interactive Week article where Intel engineers are quoted as stating the Internet at speeds under 1.5Mbps would be text based with banners, no video or imaging of quality at the lower bandwidths.
1999 02 18 Wheeler letter regarding Proskauer and Rubenstein review of patents, that Rubenstein is patent expert reviewing the patents for patentability.
1999 02 18 Wheeler letter regarding Rubenstein review of patents 2
1999 02 22 Raymond Joao patent application before he says he knows Iviewit, Joao bills for patent in March stating he is working on application. Yet, the filing card shows it was sent in in 2/99.
1999 03 02 Rubenstein letter to Eliot regarding how to do patents. Rubenstein states in deposition that he does not know Bernstein or anything about the inventions.
1999 04 16 Proskauer and Wheeler get info for fullscreen video invention. Wheeler in deposition states he did not know of video invention prior to Real3D meeting. This indicates he had seen the videos and retained cd's with the inventions on them.
1999 04 16 - Wheeler gets CD with fullscreen videos and in his deposition he states that at this time he was unaware of fullscreen video inventions
1999 04 26 NDA - Goldman Sachs - Jeffrey Friedstein & Donald Kane
1999 04 26 Proskauer opinion letter for Hassan Miah and Earthlink investors Sky Dayton and Kevin O'Donnell. Wheeler sends the opinion to Richard Rosman, Esq. = Contradictory evidence Wheeler states in deposition that Proskauer never reviewed the Iviewit patents and never made any opinions
1999 04 27 Rosman to Wheeler letter showing Hassan wants opinion of Proskauer's Rubenstein who he knows from MPEGLA, Wheeler sends a Proskauer opinion stating their retained counsel finds it to be novel and patentable. Wheeler lies under deposition and to Florida Bar stating he does not know anything about the technologies and never opined.
1999 04 27 Rosman to Wheeler Hassan Rubenstein patent attorney
1999 04 27 Rubenstein/Wheeler/Proskauer patent opinion
1999 05 30 Miah letter asking to email Iviewit patent counsel Rubenstein some questions
1999 06 01 Donald G. Kane letter on structuring the companies
1999 06 11 Wheeler notes regarding Intel/SGI/Lockheed/Real 3D disclosure meeting of video and imaging
1999 06 18 Proskauer bill for Iviewit Corporation, a company that does not exist, we think
1999 06 24 Lewin letter to Wheeler regarding his conflict of interests with Visual Data. Visual Data was an early violator of their NDA and when we found out we also found out that Lewin had undisclosed conflict.
1999 06 30 - Gerald Stanley CEO of Real 3D (Intel/SGI and Lockheed) opinion and information forwarded to Huizenga
1999 06 30 Real 3D Opinion and Licensing Info - We start to see evidence of companies we never heard of. Now there appears and Iviewit LLC and a LLC.
1999 07 23 Proskauer/Wheeler to Huizenga/Branden opinion on technology for Wayne Huizenga investment.
1999 09 08 PR Wheeler to Lewin for Payment after Huizenga funding. Wheeler in deposition states payments were not based on fundings.
1999 09 08 Proskauer Retainer Letter, comes over a year after engaging Iviewit?
1999 09 20 Rubenstein Joao Utley Filipeck Meeting NY Proskauer/Rubenstein Office, yet Rubenstein denies even knowing us other than to refer Joao.
1999 Utley resume given to Iviewit by Wheeler (his best friend) showing false statements about his past. He conceals former patent thefts from his past employer with Wheeler and Dick. Also, false academia credits.
2000 03 09 Utley writes letter to Joao, after Joao is thought to be writing patents wrong and possibly in his name. Decision is made to replace Joao with Dick and Foley - Utley suddenly claims Joao patents have mistakes and major missing items. Good Guy - Bad Guy. Dick replaces Joao but instead of correcting Joao errors and wrong info and inventors they perpetuate the fraud.
2000 05 11 Wachovia Letter from Foley stating false information regarding assignments and missing inventions. False statements for a Wachovia Private Placement by Foley.
2000 05 25 Dr Christopher Taylor Consulting Agreement
2000 06 06 Foley and Lardner request MLGWS/Joao files, stating that Joao has not transferred all patent applications and files, Joao does not send a US application and tries to replace with a PCT. Once caught he sends file 5865-10 which he replaces patent signed by Eliot, Jude and Zakirul with his initial provisional filing. This is the application with fax dates of 1900 and 2020 stamped on them.
2000 07 22 - Proskauer Marketing Letter to Clients Regarding Iviewit Technologies
2000 07 25 Dr Christopher Taylor Milwaukee Engineering Video study showing Iviewit invention for video plays better than true full-screen video, very cool.
