Saturday, December 31, 2005

Is MPEGLA stealing inventions from inventors?

If you feel that your inventions have been submitted to MPEGLA for inclusion into any of the patent pools cartelized by them (i.e. MPEG, DVD, IEEE, etc.) and have been absconded with by the pools, please feel free to add comments here. These pooling schemes have historically had antitrust problems and with an expanded list of complaints, the department of justice will review the legality of such scheme. These patent pools seem to be an invention of attorneys to attract inventors to disclose their inventions to the pool with no guarantee that the pool will not abscond with their ideas and then illegally block them from gaining market acceptance while the pools proliferate the inventions.

Such schemes as the pools represent a major threat to small ma and pa inventors and a threat to the Constitution of the United States and other countries, in that it creates an opportunity for invention theft and then the use of anticompetitive monopolistic practices to maintain control of the inventions through perversion of the legal system by those entrusted to uphold the patent laws and patent system.

If you feel that your inventions, in any way, by any person or organization have been stolen feel free to post here or contact iviewit at .

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