Friday, January 20, 2006

Iviewit News Story Comment and New Info regarding Christopher Wheeler of Proskauer DUI with injury charges

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I had recieved your mails, but thought it will be better to get what MPEG LA has to say about this. I have dropped a mail to them and am waiting for their response.

On 1/19/06, <> wrote:> Sorry - Forgot the attachment on the last mail.>> Sachin ~ Thank you for your post! I also thought you might find it interesting and worth posting to the story the fact that the original attorney from Proskauer Rose LLP, Christopher Clarke Wheeler, Esq. was recently arrested and I believe convicted in Florida, for "driving under the influence and causing bodily injury on another". I have attached an adobe pdf with the arrest report from the Del Ray Beach Florida PD for you to post if you choose, his wife truly castrates him at the scene. Wheeler or Wheezler as I often refer to him, is the attorney from Proskauer Rose who recruited Rubenstein, MPEG and others to steal the technologies. After we disclosed in trust to him, as our attorney, our scaling video and imaging inventions. Wheeler worked with Utley together in the past to steal the Diamond Turf technologies. Wheeler, after Utley was fired and Diamond Turf was closed from the attempted thefts, recommended Utley as his friend to Iviewit and submitted a falsified resume on Utley failing to disclose that he and Utley were involved in stealing technologies from Diamond Turf. William Dick, Esq. of Foley and Lardner, was brought in by Wheeler and Utley to replace Joao (the patent attorney from Meltzer Lippe Goldstein Wolfe & Schilsell with 90 patents in his name) after we suspected Joao of filing patents in his name and terminated him. Dick Dick was also part of the Wheeler and Utley team to steal the Diamond Turf inventions from philantropist Monte Friedkin of Boca Raton, FL., of course Wheeler and Utley failed to disclose this past and falsified their statements to the company regarding Dick.>> Finally, Utley and Wheeler were also involved in the Florida Atlantic University Foundation scam involving foundation funds being used illegally for things like red corvettes, leading to a felony conviction for one the foundation employees. Utley was Chairman of the Board of the FAU foundation and Wheeler was the Treasurer during the time when the crimes were committed there. News stories have been written on both the Wheeler DUI w/ Injury and the Wheeler/Utley FAU Corvette scandal. In fact, it was reported that Wheeler attempted to deduct his illegal contribution to the Corvette.>> Best regards,>> Eliot I. Bernstein> Inventor>> Iviewit Technologies, Inc.>> 530-526-5750>

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