2000 07 31 Taped Meeting Foley and Lardner
2000 08 02 taped foley meeting part 1
2000 08 02 taped foley meeting part 2
2000 08 04 Taped Meeting Foley and Lardner Part 1
2000 08 09 Armstrong Foley Boehm letter regarding Foley patent error that were corrected but still filed wrong. This was beginning to discovery that something was afoul with Foley, we had no idea the extent at the time
2000 08 09 Boehm Foley Letter to Iviewit Math Errors and Liability letter tries to diffuse blame on Eliot for Foley's errors
2000 08 25 Wheeler sends to Rubenstein PATENT PORTFOLIO BINDERS, contradicts Rubenstein's entire deposition
2000 08 29 Wachovia Securities Letter to chairman of the board regarding Due Diligence, Foley states Iviewit Holdings, Inc. is owner and assignee of all patents. Patent office information from OED Director Moatz contradicts this. Also in taped meetings held later Foley admits that not all patents are assigned. Foley materially misrepresents to Wachovia the status and fails to list a missing Joao application, securities fraud.
2000 09 05 Intel/RYJO letter warning of using Iviewit technologies in violation of Intel NDA, RYJO tries to steal concepts and get intellectual property in his name.
2000 09 08 Armstrong Where Are Assignments
2000 09 09 Bernstein and Boehm letters regarding bad math filed and other issues. Foley busted here.
2000 09 18 - 60 233 344 - Utley Zoom and Pan Camera Filing contradicts Utley deposition that he knows nothing about a camera patent application in his name, oops.
2000 09 20 Hersh to Arthur Andersen, Erika Lewin accused of misleading auditors on corporate structure, it turns out to be entirely true.
2000 10 09 Arthur Andersen letter requesting proof that Iviewit Holdings, Inc. is owned by shareholders, turns out several Iviewit Holdings, Inc. exist, unraveling a corporate shell game where the other Iviewit Holdings, Inc. are owned by Proskauer Rose.
2000 11 27 Arthur Andersen termination of audit letter, terminates Iviewit after almost one year of audit, after accusing Erika Lewin of fraud
2001 01 01 - Rubenstein bio in Wachovia PPM and as Iviewit PATENT COUNSEL & BOARD DIRECTOR contradicts his, Wheeler & Utley Depositions
2001 01 01 Rubenstein listed in Wachovia Private Placement as patent counsel and board director, contradicts his entire deposition
2001 01 01 Utley resume in Wachovia securities private placement memorandum containing materially false and misleading claims about his former employment where he was caught stealing patents with none other than Dick and Wheeler
2001 01 01 Wachovia Private Placement Memorandum - with bookmarks showing Rubenstein "iviewit patent counsel" and retained intellectual property counsel
2001 01 01 Wachovia Private Placement Memorandum Bookmarked

2001 01 17 Utley Lists Rubenstein as board director for SBA loan compliance documents and to Crossbow, this is contradicted in his deposition when he claims he never used Rubenstein as an advisor and Rubenstein had NOTHING to do with Iviewit, oops.
2001 01 22 Rubenstein named as patent attorney in Wachovia Private Placement Memorandum
2001 04 18 Utley writes letter to Board of Directors claiming that he checked with Rubenstein as an advisor to board. This contradicts Utley deposition statement that he never used Rubenstein as advisor, ouch.
2001 04 21 - James Armstrong letter regarding Utley screwing up patents and company
2001 06 07 Utley police report, Embezzlement and Theft of Proprietary Systems
2001 06 25 - David Colter to Steve Case founder of AOLTW/WB Regarding Eliot Bernstein and the Thought Journal
2001 07 12 Blakely Portfolio Showing Utley Patents, suddenly after Utley and Foley are caught with patents in wrong places, BSTZ is retained and Foley sends patent portfolios that contain all kinds of new patents with all kinds of screw ups.
2001 07 13 Utley police report embezzlement & theft leads to Utley returning stolen proprietary computers. Later discovered that computers were taken to New Jersey company owned partially by investor Tiedemann Prolow. Violates officer and director responsibilities and Utley's non-compete
2001 08 01 BSZT patent evaluation, showing Utley had patents in his own name that were not assigned or owned by company, completely contradicting Utley deposition statements. This is a majordomo f'up.
2001 08 04 BSTZ Letter to Iviewit showing Utley on Patents
2001 09 17 Jeffrey Friedstein Power of Attorney BSTZ
2001 09 18 BSTZ request for Utley Power Of Attorney signed by Bernstein on Utley's behalf to remove him from applications he was found to be on. Evidence shows that patent filings were made with Utley in Japan by BSTZ after Utley was gone.
2002 01 15 AOLTW RUBENSTEIN OPINION comments
2002 03 19 - BSTZ Japanese Filing of Utley Patent After He Was Fired Over One Year, did not discover this until US Investigations led to research in Japan and this is when BSTZ was further found to be part of the conspiracy. This evidences that BSTZ portfolios had false and misleading information regarding these patents.
2002 03 28 Anthony Frenden Statement Regarding Stolen Investors Money and Proprietary Equipment
2002 04 22 Joao Article - Ninety Patents in his name, this article needs to be checked for accuracy in true publication.
2002 04 23 Kasser to Eliot regarding Lewin fraud on financial documents submitted to lenders
2002 08 22 Utley deposition states all patents are assigned to Iviewit and no patents in his name. Contradictory evidence = patents in his name and all patents not assigned - confirmed by USPTO and leading to patent suspensions by commissioner
2002 08 22 Utley deposition states Rubenstein is not an advisor, nor has he ever used him - Contradicted by Utley sending patent documents to Rubenstein as an advisor to the Board and other evidence
2002 08 23 Utley deposition - States Dick was attorney that wrote patents into Utley name at his former employer DTE which led to business closure due to the thefts. Wheeler/Proskauer set up the company where the stolen patents were transferred. Wheeler lies to bar and states he never did work for Utley then gets caught lying in deposition. All three of them failed to disclose the prior patent heist to anyone
2002 08 23 Utley deposition on Diamond Turf patent dispute over stolen intellectual properties by Utley, Dick and Wheeler from Utley's former employer
2002 08 23 Utley deposition statement stating Wheeler knew about Diamond Turf patent disputes. Wheeler while recommending Utley as President of Iviewit failed to disclose this little patent theft or that he was involved. Dick never discloses his involvement. This shows there intent through the concealment. Wheeler delivers Utley resume to the shareholders and completely fabricates Utley's past.
2002 08 23 Utley deposition statement that Dick never filed the patents for DTE but Dick in his statement to the Virginia Bar states he filed the patents in Utley's name to a company Wheeler/Proskauer had set up, Premiere Connection.
2002 08 23 Utley deposition statement that he knew nothing about a zoom and pan camera patent application. Contradictory evidence = Patent Application for Zoom and Pan on a Digital Camera filed in Utley's name without assignment to the company
2002 08 23 Utley deposition statement that there were patent disputes at Diamond Turf which he failed to put in his resume led to the closure of his former emplyer. Where Dick, Wheeler and Utley were all involved shows a criminal enterprise of patent thieves
2002 08 23 Utley deposition statement that Wheeler never represented him. Wheeler states that he did not to the Florida Bar and then in deposition states that he formed company for Utley. The reason they want to hide this company is that it is where the stolen patents from DTE went
2002 08 23 Utley deposition states he did not graduate college, this contradicts his sworn statements in a Wachovia Private Placement that he said he did graduate college
2002 09 20 Greenberg Truarig Proposal Patents
2002 10 25 Rubenstein Statement to Labarga Proskauer
2002 10 25 Rubenstein Statement to Labarga Proskauer 2
2002 11 20 Kenneth Rubenstein Deposition with Exhibits CERT
2002 11 20 Rubenstein Deposition Regarding unsure of Conflict Check
2002 11 20 Rubenstein deposition states he does not have Iviewit patent docs - Contradictory Evidence Wheeler Sending Him Entire Patent Portfolio
2003 01 11 Palm Beach Post Article Crossbow Sells Iviewit! Problem -- they do not own it to sell. Evidence shows that SBA loans were written down and then other securities were sold in violation of private securities law
2003 01 11 Palm Beach Post Article Crossbow Sells Iviewit2
2003 01 28 Counter Complaint Filed
2003 01 31 Eliot Bernstein Deposition
2003 02 25 Joao 9th district original complaint - somehow gets transferred to the wrong district for prosecution
2003 02 26 Original Rubenstein Bar Action
2003 02 26 Wheeler Bar Action
2003 02 26 Wheeler Bar Action
2003 03 20 Labarga order for rubenstein and wheeler to return to deposition to answer previously unanswered questions
2003 04 07 - Wheeler PERJURED STATEMENT TO FLORIDA BAR RE UTLey past relationship
2003 04 07 - Wheeler Proskauer Response to Bar Complaint
2003 04 07 - Wheeler Proskauer Response to Bar Complaint tendered by matthew triggs in violation of his public office with supreme court agency the florida bar
2003 04 08 Joao response to NY Bar
2003 04 11 - Rubenstein response authored by Proskauer attorney Steven C. Krane (Former New York State Bar Association President and former law clerk to Chief Judge of New York, Judith Kaye) in conflict of interest and abuse of public office. Sidebar -- Kaye is married to a Porksauer partner!!!!!
2003 04 16 NY Disciplinary Department with Joao Response
2003 04 30 Bernstein response Florida Bar Wheeler BOOKMARKED
2003 04 30 Bernstein response Florida Bar Wheeler BOOKMARKED
2003 04 30 Bernstein response Florida Bar Wheeler BOOKMARKED 1
2003 04 30 Lamont Response Florida Bar Wheeler BOOKMARKED
2003 04 30 Lamont Response Florida Bar Wheeler BOOKMARKED
2003 05 05 Florida Bar Receipt Filing
2003 05 06 Proskauer Florida Bar Receipt Filing
2003 05 23 Wheeler Admits Perjury and False Statements made to Florida Bar
2003 05 23 Wheeler Admits Perjury and False Statements made to Florida Bar
2003 05 23 Wheeler Response to Rebuttal
2003 05 23 Wheeler Response to Rebuttal authored by Matthew Triggs in violation of his public office with supreme court agency the Florida Bar
2003 05 23 Wheeler Response to Rebuttal Partial
2003 05 26 Iviewit Rebuttal to Joao Response BOOKMARKED
2003 06 03 Iviewit Rebuttal to Wheeler 2nd BOOKMARKED
2003 06 03 Iviewit Rebuttal to Wheeler 2nd BOOKMARKED
2003 06 03 Iviewit Rebuttal to Wheeler 2nd Response Final
2003 06 04 Lorraine Christine Hoffman Cover letter
2003 06 13 Rubenstein affidavit to his deposition, where he writes in his answers without precedence. Judge orders him to return to deposition and answer questions he refused the first time after walking out of his deposition. Remember this is his deposition in his firms law suit.
2003 07 01 Florida Bar Hoffman Response Wheeler Complaint
2003 07 01 The Florida Bar response on wheeler complaint
2003 07 02 Iviewit rebuttal to Rubenstein response, this is quite lengthy as it is full of evidence of the crimes and evidence of false statements to both a civil court, the New York disciplinary department and the Florida Bar
2003 07 16 Signed Letter of Understanding between Iviewit & Schiffrin & Barroway for two million dollars and full funding of all legal counsel in all legal actions. One must ask where are they and the story can be found in complaints filed at the Pennsylvania State Bar.
2003 07 25 Selz letter regarding stand down orders in Labarga litigation because Schiffrin and Barroway operating under the signed LOU asked to replace him in the case.
2003 07 28 Proskauer Draft Settlement that had so many flaws no one could sign it without repercussions of committing fraud against the Shareholders.
2003 08 01 Labarga grants Selz motion to withdraw as counsel
2003 08 01 Labarga grants Schiffrin and Barroway motion to withdraw as counsel, in a surprise move at a rehearing scheduling days before trial. This leaves Iviewit with no counsel on the eve of trial, two counsels re
2003 08 13 Iviewit demand Schiffrin & Barroway for performance under signed and binding LOU
2003 08 14 Wheeler Involvement In Florida Atlantic University Foundation Scandal & Fuzion Fraud. Utley and Wheeler controlled FAU foundation when scandal took place. Wheeler was reported taking tax deduction on his portion of contribution to Corvette
2003 08 28 Boca Raton Police Written Statement - Stolen Cash from Iviewit including funds from Tiedemann/Prolow investment, Crossbow and SBA Loan
2003 09 02 - Boca Raton Police Dept Written Statement - Stolen Intellectual Property
2003 09 02 New York Bar Response Joao and Rubenstein
2003 09 19 Motion for Mistrial labarga Version 4_Final
2003 09 23 OED Written Statement Final 5_09232003_Corrected1
2003 09 26 - Iviewit Florida Bar Letter notice that civil case was over - Missing Doc
2003 09 New York Bar Response Joao and Rubenstein
2003 10 02 - Letter to Florida Bar - Missing
2003 10 02 - Letter to Florida Bar - Not Signed Missing Exhibits
2003 10 02 Iviewit letter to florida bar to re file wheeler complaint civil litigation complete
2003 10 08 Virginia Bar Response Dick to initial Complaint
2003 10 13 - Florida Bar Letter
2003 10 13 florida bar letter again delaying wheeler complaint based on civil litigation
2003 10 30 DOJ Antritrust Final Signed Digital EIB + PSL
2003 10 30 Fax receipt for Dick Bar Complaint Response
2003 11 09 AICPA Lewin Complaint
2003 11 10 - Florida Bar Letter Response
2003 11 10 Florida bar response
2003 11 14 Lamont to BSTZ where is the IP docket
2003 11 17 - Final Signed Judgement labarga litigation default for failure to retain replacement counsel
2003 11 19 - Iviewit letter to turner regarding florida bar review
2003 11 19 Iviewit Letter to Turner Regarding Review
2003 11 20 - BSTZ Portfolio Showing Japanese Patents and Utley Patents
2003 11 20 - Florida Bar Re-examination notice
2003 11 20 florida bar letter regarding re-examination of wheeler complaint
2003 11 22 - European Patent Office Filing Exposing Fraud on the EPO
2003 11 23 - P010 Response Martyn Mulyneaux EPO fraud filing
2003 12 11 judicial qualification commission - brooke Kennerly Response Final EIB PSL signed
2003_10_30_Virginia bar Response william dick - foley & lardner
2004 01 06 Utley declaration for Dick's Virginia Bar Response = contradictory statements to his deposition regarding the filing of stolen patents from his former employer DTE
2004 01 08 - Dick Statement to Virginia Bar Involvement with Utley at DTE and Patents Were Filed - Contradicts Utley Deposition
2004 01 08 Dick Statement to Virginia Bar Shows that Premiere Connections Received Patents (This is the Company that Wheeler set up for Utley). Wheeler lies to bar that he never did work for Utley and then contradicts himself in deposition. This ties Utley, Wheeler and Dick together in former theft of patents from Utley's prior employer
2004 01 09 - Response to New York Bar Rubenstein Joao
2004 01 09 BSZT Letter Response to Coester Final
2004 01 10 BSZT Letter Response to Coester Final
2004 01 13 Antitrust Division Response
2004 01 20 Florida Bar Response
2004 01 20 florida bar response to not investigate wheeler and now opinions by florida bar in favor of proskauer with no investigation and inapposite rules regulating florida bar
2004 01 21 - Virginia Bar Dick statement filed patents for Utley contradicts utley deposition statement stating patents were never filed
2004 01 21 - Virginia Bar Dick statement filed patents for Utley contradicts utley deposition statement stating patents were never filed
2004 01 21 - Virginia Bar William Dick Foley Lardner Response
2004 01 25 iviewit response to florida bar regarding wheeler complaint
2004 01 25 Response to Eric Turner Florida Bar
2004 01 27 Wildman Martyn Molyneaux leaves firm
2004 01 28 - Eric Turner Final
2004 01 28 eric turner final
2004 02 02 Eric Turner 2nd response To Complainant Florida Bar
2004 02 02 Eric Turner Response To Elevate Complaint Florida Bar
2004 02 04 - Eric Turner Response to 2004 02 02 letter
2004 02 04 - Iviewit Response to Eric Turner 2004 02 02 letter
2004 02 14 Eric Turner 3rd response Florida Bar
2004 02 14 Eric Turner 3rd response Florida Bar
2004 03 02 - Warner Crossbow Re Patent Problems
2004 03 03 - 09 522 721 Filing with USPTO FAX COPY Crossbow Inventor Change
2004 03 03 Crossbow Ventures CEO Warner signs statement to patent office that fraud was committed by the attorneys against the
2004 03 04 - 09 522 721 Change of Inventorship Form ALL PATENTS CROSSBOW
2004 03 05 Eric Turner Florida Bar Letter
2004 03 05 Eric Turner Florida Bar Letter
2004 03 12 William Dick Virginia Bar Complaint Response
2004 03 16 - AICPa letter regarding lewin complaint
2004 03 23 Patent Office Correspondence Utley Patents are not Companies
2004 03 23 Patent Office Correspondence Utley Patents are not owned by company or inventors
2004 03 25 Patent Portfolio BSZT based on weider call
2004 03 29 Patent Commissioner Suspension of patents
2004 04 21 Director Officer Advisory Board and Professionals
2004 04 Shareholder Letter Letter of Liability
2004 05 01 Officer and Director Questions LEWIN
2004 05 02 Minutes of Former Board and Officers Meeting
2004 05 13 Officer and Director Questions - WHEELER FINAL
2004 05 19 KRANE COMPLAINT AND STRIKE KRANE RESPONSE tendered in conflict on behalf of Rubenstein
2004 05 19 Krane Complaint Signed Lamont Bernstein Cahill
2004 05 21 Eric Turner Florida Bar Response
2004 05 21 Eric Turner Illiterate Florida Bar Response to florida supreme court petition
2004 05 21 krane response to complaint suicide note
2004 05 21 Officer and Director Questions - RUBENSTEIN
2004 05 24 Eric Turner Letter to Put Everything in Writing
2004 05 24 Turner Letter Regarding Putting Concerns In Writing
2004 05 26 - Response to Krane letter 5 21 04
2004 05 26 Krane Biography showing conflicting first department roles
2004 05 26 Letter to first department Response to Krane 2004 05 21 letter
2004 05 27 - Eric Turner Response to letter dated 2004 05 21
2004 05 27 - Iviewit Letter to Eric Turner Response to letter dated 2004 05 21
2004 06 01 - Eric Turner Letter Regarding Process for Elevating the Complaint
2004 06 01 Turner Letter Explaining Elevation Process
2004 06 02 - Eric Turner Response to Letter
2004 06 02 - Eric Turner Response to letter
2004 06 06 Triggs confirmation of Bar Grievance from Bar - microsoft media file
2004 06 06 Triggs confirmation of Bar Grievance from Bar - Sound File Microsoft Media Player
2004 06 17 Cahill Motion to move complaints krane rubenstein
2004 06 23 cahill complaint fax to curran second send direct
2004 06 23 cahill complaint fax to curran second send direct
2004 06 24 Eric Turner EIB PSL Executed
2004 06 24 Eric Turner EIB PSL Executed
2004 06 25 - cahill to gold
2004 06 25 - Curran Transfer of Cahill Complaint to Gold
2004 06 25 Eric Turner Letter Regarding Complaint Review of Wheeler Complaint
2004 06 25 Florida Bar Turner Letter Refusing to Prosecute Wheeler
2004 06 29 - ORIGINAl Krane NY Complaint 2 - Sent to Curran
2004 06 30 Eric Turner Florida Bar Complaint
2004 06 30 Eric Turner Florida Bar Complaint
2004 06 30 Florida Bar Kelly Overstreet Johnson - Accepts Letter Fails to Disclose Conflicts with Wheeler's Brother
2004 06 30 Florida Bar Kelly overstreet johnson letter turner
2004 06 30 Wheeler Biography Showing False Claims of bar positions
2004 06 30 Wheeler Biography Showing False Claims of Title
2004 07 01 debbie yarbrough supreme court florida fax cover
2004 07 01 Eric Turner Complaint Against Eric Turner The Florida Bar
2004 07 01 Eric Turner Complaint Receipt
2004 07 01 eric turner fax cover complaint against turner florida bar
2004 07 01 Florida Supreme Court Case SC04-1078
2004 07 01 Florida Supreme Court Case SC04-1078 - Acknowledgement of New Case and Stricken Due to Petitioner Not A Member of The Florida Bar Representing A Corporation
2004 07 01 Florida Supreme Court Fax Yarbrough Wheeler Turner
2004 07 01 Florida Supreme Court Filing to Debbie Yarbrough Fax
2004 07 01 Letter to Debbie Yarbrough Supreme Court Florida Regarding Florida Bar Half Truth on File Return Message
2004 07 01 yarbrough supreme court florida message - Microsoft media file
2004 07 01 Yarbrough Supreme Court Florida Message Boggs Misleads Yarbrough Stating Florida Bar Would Return File to Petitioner But Fails to State That The Florida Bar Would Destroy Their Work Product Necessary to Evaluate the Confirmed Conflicts for Prosecution - Windows Media File
2004 07 02 Marvin regarding Turner Florida Bar
2004 07 02 Marvin regarding Turner Florida Bar
2004 07 06 SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA - Wheeler FINAL re-filing per supreme court NOTARIZED
2004 07 08 Cahill Motion Supreme court new york FINAL
2004 07 09 Florida Bar Boggs Confirming Conflict of Triggs and Wheeler
2004 07 09 Florida Bar Boggs letter confirms triggs conflict
2004 07 12 cahill motion to move krane
2004 07 12 Supreme Court Case Update
2004 07 12 Supreme Court Case Update
2004 07 13 Florida Bar Complaint Wheeler 2nd
2004 07 13 Florida Bar Complaint Wheeler 2nd
2004 07 15 - AIG D&O Policy Internal Affairs Letter
2004 07 22 Boggs Receipt of Triggs Complaint
2004 07 22 boggs receipt of triggs complaint
2004 07 22 Johnson Receipt of Triggs Complaint
2004 07 22 matthew TRIGGS BAR COMPLAINT never docketed
2004 07 23 Florida Supreme Court Ruling Company Cannot Be Represented Pro Se
2004 07 23 STRICKEN - The Affirmed Amended Petition for: Injunctive Relief; Declaratory Relief; Begin Immediate Investigation of Complaint Against Christopher C. Wheeler; and Move Complaints to the Next Highest Level of Review, Void of Conflict of Interest and Appearance Of Impropriety
2004 07 28 boggs letter response
2004 07 28 Florida Supreme Court Case LAMONT SIGN SC04-1078 2
2004 07 28 Florida Supreme Court Case LAMONT SIGN SC04-1078 2ND AMMENDMENT FINAL SIGNED EIB PSL CERT3
2004 07 28 Florida Supreme Court SC04-1078 amended FILING
2004 07 28 Florida Supreme Court SC041078 ORIGINAL FILING
2004 07 28 Iviewit Response to Boggs Letter Confirming Triggs Conflict - Johnson CC'd Fails to Disclose Conflicts
2004 07 28 Patent Commissioner Moatz Suspension ALL Patent Trademarks FINAL2
2004 07 29 - Supreme Court of Florida The Style of the Case Has Been Changed From Iviewit Holdings, Inc. v. The Florida Bar to Eliot Bernstein, et. al versus The Florida Bar
2004 07 29 Florida Supreme Court Ruling Change Style of Case
2004 07 29 SUPREME COURT FLORIDA SCO4 1078 RULING FLORIDA BAr halt destruction of files
2004 07 29 Yarborough Supreme Court Florida - Florida Bar to Halt Destruction of File Message
2004 07 29 yarborough supreme court florida order bar - microsoft media file
2004 08 03 Florida Bar Turner Letter
2004 08 03 Florida Bar Turner Letter Trying to Deny Triggs Complaint Filing
2004 08 09 Japanese Investigation Letter
2004 08 11 New York first department orders investigation Krane Rubenstein Joao
2004 08 19 Letter to Goodman Virginia Bar William Dick notice of conflicts in new york and florida
2004 08 25 Letter to Goodman Virginia Bar William Dick notice of conflicts of interest in new york and florida
2004 09 07 Cahill Cover Letter Transfer 2nd Dept false
2004 09 08 Sony Zoom TV using Iviewit technologies news clip
2004 09 09 Krane New Biography Changed - krane covering up conflicts
2004 09 11 Supreme Court NY ruling Joao and Rubenstein CERT
2004 09 21 Letter to Goodman Virginia Bar William Dick notice of conflicts in new york and florida
2004 09 22 USPTO Suspension Notices
2004 10 05 Supreme Court New York Second Dept Kearse Krane NO COMMENTS
2004 10 05 Supreme Court NY Second Dept Kearse Krane Re
2004 10 07 Supreme Court Florida Motion Final Cert Signed
2004 10 07 Supreme Court Florida Motion Final Cert Signed
2004 10 08 Florida Bar Message Confirming Triggs Dates of Service with The Florida Bar
2004 10 08 Florida Supreme Court SC104 1078 motion supp cert
2004 10 08 Florida Supreme Court SC104 1078 motion supp cert
2004 10 08 matthew triggs conflict of interest confirmation florida bar
2004 10 11 SUPREME COURT FLORIDA SCO4 1078 RULING florida bar to RESPONd to petition
2004 10 13 - SC104-1078 Update Docket cert
2004 10 13 - SC104-1078 Update Docket cert
2004 10 13 AIG D&O LETTER
2004 10 15 Denial of Motion for protective custody - failure to invoke courts jurisdiction
2004 10 15 Florida Supreme Court Denial of Motion for Declaratory Relief; Intervene in Third Party Investigations of the Boca Raton Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Securities and Exchange Commission with the Courts oversight to ensure due process and an emergency order for the Immediate Protective Custody of Eliot I. Bernstein, Candice M. Bernstein, Joshua EZ Bernstein, Jacob NA Bernstein, Daniel EAO Bernstein, P. Stephen Lamont & P. Stephen Lamont II - Failure to Invoke Court Jurisdiction
2004 10 15 Florida Supreme Court Ruling on Motion for Protective custody
2004 10 15 USPTO
2004 10 18 Gold Curran Letter First Dept New York
2004 10 18 Johnson Read on Service of Lamont Petition Fails to Disclose Conflict with Wheeler's Brother
2004 10 18 Kelly Overstreet Johnson read receipt on Service of Florida Supreme Court petition. Johnson fails to disclose at this time or previously that she has conflict with Wheeler's brother as his direct report at small Florida firm Broad & Cassell
2004 10 20 AIG POLICY 872-99-99 showing Utley fraud on application and a policy on a non-existent company.
2004 10 20 AIG POLICY 872-99-99cert
2004 10 22 Florida Bar Response to Petition to Supreme Court
2004 10 22 Florida Bar Response to Petition to Supreme Court
2004 10 22 Florida Bar Response to Supreme Court Turner
2004 10 22 Florida Bar to Supreme Court eib comments
2004 10 26 Kearse Krane Letter NY SUPREME COURT SECOND DEP�
2004 10 26 St Paul Claim Letter Garcia & Stallone regarding joao
2004 11 04 Department of Professional Regulation
2004 11 04 Motion for Extension of Time To Respond
2004 11 09 - New York 2nd Department Letter Kearse
2004 11 10 - Supreme Court of Florida - Granted Extension of Time
2004 12 15 Wheeler Arrest Report DUI Felony Del Ray PD
2004 12 20 Second Department Response DiGiovanna
2005 01 12 - Petition For All Writs Jurisdiction is Hereby Denied and Allow The Florida Bar to Destroy Files
2005 01 12 - Petitioners Motion for Judgment Non Prosequitur is Hereby Denied
2005 01 12 Motion for Judgment Non Prosequitur Denied
2005 01 12 Petition for All Writs Jurisdiction Denied Destroy Files
2005 01 25 - Draft Florida Response to Ruling
2005 01 26 SC04-1078 Motion for Rehearing Clarification and Certification
2005 01 26 SC04-1078 Motion for Rehearing Clarification and certification
2005 02 05 - Eric Turner of The Florida Bar Defending Wheeler for his Drunk Driving and Recklessly Labeling the DUI as a Misdemeanor. The DUI was a Felony Count as Injury was incurred and as noted in the Police Report. This Shows Unequivocally That Turner Will Go to Any Length to Protect Wheeler Using The Florida Bar to Achieve This End
2005 02 05 wheeler dui story
2005 02 14 09 630 939 US Patent - 2nd six month extension
2005 02 15 Florida Bar Boggs Letter to Supreme Court
2005 02 15 The Florida Bar Boggs Letter Regarding Motion for Clarification, Rehearing and Certification
2005 02 23 Second Dept Clerk Pelzer Letter
2005 03 01 MOTION TO PROCEED SC04-1078 final signed
2005 03 05 Florida Court Docket Wheeler DUI submission
2005 03 11 Pelzer regarding Kaye and Prudenti Conflict Cert
2005 03 18 New York Supreme Second Dept Transfer to Appellate
2005 04 09 New York Supreme Second Dept Pelzer Letter Krane comments
2005 04 20 Response to Second Department Krane Rubenstein Fin
2005 04 25 Florida Supreme Court Denial of Motion for Rehearing
2005 04 25 Florida Supreme Court Denial of Motion for Rehearing clarification and certification
2005 06 18 - Florida Supreme Court Case Docket SC04-1078
872 99 99 aig d&o insurance policy face page
anthony boggs florida bar kelly overstreet johnson taped message - requires media player
Anthony Boggs Message Regarding Kelly Overstreet Johnson Cannot Accept Files - After it was discovered that she had conflicts of interest with Wheeler brother - Windows Media File
Bankruptcy documentation of Intel/RYJO Utley Reale Hersh they file on companies they have no contracts with and get caught. At the time we did not know these were mirror companies of the shareholder companies with stolen patents. We thought they filed on the wrong companies and were idiots. It was not until the patent office told us that patents were in some of these companies that we learned that Proskauer had fraudulently set up corporations that mirrored companies and had second set of stolen patents going into them. This action was filed without company knowledge and the company found out from AOLTW/WB that this action existed.
Depositions (Eliot Bernstein, Simon Bernstein, Kenneth Rubenstein, Christopher Wheeler, Gerald Lewin, William Kasser, Brian Utley) SEARCHABLE with hyperlink comments
Ellen DeGeneres Video Netfomercial Regarding Iviewit
Foley Lardner Patent Portfolio submitted to the Virginia Bar. When this was sent to Harry Moatz at the United States Patent Office it was found to contain false and misleading information regarding certain patent applications.
Holy Grail Articles
Kaye Article Proskauer In Firm
krane bio 2
Lewin Deposition Fingering Rubenstein
Lewin Deposition on Memory page 666
LEWIN video
list of bar actions and others
List of Patent Suspensions
List of State Federal and other crimes
nda violators
News Crossbow Iviewit Investment 1500000
News Crossbow Iviewit Investment 1500000
Outline of Crimes
Patent Pool Infringers
Proskauer Client Infringers
Proskauer Intellectual Property Billings Rubenstein
Proskauer Rose v. Iviewit - Pleadings 1 2001 05 to 2002 08
Proskauer v Iviewit CA 01 04671 AB
Proskauer Wheeler Business Plan Bills
Proskauer Wheeler Patent Copyright and related bills
RYJO/INTEL claim Iviewit technologies as their own and seek intellectual properties on iviewit technology while under nda
Stephen Selz, esq. message on Rubenstein and wheeler documents showing the opposite of their statements to courts and bars
Summary of Damages
USPTO USC Title 35 Patent Laws
Utley Patent Dispute at DTE
Utley stolen patent samples
2005 02 03 Wheeler arrest report for Driving Under the Influence Felony with Injury charges
2002 11 21 Wheeler deposition statement that Proskauer and Wheeler represented Utley in the past. They failed to disclose that this former work was for a company where stolen patents went at Utley's former employer. Contradictory evidence = Wheeler's statements under deposition and to the Florida Bar that conflict, constituting perjury. Also, Utley states in deposition that Wheeler never did work for him.
2002 11 21 Wheeler deposition statement that Iviewit was a portal and that Proskauer was hired for portal services and not to patent the inventions. Contradictory evidence is overwhelming.
2002 11 21 Wheeler deposition statement that no Proskauer conflict of interest check was done
2002 11 21 Wheeler deposition regarding no conflicts check
2002 11 21 Wheeler deposition stating Proskauer never opined on the technologies or had anything to do with patents. Contradictory evidence = Wheeler/Proskauer opinions for investors. Wachovia Private Placement showing Wheeler and Rubenstein on the Board of Directors and representing that they are retained patent counsel.
2004 12 15 Wheeler drunk driving police report from Del Ray Beach PD, check out his wife's statement to the police that even despite her pining for him not to drive, he did not listen.
Wheeler/Proskauer marketing letter with client list, show's that Wheeler, Rubenstein and Proskauer knew far more about the technology than they now claim
2004 03 22 William Dick Virginia bar rebuttal response
Stock Certs for Iviewit Technologies, Inc.
Zakirul Shirajee testimony on Rubenstein Joao patent disclosure meetings at Wheeler's Proskauer office
Zakirul Shirajee testimony
Zakirul Shirajee testimony
2002 11 21 Wheeler deposition does not know about video invention - Contradictory evidence shows that Wheeler was sent video invention disclosures and then later in his deposition he claims to have been at video disclosure meeting with Intel/Real3D engineers.
1999 06 03 Joao Patent Filing with Blanked Out Date
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